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  • Folkestone Warren by Henry161

    Thank you all for your comments. It's interesting to hear you all mentioning the horizon. I really struggled with getting this right despite many attempts. I used the ruler tool in LR but that made it worse. I think it could be an optical illusion as the waves on the right of the image are higher. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated. I did shoot RAW and funnily enough I actually increased the exposure in the sun to give it a bright morning affect. I could bring that down a touch in hindsight as it is a little blown out. Thanks for the comments on the colour being down to personal preference, i do prefer a more subtle and subdued look
    • 7 Nov 2020 11:52AM
  • Sheep Tree by Henry161

    Thanks Moria,

    Once again I'm blown away by the support and professional input on this site. Thank you so much.

    I particularly like the feed back about where the eye travels in the frame. This isn't something I considered here and looking at your modifications I can really see what you mean. The third one being my favourite.

    I was also pleased to see how sharp the vegetation is especially as this is a 6 image pano.

    I think I didn't do any dodging and burning as I edited in a hurry last night and as always I get excited about images I like and post very quickly.

    I may go back to this location and try your suggetions,

    Once again, thank you so much.
    • 8 Jul 2020 8:47AM
  • Concrete Lines by Henry161

    Thank you for your comments. Chase, yes this is a crop from the original. At the time I couldn't get any closer as I was shooting with a prime. I have learnt so much more over the years and you are right, in hindsight I would have lowered the iso and dropped my shutter speed a little.

    Dudler, thank you for taking the time to message. The main reason for taking the photo is that I enjoy viewing at abstract photos of this nature. I'm asking for the critique is so that I can learn what to do to take more photos like this. I have never asked for a critique before so I was interested to see what people thought. I'm happy with how this shot came out but given the same opportunity I would have used a longer lens. Really I am just testing the water on this type of photography and I would like to get better at black and white & abstract photography. I think this came out well but I had to do a fair bit of manipulation to get there eg. It's a fairly heavy crop and I had to Photoshop out a few parts such as bolts that I felt didn't add anything to the image.

    I would like to post more here as it seems like it's a great community to learn. I will add more information with my next post.
    • 5 Jul 2020 1:29PM
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