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"Hello There" - Obi Wan Kenobi

Hello I am a high school Photography student in New Zealand and hopefully joining this and posting in the forums will help boost my photography skills Grin
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  • Grasp of the Moon by heyitshenry

    Thank you very much everybody, I'm going to try get into the habit of trying new things again, and like you've said, yes i do have a lot of time TongueTongue

    cheers, Henry
    • 9 Apr 2020 10:18PM
  • Hanging Necklace by heyitshenry

    In this one I used a Polariser I think, But in some others i was using the Variable ND filter
    • 2 Jan 2020 7:22AM
  • Out at the Beach by heyitshenry

    Only just TongueTongue
    • 6 Oct 2019 10:31AM
  • Street Corner Sign by heyitshenry

    Yeah, otherwise just about perfectGrin
    • 6 Oct 2019 7:05AM
  • Handful of Chains by heyitshenry

    Oh wow! That first mod is extremely strong! Thank you very much for the inspiration! much appreciated GrinGrin
    • 26 Sep 2019 9:56AM
  • Glistening Eye by heyitshenry

    Thanks for the tips guys! GrinGrin
    • 7 Sep 2019 5:20AM
  • Workshop Self Portrait by heyitshenry

    PabloPhotographer that sounds really cool! I'm gonna do that now, thank you for the suggestion Grin
    • 2 Sep 2019 10:38AM
  • New kid on the block by rickie

    Damn what a good picture with a good rider!
    • 25 Aug 2019 10:37AM
  • Organised chaos by littleflea

    Curious to know what you used to take this picture? was it a mobile phone?
    • 29 Jun 2019 6:31AM
  • Papaitonga Wetland (7647) by paulknight

    nice, New Zealand, Homeland!Grin
    • 28 Jun 2019 9:58AM
  • The Path to the Trees by heyitshenry

    Wow Thank You all! Ivor thats rather impressive that mod, It Looks a lot stronger! i've just to keep checking the composition as most of you have said and make it second nature. I will check the Landscape tags, It should help a lot more
    • 28 Jun 2019 8:43AM
  • Seagull Taking Off by heyitshenry

    Thank you both, It's very interesting the two different takes of my picture.

    I must remember to change the exposure compensation when taking pictures or remember to edit later, I did notice the low exposure when I was taking pictures after this one.

    The changing of the RGB is rather interesting to change the light even though it's black and white. That seems like another useful tool to use later on. What is the Nik Efex Detail Extractor and how do I get it?

    Henry FGrin
    • 22 Jun 2019 12:18PM
  • The Live Tree by heyitshenry

    Thank you all,
    The reason why the ISO was so high was because i had been trying to get pictures of stars but nothing good came out. I have tried using torches on manual focus to get it focussed but I am still learning. The Flash with the gels seems like a very cool idea, I've just used cloths and T-shirts before in some others before. My dad had said that this one was one of the better ones due to the simplicity and light so I posted it to see how it did. I might try a cable release shutter for long exposures. Possibly Multiple exposures.
    Thank you for the inspiration Moira.

    Henry FGrin
    • 20 Jun 2019 9:07AM
  • Girl on the Swing by heyitshenry

    Thank you very much everyone,
    As said about the spot metering, that was merely a mistake, I had accidentally turned it on. At the time I had been playing around with the Exposure Compensation with the lower sun not helping. I am going to try get my hands on a Manual soon. And with the School Series you have brought up I am going to create an album with just school pictures. In editing I am hopefully soon going to get Affinity Photo to edit my photos because currently my computer have does not have any adobe software and I just change what I can in the Apple Photo.

    Thank you all again for the critiquing.
    Henry FGrin
    • 18 Jun 2019 8:05AM
  • Hallway Posing by heyitshenry

    Thank you all,
    I think I was pushing it at F1.8 but I did want the focus to be on the girl in the middle (yes it is the same girl from a previous Critique post, she's a good friend). I will keep my mind on light change from over-exposure on reflective walls. The overhead light from the Sky Light was balanced out slightly due to there being a big door behind me and another door to the left of me and a door show on the far left. I will try use Aperture Priority Setting next week when I do more portraits with my friends, I will turn up the ISO more too to help with the low light in the mornings. The Cropping mod was a good idea but personally I think it takes away some of the Story from the picture and same with the Lightning mod, but thank you anyway.

    And Thanks Dudler for the School Dance pictures from 1971, Very cool story.

    Henry FGrin
    • 15 Jun 2019 8:52AM
  • The Night Sky Above by heyitshenry

    I thought that the composition and light on the building looked quite good with the stars. I have not changed the settings of the photo at all though, i may try and see how it goes.

    Henry F
    • 13 Jun 2019 7:45PM
  • Raglan Roast by heyitshenry

    Tongue Indeed, Raglan Roast really is good quality local NZ Coffee!
    • 13 Jun 2019 8:34AM
  • Girl in the Bush by heyitshenry

    Thank you all, The "Slight Bordering" was yes the foreground and some of the bush life around the legs. sorry for the confusion. and yes i will try the challenge this week. Thanks once Again
    • 12 Jun 2019 7:19PM
  • The Racer Trio by heyitshenry

    Thank you two for the good critiquing, This is going to really help when i go to track days soon, thank you againGrin
    • 11 Jun 2019 8:21PM
  • Portrait of a Ginger Girl by heyitshenry

    Thank you very much guys, I will take everything into consideration Grin
    • 10 Jun 2019 10:06PM
  • at full tilt by sparrowhawk

    The ISO is cranked RIGHT up in this one, would've been better quite a bit lower. good positioning though. Grin
    • 10 Jun 2019 7:44AM
  • Nissan GTR Castle Combe by mountains

    nice car! i just noticed how the focus was on just the spoiler and how the rest of the car is just slightly out of focus. and composition wise i'd personally give the car more room and show more of the tarmac to give the car space. slightly turn up the saturation to make the red standout more on the tarmac too.
    • 9 Jun 2019 10:08AM