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Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • We'll see won't we?

    My full stops?........just a ploy I have developed for the easier reading of my notes on small screens........Artistic license if you will.


  • Quote:
    Quote:Capitalism and socialism/communism is seen to have failed over the past century.

    The only thing left to get fired up about - for a minority of course - is.............. religion!

    Things do sometimes go full circle!




  • cgarth...... You automatically dismiss anything or anyone who doesn't waffle forth on your version of the economy or way of government .........you are totally blind to any, and I mean, any idea, good, bad or indefferent if it comes from any one, or any group not from your side of the tracks.

    You seem also to be wishing, hoping, nay, inciting the population to rise up in some form of tin-pot revolution.............a banner-waving, vehicle-burning rampaging mob, with real hate on their lips and in their hearts towards anyone or anything that gets in their way......it could end up with innocent people injured, or even killed.......then perhaps comrade captain corbyn will steer our country in the cool, clear, bountiful ocean of socialist dreams.

    Only then, will people wake-up to reality............

  • gcarth.......Then you remind me of the.....Soothsayer.....in the Classic TV series.....Up Pompei.

    I'm honestly not trying to score points, I'm just reminding you that we all don't think like you.....there are other ways.

    I've said it before, and Ill say it again..... A little Left rudder, then a little Right rudder plus careful adjustments of the throttles would keep us all on an even keel.

    All you seem to want to do is to capsise the whole thing to Port, then sink......

    We urgently need a good-honest Skipper and. fine hard-working crew. 🤓

  • Gcarth.......

    You must get enormous pleasure from your continual stirring of the political debate on here.....how much does comrade corbyn pay you?

    You seem to have dug yourself into a very deep, one sided ( Wink ) hole impossible to climb out of, so everyoneshould join you down there.

    Why don't you take your debates to China, North Korea .....to see what they make of them there.....

    It seems as though you would fully support a move to their kind of government?

    What, Would be wrong with a bit of co-operation, sharing of ideas and plain old common sense instead of these constant head-banging debates which get no one anywhere.

    It worked during WWII when a coaltion government was forced to work together to save the western world from Nazi ideology.

  • Woah!

    I'd better shut up......or I might find myself in a Gulag soon, the way things are panning out.

  • gcarth......

    I just dont understand why you need to keep on initiating discussion of this kind, with your left biased opinions blocking out any and every though or comment which doesn't meet your criteria.

    An angry person?

    You couldn't be further from the truth here.......During my years as a carpenter/joiner, I worked in all kinds of enviroments, homes of all classes, schools, abattoirs, hunt kennels, farms and factories, through this, I learned both craftsmanship and tact when dealing with customers.

    After this, for 20 years I worked closely with and for adults having special needs, their families and carers....My seemingly endless patience and ability to communicate across the board was often commented upon......as were my skills in special education and social work.

    If at any time I did feel angry it was because of the regular call to arms by the NALGO reps, who seemed to have union matters to the fore instead of the work they were being paid to do, always talking of strike action, none co-operation or other guff.

    I was extremely sad when I decided to leave a job I loved because of changes in services......completely at odds with The real needs of my friends and clients.....all proved right since.

    Still not angry I designed then made a complete educational product to enable children and adults of all abilities to enjoy practical, creative crafts, plus devising a whole series of, in-school, courses to fit the National Curriculum ......never made any money, but loved every minute of it..I worked in schools, museums and on historic sites for over 15 years....Angry? No I wouldn't have survived had I been angry and aggressive.

    In my retirement, I take photographs, lathe turn gifts and paint.....I don't allow myself to get angry......frustrated yes......by the current awful political climate creating a world in which I feel more insecure, than at any time during WWII, caused by politics of all colours .....perhaps my generation were spoilt by witnessing the cross/party coalition which brought us through that war, politicians working TOGETHER instead of this constant, get nowhere.....bickering and stirring.

    During the past few years I have had to learn to walk again after an accident, had serious retinal surgery and have gone very deaf.....all good reasons to feel angry and frustrated. Bit I'm not.

    I sign off feeling, more sad than angry.......I genuinely feel that you should relax a little more.

    I wish you well!

  • As an aside to what is observed/stated above......

    The left disagree strongly about The stand for America by President Trump.....surely, if looked at this logically.....he is only doing what the leader of a left wing union would do.......i.e. To stick up for his own, at the expense of any other, including other unions.

    A case of.....Do as I say, and not as I do...


  • There is obviously no cure .......those possessing the lop-sided view of the world that you have, seem completely blind to the fact, that it is their leaflets, banners, posters, protests and publications which are spreading and maintaining the anger, discontent, misery and doom mongering amongst the working population ...... whilst choosing to totally ignore ANY good that any other side has done, or can do.

    You spread the poison, create the stress, stir up trouble, then sit back to plan more of the same......it never changes.......the constant cry of.....MORE! MORE! MORE!

    You seem intent on spreading that same discontent on this superb photography forum.....like a Tick On the hide, you keep on nipping, niggling and not letting go...

    Please!....go get your camera, or any other hobby, and let go all that heavy thinking, it will drag you down....


  • Dystopia/Utopia/Myopia .....whatever!

    A Marxist led government would soon lead the country into a whirlpool of misery and despair, if the people power protest witnessed during the G7 is anything to go by.....is THAT what you really want?

    The youngest, the strongest, or the.....Stick by our rules OR ELSE....kind of politics.....Fine? Yes.....for those at the top ( as per usual) but the poor will remain poor, the rich will remain rich.

    I still challenge you to find me....A really happy, uplifting, quote from ANY socialist publication......look into any school staff room.....any social-work office......fire brigade HQ......Railway worker mess room .....the BMA .....somewhere there will be a stack of leaflets.....a poster.....or publication....sowing the seeds of discontent, anger and misery........thereby deliberately creating stress, discontent amongst hard working people.....constantly stirring the pot to keep it bubbling...

    How do I know this? Because I once worked closely across the social work and teaching fields for many years, attended many union meetings, during which, you were fine....as long as you toe'd the party line.....

    I repeat, that I'm not a full blown blue flag waving tory, nor Belong any other political party or group.....I'm a very old guy.....who has walked the paths in Bergen Belsen.....Has been forced to have hair cuts and to shave.....and to be bawled and shouted at against my will........Have taken nothing but brown-sauce sandwiches for lunch on building sites......saw my mum hiding from any of the Friday debt collectors .....didn't see my dad for 6 years from 1939 to 1946 ......During my time, I have brought up a working family, changed from working on building sites to two professions, retired early to run an independent education business.....remain creative and for ever the optimist.

    I get fed up with anyone, who states that I should think like this, or think like that, or tells me what I shouldn't read......


  • Happiness comes from within......a state of mind......being forever optimistic.....seeing the bright side.....looking for silver linings......being positive.......seeing the good......having a love of creativity......posessing an inner smile......a glass, half full attitude.......having a fully independent mind, not influenced by any one, or any thing......having the ability to see through all the dogma, political bias and lies.....Really seeing, and realising that many of those who, attempt to force a lop-sided view on others, are equally as bad as those they rant about..........To have witnessed over a long life, the crass stupidity of party politics.....where it is just fine to argue, but so bloody slow to act for the good of the human race and every other creature.......

    Negativity, and the wanton spreading of negativity does nothing, nothing at all, except perhaps to multiply even more negativity.....

  • Sadly you are beyond help and understanding I'm afraid......like all lefties you flatly refuse to see what is right in front of you.......your way is the only way, you refuse to see any other and your cohorts can do no wrong and tell the absolute truth at all times ? ? ?....oh! And you don't like being challenged, and bite the bait like a hungry fish.

    Socialist oligarchs? What about the donor's to Labour/ what about the equivalent amounts of dosh donated by unions?
    Oh yes! Two of our local out and out socialists whom I often have discussions with, have second homes, more than one car and live on over generous local authority pensions...... grade 1 listed thatched cottages, in a conservation area......canal boat living........holiday lets.......

    Me? An ex snotty nose council house brat, with manual and farm labourers ( Ag Labs) going back to 1754 and beyond......one of my direct relatives married into the family of Joseph Arch, founder of the agricultural union......my uncle and grandfather were founder members of the local.....Working Men;s Club......very sadly, the TRUE socialist ideals of their day has been corrupted by marxist rabble rousers,,who just want to stir things up.

    I want you to remember our exchanges on here......then, when you finally have your Marxist utopia, you can return to tell me all about how much you have gained in the process and to tell me how much richer and happier people are........sad thing is, I probably won't be here.

  • You have a very sad, twisted logic Sir.

    I have interacted with so many people with opinions exactly like yourself....... you all seem to have the answers but never do anything ....or suggest anything to make the world a better place.

    There are right wing oligarchs.....there are left wing oligarchs.....there are downright stupid oligarchs, and there are downright evil oligarchs.......NONE of them give a damn as long as they make profits......even those amongst the marxists.

    Just the other day, a Nigerian oil oligarch married in Blenheim Palace at a cost of 5 million pounds...... just a couple of days before the lefty BBC was making an appeal on behalf of poor Africans......it was ever thus.

    What I was referring to in my previous posts, is that certain sections of our citizenship are using current events to whip up political discontent but with no thought and bereft of any solution to the problems they appear to highlight.

  • There is developing, a really nasty, potentially distructive violent marxist undercurrent which could incite rioting and unrest, especially in the already stressed/traumatised capital.
    A cynical exploiting of three horrible happenings for one sided-nasty political ends which will be no good for anyone of any political colour.

    I am old enough to have lived through WWII when, both government and the people pulled together to win through.....it is this same spirit that we need today, recent happenings require careful thinking, a time for reflection and justice, then to be steady and above party politics.

    NO! I'm not a blue, or a red supporter, just someone old enough to have seen it all before, this time it looks potentially even nastier than ever before.

    I live in hope that common sense and wisdom will prevail.


  • Soccer, P.E. and anything at all to do with sports or physical activity.....not fingering maths....I don't do numbers.....everything else I really enjoyed.

  • The answer, my friend.....is blowin' in the wind..... 🌬


    Why not?

    It beats milky water.....and.....that flippin....lone tree on Saddlworth Moor, or that landing stage vanishing into lake.

    It isn't what you photograph....it is....HOW....you photograph it....


  • Just like Saltireblue above, my camera goes with me whenever I leave the house, I'm rarely without it......normally with one lens of choice attached .....if I do join a good pal for a Street Shoot, I pop a few others in a small camera bag for variety.

    I collect vintage lenses for my M 4/3 kit so a large drawer is essential.

  • I must admit that I hadn't realised that.....thank you!

    Ah, but they do state clearly...E-MOUNT right on the front....so acquiring the right lenses is made easy.

  • The SONY ALPHA range of camera's use the A mount lenses, you can acquire these for a reasonable price on eBay now if you search carefully.
    I have just sent all my SONY gear to Ffordes Photographic in Inverness-Shire, so it might be worth searching their site next week after all my A mount lenses are put up for sale.

    The A mount is the old Minolta one as far as I recall, there should be a few AF versions still around.

    Also, if you don't mind going fully manual, you can use Vintage Film Camera Lenses with the M42 Thread mount by using eBay purchased adapters...

  • If it's a micro four thirds camera......explore the amazing world of cheap, Vintage film lenses.....they are easily available on eBay and other auction sites.....you obviously need to check seller feedback, descriptions and photographs before buying.

    M42 and M39 thread adapters open you up to using a whole range a beautiful glass, from the 1950 s through to the 1980 s......

    You will need to learn how to shoot in full manual, learn Hyperfocal distance and zone focusing, but all are relatively easy to pick up.....if I can do it aged 79 yrs anyone can.

    Proof?.........just look through my recent portfolio pics, most are shot through vintage glass now.

    You can also of course.....pay loadsamoney for current auto-focus Digital Lenses.

    Above all, enjoy your photography and have fun.

  • Go to BBC iPlayer, search for.......On Camera......a BBC tv archive documentary.

  • Hi, Len,

    I instigated this thread in the hopes that it would develop into a lively exchange, which can only be a good thing, if members are to learn or at least have an opportunity to discuss various methods of photography.

    It was obvious to viewers that the ballroom dancers were quite happy to be photographed and filmed for the documentary at the time.....look at a portfolio/gallery of images taken by Martin and you will see that he too can be up-front with his camera.
    I have already stated that I like the work of both Martin and Dougie but wouldn't dare use their very edgy approach to Street Photography.

  • I did notice he used his flash on the driver of more than one car.....we all know the after effects of flash on our own vision .....I think that it was a bit dodgy.....later in the video, Dougie really annoyed an Arab? Woman, to the point of anger, I would say that was harassment.

    Please don't get me wrong.....I'm an avid supporter of Street aphotogrsphy, I practice it myself....that is what I observed and thought.

  • Yes indeed!

    Very interesting feedback and discussion....

    Whilst I don't have the ......in your face ......use of flash......shoot, then run approach.....I do photograph people, unobserved, with my GX7 in silent mode.

    Then again, I wouldn't stoop to using a long, zoom, or a mirror lens to take sneaky peeping-tom like frames....one of my favourite lense is my tiny LUMIX 1.7-20 auto-focus.......I also enjoy going fully manual, with a vintage 35mm set to Zone Focus, this can involve getting pretty close at times.

    I don't, like some, ensure a response from a chosen subject.....if they do catch me out, that can be a bonus.......I've already stated that I like the work of both Martin and Dougie.....but their method just isn't for me.

    I was told by my shooting pal, that I might get thumped if I asked this chap for a street portrait, he was drinking outside a city pub with a like, group.....I took up the challenge......he was gruff, wanted to know why, and where his portrait might be seen etc......after I told him of my ongoing ...Street Portrait Project....he agreed.

    I always offer my card, with full contact details, a link to my portfolio on here, and the information their photograph may be online, exhibited or published....they also receive digital copies if they email me.

    During my five or more years of shooting Street, I have had a few refusals, just one very angry aggressive response, and have been escorted out of a Shopping Arcade by security.....so I'm no pussy-cat.

    Here you go... Hobbo


  • Quote:
    Quote:or invade private space.

    How do you define private space?
    What about the Henri Cartier-Bresson shot "On the Banks of the Marne or many of Weegee's published photos? Weggee often used flash including at murder scenes.
    As a general rule in the UK public space is not private.
    The two photographers being discussed shoot in colour but otherwise there is no fundamental difference in subject matter.

    I have no wish to get embroiled in an argy-bargy about detail.....but, when compared to the Vivienne Maeir type Street Photography, and that of most others.....Martin , Dougie and another all, initiate a surprised, angry, hurt, annoyed response from their subject/s ...THIS.....is why they are edgy, up front, contemporary.....

    This obviously is good for business, both for them and from their sponsors, agents and exhibitors.....but that doesn't make it totally right for the people who they've annoyed...

    Please don't get me wrong on this.....look st my portfolio, you will see that I too am a keen Street Photographer......but, I wouldn't think of shoving my camera into an open sports car, or into the face of someone enjoying a burger, etc......

    .....you asked what, private space was........ I define it as, when someone gets uncomfortably close, intrudes where they aren't asked or wanted, then expect subjects not to object.

    It might be a good idea for a photographer or two, to test, to see just how tolerant Martin and Dougie are to their own treatment......so, if you are attending a talk or presentation given by one ir the other, catch them as they arrive or leave .....might be fun.

    The daft folks if Blackpool and the like are fair game.....they go out of their way to be noticed....they don't care what private space is, or care about the feelings of others.....

    I like the the work of both Martin and Dougie.....but that doesn't make it right.....

    Good discussion this......thanks!


  • That is all good stuff....Thank You.

    One thing that would upset me, is....... if camera club members, or any other amateur photographer, is minded to imitate this pair of......professional....IN YOUR FACE .....Photographers, we gentler Street Photographers may find we aren't welcome any more?
    I'm not afraid to shoot closely, or to request a street portrait, but, I would never shove a flash up noses, or invade private space.

    Another valid? Point.....is that, if they, and probably others, continue, it won't be long, before people deliberately dress or behave just to be noticed.....or.... popular photography locations like London's Brick Lane.....put a ban on nuisance photographers.

    Still open for healthy debate and discussion....


  • Quote:
    A few years ago, I was invited to enter a few of my street pics in an exhibition......all was totally spoilt when I was asked for ....Model Release , for each and every recognisable subject......totally daft,

    You can sell almost any picture taken in a public place, but for "reportage only" if you do not have a model release.
    For advertising etc you need a model release.
    If an exhibition is charging an entry fee it might be argued this is more than reportage and model releases are required.
    I came up against this issue in the broader sense when holding an exhibition of historical photos; some of which copyright ownership was unclear. I had to get the Arts Council to pay for printing the catalogues so we could distribute them free to avoid a possible copyright issue.
    Back to your "exhibition" the organiser can impose any acceptance criteria they choose, even if unrealistic.
    A parallel is "we cannot do X or Y because we are not insured if we do". As an FCII and Chartered Insurer I am well aware that if a policyholder takes reasonable care the claim is handled and that around 99% of "excuses" are figments in the mind of someone who has no clue about what is or is not insured.

    Then I have a further question for you.....how is it that both MArtin Parr and and Dougie, can shoot complete strangers Willy-Nile, Many against the wishes of the subject....most times the photographer turns on his heel and walks away.
    BOTH men, are good at what they do....both put their work in exhibitions, photo-books, and on public TV and in the media......without a squeak if protest from the subjects, the exhibition organizers, the media, and the public..........
    My claim is....if ai, or,you....tried it....we would be kept out as a ploy.......

    Come on folks.....Discuss!

  • Having had a night to sleep on it.....

    I realise, that, although I really don't like his ....in-your-face-pushy approach.....he is recording very clearly the levels to which much of our so called society has sunk.

    The, more than, super rich swanning around in the most exoensive of cars, clothes, with bags, watches and jewellery to match.

    In direct comparison to the..

    Abysmal Streets of Blackpool observing the foul goings on of so called hen parties or stag nights......what used to be fairly innocuous boozy matey occasions, have turned into something totally depraved. No wonder the youngsters of today are so mixed up......

    Or........Am I just showing my age and should just......Shut Up?

    Come on! Get this debate going.....it's a meaty one.

  • The program was..


    Featuring photographer Dougie Wallace...

    A MUST watch