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Hi thank you for visiting my site.I hope you get as much pleasure seeing my images as I have had in taking them.SmileI would also like to thank the folks who voted for me and gave me their awards VERY much appreciated.I forgot to mention that I live in Perth Western Australia .I would appreciate any comments about my work .
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A quick view of Heyneker's recent activity.

  • Muntjac Portrait

    Really great shot.
    • 21 Feb 2019 1:04PM
  • Just passing by.

    Thank you Harry much appreciated.
    • 25 Jan 2019 7:30AM
  • The Tounge Twisting Tiger

    Really love shot
    • 19 Dec 2018 7:39AM
  • A tasty bit.

    Thank you ,Pam.I am glad that you are enjoying my work.
    • 7 Dec 2018 9:52PM
  • Siblings

    Nice one.
    • 7 Dec 2018 8:13AM
  • Getting the last seed

    Yes it did after alot of effort.
    • 1 Dec 2018 8:02AM
  • Resting

    Nice one they are hard to find.
    • 11 Jul 2018 7:41AM
  • Love all your images they are amazing.