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Your portfolio is amazing you really have got some fabulous photos, Excellent photography, Herbert,, 👌
kind regards
mac Plus
21 15 Scotland
18 Jun 2021 2:06PM
A super folio, especially landscapes and nature studies. Well worth keeping an eye on! Keep snapping!
Hi Herbert what a great portfolio
Keep up the good work
Harry SmileSmile
22 Sep 2008 11:12PM
BurntOut 16 321 2 England
7 Nov 2007 12:53PM
Hi Bert. Thanks for visiting my PF. You have a very distinctive style. I'm jealous! Wink

dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
4 Nov 2007 8:43PM
Hi Bert,
First off thank you for voting on my shot. This gave me a chance to see your work and it is outstanding. Every shot is stunning. Can't wait to see more of your work.
cantona43 17 928 4 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2007 10:26PM
Outstanding portfollio excellent work keep them coming Bert
JudeC 16 6 3 England
23 Aug 2007 8:31PM
I am so impressed with your portfolio - great work - JudeC
30 Jun 2007 8:46PM
What a wonderfully different PF. Brilliant. All photos have a great mood. I could vote for them all. Thanks, Clive
User_Removed 16 485 13 England
24 Jun 2007 9:41PM
Excellent PF, some truely excellent shots and images. Very well done
evelen 18 5 England
18 Jun 2007 6:31PM
wonderful port folio excellent colurs detail; and lovely scenes. eve.
patsy88 16 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2007 9:50AM
Fantastic shots, Malta is on my list now of places to visit..
Wibbles 16 1 England
12 Jun 2007 1:03PM
Hi Bert! Thank you SO much for your kind words on my PF. You're welcome back to comment anytime. Your photo's are stunning though, I cannot compete. Smile
Hop-A-Long 16 52 1 England
11 Jun 2007 9:43PM
Great portfolio. You have some really stunning images. Keep up the great work.
Arcticfox 18 22 Scotland
3 Jun 2007 9:06AM
Very impressive Portfolio with a consitent style.

Juliet 17
26 May 2007 1:55AM
I am here for the first time and must say, your portfolio is amazing and I hope, one day I will be able to do the same: -)
daffydill56 19 190 United Kingdom
22 May 2007 8:05PM
Such an impressive p/f of your beautiful island Bert. Thank you for sharing it with us. Makes me want to visit Malta more and more!! One day soon Smile

Keep up the wonderful work.

looboss 16 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2007 5:08PM
Bert, I love your work, with that said I have no more to add.
Thank you so much for your kind comments on mine, I will try and strive to reach new heights.
rangerpaul 16 19 7 England
28 Apr 2007 8:20PM
Hi Bert, As with Edcat I've just discovered your work and am in awe of its beauty. Your comments on my work are high praise indeed from one so talented and I continue to strive towards the standards set by yourself and others.
Many Regards
cazzbella 16 8
10 Apr 2007 9:53AM
A beautiful journey through Malta. From the tones and mood of your early work, through to the excellent composition of your work to date. Have quite a few favourites, adore the mood of your mono images.

Juliet 17
6 Apr 2007 12:54AM
Hi Bert, I love your portfolio, all of the images are amazing Smile
webby962 17 129 1 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2007 5:35PM
Simply stunning PF Bert. Well done, your work is insiprational.

SamGillespie 17 94 1 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2007 10:03AM
Hi Bert.

Thanks for all your kind comments.

Love looking through your portfolio, all your photos seem to have a certain awe about them.

NickBrandon 16 29 United Kingdom
14 Mar 2007 8:02AM
Hi Bert, your portfolio is truly outstanding.

Many of your subjects are just everyday views, but you make them look "Exceptional".

You have great skills Bert, and look forward to future shots. Probably the best landscape portfolio on EPZ.

Keep up the good work,

kind regards Nick
moglen Plus
16 14 1
12 Mar 2007 12:02PM
lovely portfolio, great work. glen x
9 Mar 2007 11:27PM
thankyou Bert for the lovely comment on my portfolio. Your portfolio is awesome. I love your landscape photo's they are outstanding.

Dee Smile
BertieP 16 25 Scotland
4 Mar 2007 9:06PM
Hi Bert, your positive comments on my ab initio portfolio led me to explore yours. I love your colour and mono `house' styles. I spent two weeks in Malta in 1993 (when the buses were still green) and made an audiovisual but I never yet found some of the images that you have. They have inspired me to digitise the AV and re-work it digitally. By the way I noticed what I take to be the next generation on the site too. I thought he was very good but now I know why!

Barleybank 17 15 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2007 3:06PM
Truly inspiring work Bert, I have been taking photographs for over forty years and am still striving to attain the standard you have reached. You are a great inspiration.

Best Regards

MadTrace 18 268 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2007 10:18PM
WOW Stunning portfolio of work, landscapes are truly amazing and you have captured them wonderfully. I see it as a true honour to have recived a comment from you.
Enateri 16 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2007 5:57PM
A fantastic portfolio, i can only hope that learn and practice enough to be that good one day.
looboss 16 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
22 Feb 2007 7:46PM
I am truly gobsmacked by your work, really striking!
thank you for your recent comment about the Perfect storm, I will draw inspiration from you and shall bookmark your pf for future reference.
Geegiana82 16 4 England
18 Feb 2007 7:02PM
thank you for your comment, having looked at your profile I am honoured Smile
ElmsArt 16 82 1 Scotland
15 Feb 2007 8:35PM
Excellent portfolio, I am very pleased to have received a click from you. Your work has a real artists passion to it.

Thank you for sharing
Kool_Kat 17 166 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2007 8:42PM
Sorry I am not going to click (only kidding) your shot are fantastic I wish you lived near me so i could learn from you well done you are a star
edcat 16
13 Feb 2007 5:54PM
Great PF it reflects your character and photographic skills
Stewy 16 103 2 England
12 Feb 2007 12:59PM
Hi Bert. Thanks for taking the time to look at some of my work, it's an honour to get a click from such a talented photographer as yourself.

I hadn't viewed your work before today, I won't make that mistake again! Have added you to my favourites.

Best wishes. Martyn
riprap007 18 1.6k 37 England
12 Feb 2007 10:03AM
what an incredible PF you have,I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into all of these!
Chant57 17 395 3 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2007 11:49AM
A wonderful portfolio, like taking an online tour through an art gallery. Super work.
MikeJ63 17 8 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2007 10:17PM
A truely inspirational PF. Wonderful. Mike.
daringdaphne 19 82 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2007 9:18PM
Looking at the whole PF as one arrives on site is a fantastic experience. Look arriving at an art gallery.
Good luck BertC thanks for these joys

Loupix 17 80 1 United Kingdom
5 Feb 2007 1:10AM
You have some stunning photos here, very inspirational
SeanyP 16 10 England
3 Feb 2007 6:37PM
Thanks for the comment and i must say what an amazing portfolio you have
Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, Bert, truly an honour....I am in awe of your pf.

Cheers and Have a wonderful weekend,
Su Smile
Jules33 16 10 Scotland
29 Jan 2007 10:14PM
Hi Bert,

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my photo's, as a beginner it really means a lot to get words of encouragment, especially when they come from someone as talented as you. Your PF is stunning... hopefully I'll get to that standard someday!

Hope you are well.
28 Jan 2007 9:42PM
Hi Bert thank you for your comments om my photo hope i can do better as im learning every day by the way superb photos you have in your pf
NikkiW 16 33 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2007 5:02PM
Hi Bert, thank you for your comments on my photos, really appreciated. Just had a look at your pf and your photos are inspiring, superb!
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
23 Jan 2007 4:37PM
Wow Bert Well done on your picture There Great !!
tredz 16
22 Jan 2007 10:01PM
thanks .you portfoler this stuning mart
old timer 19 55 1 Scotland
22 Jan 2007 8:31AM
Don't know how I've missed your work up to this point! Your mastery of light is second to none, and I envy your skills.
18 Jan 2007 7:07PM
Hi Bert. Many thanks for your comment. Have just been looking through your portfolio - what a great gallery!!
geniehawk 16 181 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2007 12:59PM
Thankyou for taking the trouble to leave a comment. I am now looking at your portfolio can't say how much I am enjoying it. Great pictures.
ITPSnapper 17 45 Netherlands
18 Jan 2007 12:51PM
Just being looking through your pf. I must say you have a really great collection of stunning work!! I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

JohnRShort 19 25 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2007 10:38PM
Have to say what an excellent portfolio. had a pleasant time just looking through the images
Paul_cats 17 61 22 Scotland
13 Jan 2007 7:59AM
Been a member now for over a year and I dont know how I have missed your wonderful pf. It is full of some of the most beautiful landscapes that I have seen on epz. Keep up the good work.
dianah 16 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2007 6:14PM
Your portfolio is absolutely superb..the colour and clarity second to none.I have really enjoyed studying all your shots..thank you for your comments on my white Chrysanthemum but I feel totally humble after viewing what you have acheived...Di
Slaterm 17 496 1 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2007 11:37PM
Great portfolio - really like your black and white stuff. Reminds me why Ipicked up my first SLR. Will have to shoot more for mono. Keep it up. Nice to see that your son is learning the trade. Mark
shortski 17 3 1 England
5 Jan 2007 5:50PM
returning the compliment Bert, thanks for your comments, your PF is outstanding, the colours that you bring into your images is truly amazing and your choice of place to photograph is inspired, stunning landscapes indeed....jojo
LisaRose 16 172 4 United States
20 Dec 2006 7:29PM
Love your portfolio Bert, especially your latest one's, simply stunning.

Marian 17 62 England
8 Dec 2006 7:45PM
You have some stunning landscapes in your portfolio, a pleasure to look at.
7 Dec 2006 8:58PM
very interesting profile i must say u surely have a great talent... keep up the good work... i simply get lost whilst seeing ur landscape pictures... AZAMING...
i will be looking forward to seeing more in the near future Smile
4 Dec 2006 8:55PM
Hiya Bert,
Thank you for the lovely compliments within my gallery ,
and viewed through your gallery, stunning picturique landscapes all with atmoshpere and mood.. beautiful work
and amazing !!!

colin 18 697 5 Scotland
30 Nov 2006 9:57PM
Hi Bert, thanks for viewing my PF. I have to say, there is some wonderful light in Malta. The golden and orange hues are superb. I've never been to malta, but it looks a very beautiful and historic place.
Best regards
Ridgeway 16 222 2 Ireland
28 Nov 2006 9:40PM
Hi Bert, you viewed one of my pictures today ,Any ideas what I can do with the sky in it,new to this so if you could keep it simple - ish,
Wow Love the Lanscapes ,
mrskin 16
28 Nov 2006 9:17AM
Thanks for your comment. I hope one day I'll be able to take such stunning landscapes like you! Great portfolio.
nefaman 17 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2006 9:47PM
thanks for your comment on my image .

I love your pics, they remind me so much of your wonderful country which i visit every year.
dven Plus
17 43 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2006 3:54PM
Thanks for your comments on my portfolio, i have just been looking at yours, you have some lovely images keep them coming .

PaulaLey 17 31 England
24 Nov 2006 6:16PM
Hi Bert What a lovely PF - reminds me of happy holidays spent in Malta the last couple of years (some of my Malta snaps are in my PF). Thanks for your comments today. I'll add you to my favourites and stop by often!
peterjones 21 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2006 6:43PM
Herbert, what Malta lacks in square miles it more than makes up for in quality of scenery, history and people and your portfolio is so reminiscent of that lovely island; stunning pictures Smile
Rgds. Peter.
jken 17 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
21 Nov 2006 3:34PM
Nice stuff Bert, like the way you tone your images.
Also thanks for your recent clicks on my work.

Slaterm 17 496 1 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2006 1:45AM
not been to your portfolio before - you have built up a great set of shots. Particularly like your landscapes. Will be coming back in future. Keep up the good work. Mark
Nikki23 16 United Kingdom
12 Nov 2006 10:19PM
thanks for visiting my photos and leaving me some comment..i have to admit to liking the simple, classic shots. i dont really go in for too over the top modifcations myself..less is more sometimes : )

CaroleA 17 10 3 England
12 Nov 2006 5:11PM
Hi Bert

Thanks for your comment on my latest image: it led me here to your lovely portfolio. You have some great images of a lovely island, well presented.

I've been to Malta twice and brought some great photos back, one of which is my portfolio. I mention that only because it shows beautiful Valetta: I can't really take any credit for a good shot, since that city needs no help from me to show itself off!

I'll be visiting your p/f again soon.
edcat 16
9 Nov 2006 3:38AM
well done bert....................keep them coming
Bridie 17 6
8 Nov 2006 1:28PM
Hi there Bert
You have a lovely portpholio with some stunng shots.Thankyou for your comment on mine i too will certainly watch for your photos in future
dven Plus
17 43 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2006 4:03PM
Hi Bert thanks for your recent comments on my P/F. i have just been admiring yours , i will continue to look out for your pictures in the future well done,

dven (dave)
lena 17
5 Nov 2006 6:19PM
Powerful work, very passionate,I love it! (Thank you for your comments Herbert, they were an inspiration.)
Love, Lena
wasper 17 533 1 Ireland
3 Nov 2006 8:36AM
You have a great gallery. Well done, keep it up.
pulsar69 19 1.6k 6 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2006 8:48PM
A fantastic portfolio worthy of many more clicks , the only point in your photography that could be improved is composition , sometimes going back to the basics like the laws of 3rds can really help. In my humble opinion that is anyway.
dougv 19 8.4k 3 England
29 Oct 2006 9:11PM
A superb portfolio Herbert.
Keep up the good work.

Doug ;o)
poppytat 16 24 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2006 11:42PM
thanks for your comment in my gallery,
you have fantastic photos in yours!
keep them coming!
deavilin 18 352 1 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2006 6:04PM
Hi Herbert you have the makings of a great PF I look forward to seeing how it developesSmile

Best regards Charlotte
elcid 18 150 England
24 Oct 2006 7:26PM
Some fantastic, sunrise, sunset shots on your portfolio. Great stuff, Herbert, well done.


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