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A quick view of hermin's recent activity.

  • Flying Soul and Sitting Peter by hermin

    Smile The frame is flipped upside down. The reflection is in the upper part.
    • 8 Jul 2008 5:04PM
  • Solar Eclipse by hermin

    I took it through the tree. I've got lucky with the clouds filtering the sun. I saturated it a wee bit afterwards.
    • 29 Mar 2006 11:10PM
  • - no water - by paulstefan

    Smile where's the blue?!
    killer one.
    • 27 Mar 2006 2:50AM
  • Closing the Frame by hermin

    huh....that's actually a feather....Smile
    ...and yeah, I had a mouthful o' sand for this one...Smile
    • 27 Mar 2006 2:20AM
  • TOTAL PORNO?? by thebigyin

    mmmmmshe's movin' her fingers too fast. Wink
    • 8 Mar 2006 7:51AM
  • Eruption by hermin

    Quote:Tearing up the red plastic cup must have kept to quiet for a little while.

    Smile I found it teared up already
    • 16 Sep 2007 2:31PM
  • lonely morning by piotr

    this must be what they call "morning wood". Smart angle.
    • 14 Aug 2007 2:09PM

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