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Henchard's Blog


Hi I'm your typical 'grumpy old git' who takes the odd snap now and again. Don't come here much and really don't give a 'monkey's' about what camera you have or don't have or whether you like or dislike my photos.

On the other hand if you want to say hi and chat about photographs please do!

PS If you get an award from me it isn't necessarily a good thing!
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  • Techniques Masquerading as Self Promotion/Adverts

    Anyone whose been around the EPZ forums will know that I'm a grumpy old git and that I don't exactly get excited by much in the world that I would term 'middle of the road' whether it be photography, Elton John (or McCartney) or the horrendous Daily ...0

    15 Jul 2009 11:02AM  |  Read


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  • Disturbing Image of Young Girl

    Well at least the title should bring some blog traffic. Last Saturday I did a photo shoot with a 23 year old female model who approached me with the concepts for the shoot. One of the shots was my last upload (no clicks please) entitled Magic Lant...0

    28 Apr 2009 12:56PM  |  Read


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  • Pub Signs - Is there a point to photographing them?

    Recently (well over the last few months anyway) here in EPZ land there seems to be an outbreak of people photographing pub signs. Not photographing them in any way where the pub sign forms part of a composition - which I could understand, but just th...0

    11 Apr 2009 7:27PM  |  Read


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  • 25 Years since the Miners Strike - Iconic Image

    Hard to believe that it's twenty five years today since the start of what became known as the “Miner's Strike” in 1984. A quarter of a century. Enough time for someone born during that time to have grown up into a completely different world from the ...0

    5 Mar 2009 9:59AM  |  Read


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  • Dear Canon.

    Dear Canon, you've just reported poor sales. Canon Inc.’s 2008 holiday sales were “disappointing” and the world’s largest maker of digital cameras expects 2009 to be its “worst year,” Chairman Fujio Mitarai said, according to a Reuters report. ...0

    13 Jan 2009 7:55AM  |  Read


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  • Photography Magazines - oh dear , oh dear

    Yesterday my new tripod turned up. A slightly bitter experience (I hate spending money!) as I lost my last one at a wedding I did a month or two back. Anyway in the bottom of the box was a free copy of the January edition of a UK camera magazine. I w...0

    6 Jan 2009 9:39AM  |  Read


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  • It's a cracking lens Grommit

    More and more often I read something in the forums along the lines of 'it's a cracking lens'. Presumably spouted because the poster owns or has just bought the said lens and feels that he (usually a he) must justify his purchase. Well 9 times out ...0

    8 Dec 2008 6:18PM  |  Read


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  • How to Create Your own Photoshop Help Menu

    As some of you are aware my last blog and previous forum posting caused a bit of a stir here in EPZ land so for a change I thought I'd post something helpful and uncontroversial. If like me you have collected together a whole collection of helpful...0

    20 Aug 2008 12:30PM  |  Read


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  • Ephotozine now the Photographic Equivalent of the Daily Mail

    I used to like Ephotozine, a good place to meet fellow enthusiasts and get some good critique and helpful advice. Unfortunately (it seems TO ME - please note that this is my opinion) it has become the photographic equivalent of the Daily Mail. i.e. j...0

    6 Aug 2008 8:49AM  |  Read


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  • I want to be a photographer! and be paid

    Well you can.Celebrity picture agency “Big Pictures” has added a mobile phone service to their website. This not only enables content to be downloaded to a mobile, but allows mobile pictures to be uploaded for immediate sale. The agen...0

    5 Aug 2008 5:28PM  |  Read


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