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Welcome to my wildlife pictures. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for dropping by.
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A quick view of HobbitDave's recent activity.

  • A Side Street In Honfleur by Xandru

    Like the bike! Very good street shot, well balanced image 👌
    • 2 Oct 2022 8:07PM
  • Pure white by HobbitDave

    Never seen red ones, Laura, they must be very striking!

    Dave 🙂
    • 2 Oct 2022 7:16PM
  • Gwal-y-Filiast by woodini254

    A very fine chambered cairn here, works so well in mono. I think they knew more about building and construction in stone than we know today, on a level that matters 👌
    • 2 Oct 2022 7:07PM
  • Heron In Flight by BydoR9

    Very very good, perfect timing 👌 lovely to see.

    • 2 Oct 2022 3:23PM
  • Sign for Sunday by mistere

    Almost a ďTeach your child to drink responsiblyĒ sign. Very good for SS, yes!
    • 2 Oct 2022 2:31PM
  • We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land by helenlinda

    So true. When I was a kid it was all home made produce too, Helen. Much more inviting! Home made brown bread at the festival too. That was in rural Devon. Still, better to continue the festival like the picture above than not at all. And all the food goes to needy folk, too.
    Dave 🙂
    • 2 Oct 2022 1:28PM
  • 1934 Hillman Minx Drophead Coupe by PhilT2

    Wonderful old motor here, some catalogues called it the Minx Cabriolet. Some had a ‘boot’ with a folding seat arrangement called a ‘dickie seat’ (very Mr Cholmondeley Walnut!) which could carry a passenger who would be facing backwards. Years ago I used to have an old 1934 Austin 10 two seater tourer with dickie seat. It would almost literally frighten the pants off anyone brave enough to be the passenger in the dickie. A bygone era these days. 😀😀😀
    Love the brochure illustration. Spiffing, as you say. No Corgis visible though 🙂
    • 2 Oct 2022 9:53AM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    Good luck! Look forward to seeing your results 👍

    • 7 Feb 2020 10:21PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    Where it says on this page ĎPhotos taken with Panasonic FX1000, all the butterfly pics below the caption were taken by me.

    Usual minimum distance 3.5ft or quite a bit further, then cropped. No messing with stacking or anything else. Never used HDR on the camera, standard setting was just as good I found.
    Spot metering, Autofocus not manual. File size setting Large, I rarely used the macro setting as images taken from the above distance and cropped are just as sharp. Camera set in Av mode always, aperture priority, ensure ISO is at least 400 to get a really sharp image with enough shutter speed. Donít use Ďautoí ISO as this might be fuzzing your images if you use Ďautoí.

    Good luck, its unlikely to be the camera. If you post a pic on epz and it still isnít sharp, folk like me can suggest from there.

    Kind regards,
    Dave 🦋
    • 7 Feb 2020 8:21PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    P.s This is from a forum and uses the settings I did.
    Set metering to ĎSpot meterí, yes.

    set the fz1000 in A (Aperture priority) mode at F4

    then choose AFS mode. Now on the controls pad press in at the 9 o clock position,

    now press in at the 3 o clock position and choose AF pinpoint - now press menu set

    in the middle - you need to be using the smallest area box size there is about 4 different

    sizes - try spot metering this means everything is concentrated on the butterfly. I

    would be using sunny day white balance , for now keep the iso at auto
    • 7 Feb 2020 7:16PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review
    Good video clip for macro settings here.
    I never use macro on FZ1000 but shoot from about 1 metre or more away and then crop, using standard mode not macro. Set the file size to Large, which I expect you have.
    Most of the butterfly pictures are mine on this page, but nowadays Iíve migrated to Sony RX10 Mk 4 bridge camera.
    Good luck,
    Dave 🙂
    • 7 Feb 2020 6:49PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    Don't use this sort of kit, Thomas, I hope someone who does will reply to the forum.
    Kind regards.
    • 17 Aug 2016 11:43AM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    Just a thought HGHF, the FZ1000 has a WiFi option. Have you thought of setting it up and transferring images wirelessly to your notebook? I haven't done this myself but I know it can be done. Good luck if you have a go, a friend does this with a Sony HX50 to computer wirelessly and she gets very good results.
    Dave Wink
    • 18 Jan 2016 12:17AM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    Hello HGHF,
    Does your laptop have an SD card slot? Most do....just take the SD card out of the camera and put it in the slot. Open the file which appears, and download your pics. I do this with my FZ1000. Also if you use an IPad, Apple camera/SD adapters are inexpensive, and once pictures are on your ipad you can upload them to sites such as EPZ.
    Hope this helps.
    Dave Wink
    • 17 Jan 2016 11:58PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

    I've had one for 5 months now, and depending on what you're looking for I don't think you can knock it. As a 'silver surfer' who wanted an all-in-one camera rather than my previous Canon DSLR, which had 6 lenses to faff around with (3 AF lenses and 3 pre-digital lenses with adapters, including a Sigma 600mm mirror lens) - the FZ1000 does what I want. Strangely it has more 'bells and whistles' than my Canon DSLR had, but once you get used to a different style, and the minor limitations of an all-in-one lens, the images are very sharp. The EVF is very bright, and surprisingly good, not a drawback at all.
    It certainly saves lugging around a bag full of kit, and as an EPZ member you can see some results of still photos here on EPZ.
    For what you pay, and of you are prepared to learn all of its functions, a few of which are a bit quirky, this camera rocks!
    • 13 May 2015 11:17AM

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  • Posted on cooky's profile

    Hello Kath, realised today Iíve never left a comment here. What a fine and diverse portfolio of subjects you have, and like me you enjoy experimenting too. Your uploads always invite thoughtful and inspired comments. And as the Queen of Yorkshire mono images, stay with it your majesty! Have to go now as Johnny N P has just run off again, muttering something about a chauffeurs outfit 🙂 Your mono pics of the Yorkshire moors are really impressive. And as for being on EPZ a long time, me too! itís a good place to be on!

    Dave 🐈
    • 13 May 2022 12:41AM
  • Posted on Stevetheroofer's profile

    Lovely and very varied PF, Steve, top quality wildlife images and more. Bravo!
    • 20 Apr 2022 11:14AM
  • Posted on smut01's profile

    Your street images and candids are wonderful, Tony, always a unique viewpoint and so much to see in them. I donít have much experience in this type of image and really admire those who do. Keep Ďem coming, please! 👍
    Dave 🙂
    • 7 Apr 2022 11:43AM
  • Posted on Len1950's profile

    Have been an admirer of your wildlife pics for a long time, Len, but never visited your PF until now. What a wonderful collection of superb images you have, they would make an excellent book. Bravo and Iím sure many more to come. (Particular kudos to your Hoopoe images! I saw one in Dorset over 60 years ago, amazing looking birds!).
    • 14 Dec 2021 11:14AM
  • Posted on davidgibson's profile

    Just been looking at your PF, David. Beautiful bird photos from parakeets to Goldfiches and then some! Lovely to see them, keep Ďem coming please

    Dave 🙂
    • 21 Aug 2021 5:23PM
  • Posted on cooky's profile

    Looking through your pf, Kath, what a beautiful collection, so rich and varied. And such a diversity in mono images, I shall revisit now and again to enjoy them further. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂🐈

    • 10 Jul 2021 10:18PM
  • Posted on doverpic's profile

    A fine wildlife folio, Dave, lovely varied selection of images which I can see you enjoy taking. Hereís to many more, they are beauty that grace our planet.

    Dave H 🙂
    • 31 May 2021 3:39PM
  • Posted on lifesnapper's profile

    Iíve never added a comment to your PF John, thoroughly enjoy your down-to-earth and often humorous images, can relate to your take on life well, and your images add a lift to EPZ In these challenging times. Hereís to many more fun uploads, smiles, and adventures. Thanks for sharing your previous escapades!
    Dave 🙂

    • 4 Dec 2020 11:32AM
  • Posted on judee's profile

    Thank, I like your seal laughing!

    Kind regards,
    Dave 🙂
    • 2 Dec 2020 7:28AM
  • Posted on frogs123's profile

    You have a fine wildlife and nature pf Debs, lovely to come back and check it out every now and again. Inspired photos.

    Dave 🐈
    • 30 Aug 2020 10:29AM
  • Posted on AnnetteK's profile

    You have a wonderful Nature PF Annette, beautiful to browse through, and the care you exhibit with each image is delightful. Iím sure you will achieve your dreams, and always enjoy your new wildlife uploads on EPZ. 💕🌻. Dave.
    • 31 Mar 2020 9:29AM
  • Posted on Lillian's profile

    Well well, Lillian, time moves on since the early days of EPZ doesnít it. Have to agree with several comments here, that you have one of the best wildlife portfolios, with stunning photos. Practice makes perfect, and it has here 🏆. May you continue to upload many more wonderful photos for us to savour and enjoy!! After knowing you for 12 (?) years on this site, all Iíll say is bravo! and keep these beauties coming, please!!
    Dave 🌅
    • 12 Nov 2019 9:22PM
  • Posted on Saastad's profile

    A wonderfully varied and beautiful portfolio, Arne, a delight to view and appreciate your skills 🏆

    Dave 🙂
    • 13 Sep 2019 6:45PM
  • Posted on Monochrome2004's profile

    Always something different and wonderfully creative, Carole, a joy too look through your pf 🏆

    • 2 Aug 2019 12:26AM
  • Posted on Fefe's profile

    Great PF Diane, always love looking at pictures that youíve added.......quality and a delight to see 🌟

    Dave 🐿
    • 23 May 2019 5:39PM
  • Posted on Nikonuser1's profile

    An excellent PF with many and varied beautiful images. The beach ones for me are superb, always something new to see.
    Fine work here, Cliff.
    • 21 Nov 2016 10:20PM
  • Posted on Nouche's profile

    You have a delightful natural portfolio, Veronique, keep up the wonderful photos! A delight to see.

    Dave Wink
    • 4 Feb 2016 7:16PM
  • Posted on DicksPics's profile

    Wonderful and varied PF Richard, full of fine images for us to spend time with. Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming!
    All the best,

    Dave Wink
    • 17 Sep 2015 9:05PM
  • Posted on PrunellaCara's profile

    What a wonderful and beautiful PF, Eileen! Super creative images, most impressive. Sorry, apart from the 'send a PM' I am rather new to this format of EPZ, but your question re the I'd be hesitant about going down the micro 4/3 road as the sensors are very small.....two cameras I've used and I think lead the pack in bridge cameras are Sony RX10, and the Panny FZ1000. I was surprised that there is a bit of a learning curve with both even after using a Canon DSLR for 7 years....but then Pooh Bear here never did have too many brain cells Wink APSC sensors are very sharp, yes. Having spent a few months with FZ1000 I really like it as has such a wide range for a fixed lens...25-400 and f2.8-4, which was the reason I went that-a-way...
    Was waiting with it for a badger last night who had decided to feed elsewhere, so am off to warm up a few creaking joints Wink
    I see you like iPads, I upload to EPZ from mine, love it!!
    If you feel like it anytime, please PM me about cameras and I'll share the bits I've learned about micro 4/3rds, bridge cameras etc. A way to go yet, but it's fun!
    Good times,
    Dave Wink
    • 8 Jun 2015 10:58AM
  • Posted on Paree's profile

    I do love your magical world. You create enchanting and enchanted images, and I always take my shoes off before entering your PF! Wonderful images.
    • 3 Feb 2012 10:09PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    An excellent and wonderfully diverse PF of beautiful images by a true Photoshop artist. May it continue to grow and flourish, and surprise us with its delights. Super, inspired, and such talented work.
    A. Hobbit.
    • 20 Aug 2011 1:15AM
  • Posted on myhappyplaces's profile

    Likewise, would love to comment, but there are just blank squares. Or is it a Zen mystery upload? Wink
    All the best, Dave.
    • 12 Aug 2011 1:50PM
  • Posted on Paree's profile

    I do so like your PF, Maureen, combining art and photography and inspiration you come up with amazing images. For me they just tick all the boxe and mores. Never was brilliant with words, but they are superb and very inspirational. Please keep them coming! Wonderful to behold x
    • 7 Nov 2010 12:13PM
  • Posted on RTDS's profile

    Wonderful macro PF, Rob, wonderful work! Especially the little fellers in flight. I think you have that one so well sorted. Always enjoy the images. Keep them coming please.
    • 30 Oct 2010 11:08AM
  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    One of my favourite PFs on EPZ. After seeing what you are using, I am more than impressed, Carol, and also experimenting in that direction too. S*** the overnight bag full of DSLR kit when this sort of quality is possible Wink
    Brilliant Naure PF. Dave.
    • 14 Sep 2010 9:38PM
  • Posted on andylea's profile

    Hi Andy, my ex-wife used to say to me 'Why do you want to see another sunset? Once you've seen a few you don't need to see any more."
    Your PF is a perfect illustration that it is impossible to tire of looking at sunsets, they all have their subtle (and major) differences, and each one is top quality work.. Keep taking these awsome 'high-energy' shots, they are a real delight for all of us to see.
    • 7 Sep 2010 6:41PM
  • Posted on bunbeam's profile

    What a beautiful Nature PF, so many superb shots. Keep 'em coming please! Wonderful.
    • 6 Sep 2010 10:22PM
  • Posted on PattiW's profile

    You have a wonderful PF, Patti, your butterflies, birds and Nature images are superb. A real delight to look at. All the best,
    • 6 Sep 2010 9:43PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Cats, LOTR, and Terragen, this is a great PF. I think your Terragen images are unique and awesome! Please keep them coming.
    • 6 Sep 2010 8:29PM
  • Posted on RTDS's profile

    When it comes to images of insects in flight, I haven't come across a better PF, Robert. Amazing work, keep 'em coming please! Really wonderful PF. Dave.
    • 6 Sep 2010 8:25PM

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