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Techniques Masquerading as Self Promotion/Adverts


Hi I'm your typical 'grumpy old git' who takes the odd snap now and again. Don't come here much and really don't give a 'monkey's' about what camera you have or don't have or whether you like or dislike my photos.

On the other hand if you want to say hi and chat about photographs please do!

PS If you get an award from me it isn't necessarily a good thing!
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Techniques Masquerading as Self Promotion/Adverts

15 Jul 2009 11:02AM   Views : 646 Unique : 467

Anyone whose been around the EPZ forums will know that I'm a grumpy old git and that I don't exactly get excited by much in the world that I would term 'middle of the road' whether it be photography, Elton John (or McCartney) or the horrendous Daily Mail. So I tend to have a good rant from time to time about such mediocrity.

Unfortunately EPZ doesn't help too much when I keep seeing, what I consider, self promoting 'articles' being posted as Techniques (no doubt this has something to do with a you scratch my back and I'll scratch your back approach to buying advertising here). The prime culprits, for me, being ones like the Anabel Williams articles that keep appearing as 'techniques' when they are IMHO blatant advertising. These 'articles' are often given prominence on the home page.

This one

for example manages to mention Annabel 14 times, oh lordy me what a surprise if you are trying to promote your own product.

As for the nuggets of information contained in the article we have some great info for the budding wedding photographer like

When the big day arrives, a plan, having your equipment ready for the day and talking to the other people involved so you all work together smoothly is a good way to start.

Hey ho, I really would not have thought of that I was just going to lob an old camera in the car and see if I could find a spare wedding somewhere on a Saturday.

At the end of the day, the shots you take will depend on what the individual bride and groom want.

Yep it's all cracking stuff.

of course

For a truly life changing way of thinking creatively you can toddle of to the Annabel Williams website and buy some books.

'A truly life changing way of thinking creatively?' now that really does make me want to vomit. Truly life changing for me would be to head off to Ethiopia and help some people who didn't have enough to eat - not to give someone 15 of my money to someone to increase their bank balance.


Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
15 Jul 2009 11:45AM
Well to buy content costs money. We don't charge for viewing (unlike a magazine) so we work with professionals who can share their knowledge. They obviously do this with an objective...they'd be stupid not to. So within an article there may come a few plugs to their products/services.
In this case I think you've taken all the simple points (to you) but not considered a beginner and read it through their eyes. There are definitely some useful tips for less experienced photographers.

Rather than criticise the system why not contribute an article yourself? You're a talented chap...our readers could benefit from your experience.
Henchard 16 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2009 11:54AM

Quote: You're a talented chap...our readers could benefit from your experience.

Pete are you feeling ok? Is 'talented chap' editor speak for 'stroppy'? lol

The point I think I was trying to make (and I have no issue with genuinely informative articles having links to the author etc.) is that some are just blatant adverts. The one I have linked to is in my opinion an advert masquerading as information; it has very little information that is really useful. I still maintain that it's primary purpose is advertising/self promotion - not education.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
15 Jul 2009 12:10PM

Quote:Pete are you feeling ok? Is 'talented chap' editor speak for 'stroppy'? lol

Absolutely not, you appear to have a good rounded photographic experience..and you can clearly write. Put the two together...share some technique with fellow epz'ers. many members have done so already...Simon Palmer kindly added a piece last week.

Wouldn't that be much more useful than slagging off someone else who is at least giving something? You may not feel it's worth anything, but I'm pretty sure some of that content will help some people on their first steps into wedding arena.

btw this is not written in a stoppy way just a suggestion and counter to your viewpoint.

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