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Welcome to my wildlife pictures from West Somerset and Exmoor. Hope you enjoy them.
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A quick view of HobbitDave's recent activity.

  • Park Guell, Barcelona Part 2

    What a fine set, Brian. I like them all, but especially the coloured ceramic mosaics. Looks a beautiful place. A few years ago my son who is a registered architect now was sent on a 10 day uni course to Barcelona to study Gaudi, and was very taken by everything of his....I think 'wild, wacky, and beautiful' were his words. It all looks wonderful here.

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 5:09PM
  • Robotic Art

    Great find, Trev, such a lot of fascinating vintage gear very cleverly used. Fine shots!

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 4:08PM
  • Echidna dinnertime

    Wonderful to see, Ian, have never seen one before. Great shot, hope he found some good food.

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 2:50PM
  • Shadows on a bridge

    What a great set, Bill. Will have to revisit as have run out of UAs today. Beautiful work, love the depth to these.

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 2:02PM
  • For-get-me-not

    They look beautiful flowering within the ? Aquilegia leaves. Lovely image.

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 1:03PM
  • Camargue Horses

    Another awesome Camargue picture, Cathy, the colour version just has it for me. Wonderful, and of course I've run out of UAs today! Have a cyber-one.

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 12:17PM
  • Cornflower blue

    Thanks kindly Carol and Terry, fingers crossed!

    Dave Wink
    • 24 May 2016 11:41AM
  • You have a delightful natural portfolio, Veronique, keep up the wonderful photos! A delight to see.

    Dave Wink
    • Posted on Nouche's profile
    • 4 Feb 2016 7:16PM
  • Wonderful and varied PF Richard, full of fine images for us to spend time with. Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming!
    All the best,

    Dave Wink
  • What a wonderful and beautiful PF, Eileen! Super creative images, most impressive. Sorry, apart from the 'send a PM' I am rather new to this format of EPZ, but your question re the Panasonic....er.......personally I'd be hesitant about going down the micro 4/3 road as the sensors are very small.....two cameras I've used and I think lead the pack in bridge cameras are Sony RX10, and the Panny FZ1000. I was surprised that there is a bit of a learning curve with both even after using a Canon DSLR for 7 years....but then Pooh Bear here never did have too many brain cells Wink APSC sensors are very sharp, yes. Having spent a few months with FZ1000 I really like it as has such a wide range for a fixed lens...25-400 and f2.8-4, which was the reason I went that-a-way...
    Was waiting with it for a badger last night who had decided to feed elsewhere, so am off to warm up a few creaking joints Wink
    I see you like iPads, I upload to EPZ from mine, love it!!
    If you feel like it anytime, please PM me about cameras and I'll share the bits I've learned about micro 4/3rds, bridge cameras etc. A way to go yet, but it's fun!
    Good times,
    Dave Wink
  • I do love your magical world. You create enchanting and enchanted images, and I always take my shoes off before entering your PF! Wonderful images.
    • Posted on Paree's profile
    • 3 Feb 2012 10:09PM
  • An excellent and wonderfully diverse PF of beautiful images by a true Photoshop artist. May it continue to grow and flourish, and surprise us with its delights. Super, inspired, and such talented work.
    A. Hobbit.
  • Likewise, would love to comment, but there are just blank squares. Or is it a Zen mystery upload? Wink
    All the best, Dave.
  • I do so like your PF, Maureen, combining art and photography and inspiration you come up with amazing images. For me they just tick all the boxe and mores. Never was brilliant with words, but they are superb and very inspirational. Please keep them coming! Wonderful to behold x
    • Posted on Paree's profile
    • 7 Nov 2010 12:13PM
  • Wonderful macro PF, Rob, wonderful work! Especially the little fellers in flight. I think you have that one so well sorted. Always enjoy the images. Keep them coming please.
    • Posted on RTDS's profile
    • 30 Oct 2010 11:08AM
  • One of my favourite PFs on EPZ. After seeing what you are using, I am more than impressed, Carol, and also experimenting in that direction too. S*** the overnight bag full of DSLR kit when this sort of quality is possible Wink
    Brilliant Naure PF. Dave.
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 14 Sep 2010 9:38PM
  • Hi Andy, my ex-wife used to say to me 'Why do you want to see another sunset? Once you've seen a few you don't need to see any more."
    Your PF is a perfect illustration that it is impossible to tire of looking at sunsets, they all have their subtle (and major) differences, and each one is top quality work.. Keep taking these awsome 'high-energy' shots, they are a real delight for all of us to see.
    • Posted on andylea's profile
    • 7 Sep 2010 6:41PM