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Hi I'm your typical 'grumpy old git' who takes the odd snap now and again. Don't come here much and really don't give a 'monkey's' about what camera you have or don't have or whether you like or dislike my photos.

On the other hand if you want to say hi and chat about photographs please do!

PS If you get an award from me it isn't necessarily a good thing!
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A quick view of Henchard's recent activity.

  • After Helmut Newton 3

    This was the Newton Image it was loosely based around.
    • 24 Sep 2009 7:17PM
  • Barn Owl

    Very well done. Incredibly hard to capture in the wild. Good shots in captivity are 'two a penny'. It's a whole different ball game in the wild.
    • 31 Jul 2009 5:53PM

    Great. And a fine portfolio. I'm happy i've found someone doing something different. But is the homage to The Godfather or The Sopranos?
    • 28 Jul 2009 2:59PM
  • Robert

    A good 'fashion' portrait, although I might have cropped/darkened a little of that bottom left hand side as it keeps drawing the eye away. Of course if the model had been female it would have had an RC easily. C'est la vie.
    • 24 Jul 2009 9:47AM
  • Glass...

    Good idea, not completely convinced with the execution particularly the manipulation on the left hand side. Still gets a vote from me for being sufficiently different and interesting.
    • 7 Jul 2009 10:13AM
  • Strange Days

    Strange days have found us
    Strange days have tracked us down
    They're going to destroy
    Our casual joys
    We shall go on playing
    Or find a new town

    Strange eyes fill strange rooms
    Voices will signal their tired end
    The hostess is grinning
    Her guests sleep from sinning
    Hear me talk of sin
    And you know this is it

    Strange days have found us
    And through their strange hours
    We linger alone
    Bodies confused
    Memories misused
    As we run from the day
    To a strange night of stone
    • 3 Jul 2009 9:34AM
  • barber shop

    A good photo, Ideally I'd like to have seen more of the face reflected in the mirror and less white highlights'. But still a good shot worthy of a 'click'.
    • 2 Jul 2009 2:30PM
  • Good work, much to admire here.

    • Posted on sketch's profile
    • 6 Apr 2008 4:44PM
  • Some very good photos that get away from the usual 'run of the mill' stuff. An under clicked portfolio if ever there was one.