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Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • Let us now return to ..B liar

    He and his labour party were holding the reigns for 13 years.....right?

    Questions, in that case why wasn't that long enough to create a labour Utopia? A land flowing with milk and honey, equal shares for all, plus a house everyone, NHS services to die for, no tuition fees, low taxes plus this and plus that......
    And.......and........if the socialists who are constantly railing against the current lot, thought so badly of him, why didn't the Mc'Clusky's, and the Corbyn's of the day oust this warmongering millionaire then.
    They didn't did they?use all the left wing might to bring him down to create the utopia they keep promising?

    Likewise, the Tories, much better at economics but dismal on motivating and holding on to public support , just don't seem to get what the hard working, tax paying public really want?
    Cameron shone for a while, then seemed to lose it, his chancellor who promised so much, is now, just like B liar is bent on feathering his own nest.

    I really don't think either side is really in control......when you consider, the Arab, Russian, Chinese, billionaires owning so much real estate, running pro sports, and with the BBC forcing its one-sided views to all who are daft enough to be taken in by it all.

    Ok! A long rant, but one with lots of truths.....

    Exits, stage left this time.....whistling ...Colonel Bogey....holding a little red book.....the Tory manifesto....mein campf, , m thatchers autobiography, and works of Marx and Engels.......His tongue hurts because it's stuck firmly in his cheek....and his right sleeve is damp, because hese been laughing up it..
    Hobbo Wink)
  • Points taken.....but!

    Why is it that socialists openly hate profits and bosses, yet many of their most outspoken ( currently) are fat salary/fee earning so called celebs, who just have to turn up to demand thousands?

    All of the true socialists that I know, go silent when I ask...."if you inherited a large successful company, would you immediately take or give an equal cut to each and every employee?

    How come ex socialists/communist Russia and China, now have more billionair oligarchs than most countries.

    How come they never openly protest at the huge profits and exploitation of the workers by pro sports?

    I could go on.....but they always wriggle off the hook.

    Me? Can't stand politics....the left right kind anyway......just round robin's of arguments, or the dragging up of old knitting..

    Then, again.....I was born too soon.....in my lifetime they have all had a go....life goes on regardless.

    Once again....exits stage left whistling the...Red Flag, and The Eton Boating song.

  • Why is it...please tell me....that ONLY socialists are ever right?

    I just don't get it....they NEVER EVER see any other point of view.


    Since almost being fooled by politics when much younger, I now sit firmly on the fence observing all sides of the political spectrum....

    BBC News this morning......."Wayne Rooney being offered a fee of 1 per second should he join a billionaire owned Chinese team"......don't we send Aid to China? Don't most pro soccer teams advertise Betting, Booze, insurance or luxury goods?.....yet the working classes get sucked in....or suckered in more like?

    Then......A terrorist bod who was rescued? From Quatanamo Bay by bleeding heart lefties, the conning us out of legal aid....has recently driven a suicide truck bomb for isis?

    My advice! Forget all your left,right and centre.......Sit on the Fence.....high up from where you can observe the truth.

    Me? I'll stick to photography

  • This thread gets more ....Alice in Wonderland.....or......Gulliver's Travels.....as it progresses.....

    History will happen no matter what.

  • I'm pretty sure that everyone under the age if 55 has been utterly and totally brainwashed by the so called celebrity culture, the total dumbing down of the general population ....east enders.....coronation street......emmerdale.....strictly.....bake off.......the voice......the news.......sport......etc......etc........all done to mind dumbing formulae......
    Why!.....even la-la-land .......receives awards....

    He walks off stage right whistling softly to himself

  • I'll just stick to the photo forums thanks....Life is too short.....enjoy it!

  • At my age..... I knew many who were maimed, gassed or suffered loss during WWI.....My dad was fighting for this country and freedom from nazism for six years, he was lucky, he returned, I am one of 7 snotty nosed council estate kids.....an 11 plus failure...... did my National Service, 5 km from Bergen Belsen.....worked on building sites in all weathers......but, in my little spare time, I bettered myself at evening courses, becoming a fully trained teacher, then social worker........I got sick and tired of the continuous whinging and doom landed message constantly broadcast by the socialist led unions...Strike/Go-Slow/Protest......never once offering to co-operate ......Gave it all up to become my own boss as an independent tutor, taking crafts into schools, museums and historic sites......Wow! Me a BOSS.....a capit*list.

    Think on......every one who fought in WWI and any conflict before is DEAD......Life is too short.....

    Lighten up....smell the coffee.......do good.

  • Come on!

    This is a Photo Forum.....lighten up....

    Life is FAR too short for all of this.....

    At just turned 78 I have realised that plain old...COMMON SENSE.....is the answer from whichever angle you come from .....

    It's common sense......isn't it??

  • The GX7 is one of the best camera's you will ever own.....

    Use it with any M4/3 lens and you will get results....

    Use it also, with almost ANY vintage film lens, adaptors to M4/3 are easily avaiable EBay.......

    You want proof?......please feel free to browse my portfolio, all the pics taken for almost three years have been shot with mine, using all kinds of lenses.

    Silent/electronic shutter?......never been a problem, but not much used by me.

    The tiltable viewfinder is a Godsend too..

    Can't fault it at all......my only reason for changing it, would be if as suddenly found the money to acquire the GX8.

    Use your GX7 to the full, and enjoy.

  • This is rapidly becoming a ...Round Robin....

    I always wish I could bang a few heads together, so that the political parties co-operated on behalf of the people.....the stupid opposition thing is somold fashioned it has just become a blame game from election to election.

    Common Sense......is all it takes...

    I always use the analogy that a plane or a ship on total left or right rudder just keeps on going in ever decreasing circles.....whereas, a captain and crew with common sense, uses a bit of left and right, plus the occasional.....Stop Engines.....to keep everything on course and on an even keel.

  • 12 million would do wonders currently.....why should those from overseas take advantage.....you try getting free health care abroad in some countries.

    Methinks you are stirring it sir?

  • I can advise that you use charity and bookshops to find anything at all that is photographically relevant to you, from techniques to the history.....

    Then, instead of buying new books, browse the hundreds of photography tutorials so readily available via YouTube......specially recommended are the hour long presentations by B&H in New York....of....the quirky stuff from....Digitall-Rev in Hong-Kong, plus everything in between.....

    Find the tutorials you need and like, then watch and absorb them at your leisure.

    Don't forget also, that Ephotozine has hundreds of examples of good practice in the galleries on a daily basis, plus access all the help you you might ever need.

  • If the NHS refused to admit totally bladdered idiots after they have spent hours guzzling whatever makes them sick, there would be more room and money for those who are truly sick or injured.

    Instead of picking up and admitting drunks and those too stoned to care, recovery, clinics should be funded in full, by those who market and sell the poisons......that is definitely one part of the NHS that SHOULD and could be privatised.

  • Hi, Mods,

    A new photographer acquaintance of mine has attempted twice to join EPHOTOZINE, he fills in all his details then receives nothing back......any ideas why this should be so please?


    Hobbo. Long time member
  • I received a hospital hearing test, after long time complaints from my wife and others that my tv and radio were too loud, plus the fact that I just couldn't hear the voices of children; at that time, I was a freelance teacher, so not good.

    That was five years ago, now My NHS Hearing Aids have been upgraded after further tests proved my hearing had worsened.....
    NHS hearing aids are fantastic, you get free batteries, regular hearing tests, and running repairs and replacements as part of the service.
    I can't fault them....my TV and Radio volume are always at minimum or just above now, my music listening is a real pleasure and so is being able to hear the birds sing and the rustling of leaves.

    One good bit of advice if you do go for hearing aids........Be PATIENT, because they do take some getting used to.....the first few days can be horrible, but after that, your brain sorts things out again.....it has to readjust after not hearing properly for so long.

    It is during this adjustment period that many impatient people give up, or put them, forgotten, in a drawer ....that is a wicked waste of NHS resources.

    During the last four years the NHS has saved the sight in one eye, and restored my hearing.....I will be for ever grateful.

  • "I wonder where the yellow went"

  • In addition to my first comments and observations......what about the increased time that adverts are on screen for now ....15 minutes in every 60 If you include program titles and credits ....and......as already pointed out, volume levels increase significantly.

    As a result, I have dumped all catch up services except BBC iPlayer from my tablets and phone, and I watch very little commercial tv. If I have recorded a commercial program I speed through the ads, but still get short changed of program content.

    Also....not forgetting the tatty pre Christmas ads for even tattier plastic toys which will all be in a skip by this time next year?

  • Money supermarket......all gambling adverts........tena-pads, bleeding gums and other personal hygiene items at mealtimes........Dfs.....wanna buy a sofa ads..........Go compare......

  • Well done you......

    I gave myself exactly the same task a year or so back.....I have over 200 half-plate glass negatives, plus circa 400 glass lantern slides from circa 1898-1910-1950.

    I used the same method as you to produce beautiful and surprising results...here is an example....I think there are others in my portfolio?


  • I have issues with those small, snack size, bags of nuts or raisins etc.....a real pig to open without something sharp, but once open, the the bag tears itself apart dropping the snack all over the place.

  • Why not get in touch with the `Hong `Kong branch of.....Digital Rev.......their. Two reps have hundreds of video's on You-Tube?

    I'm sure that after an email, or quick phone call, they might find someone for you?

  • I took similar advice on here and on my other forums a few months ago, and with a very similar budget.....the result/

    I consulted my local independent PC repairer and reseller of used kit......He produced an under two year old SONY VIAO laptop with a very high spec.

    This only has Photoshop, Bridge, Plugins, free Office software plus the internet, teamed up with my 27 inch monitor........it is blisteringly fast.

    My half redundant Windows XP desktop still chugs along using a salvaged 16 inch monitor.....it, plus two external drives contain important files from my last four computers.

    The Sony VIAO cost under 200
  • I was using an ageing desktop PC running Windows XP Pro.....to run CS6 and TOPAZ, plus all my other stuff...it slowed down badly.
    I had a very limited budget so consulted my local independent computer guy......He sold me a very high spec used VIAO Laptop running Windows 10.....my CS6 installed ok, but instead of my now outdated TOPAZ I installed NIK EFEX filters.
    Except for Libre office there is little else for the laptop to do....so is super fast.....and connected to the same large monitor as my sluggish but still working XP desktop. Which has thousands of files plus two external drives.
    All my photo processing is done at super fast speed on the powerful VAIO.....all for under 300.

  • Interesting this....

    Owing to my recent upgrade from a Windows XP PRO PC, to a laptop running Windows 10 for my photo processing, I not only lost TOPAZ filters, but my Eye One Monitor Calibrator.....I was devastated.

    In desparation, I did a little research.....then discovery if in PHOTOSHOP you go to FILE/ COLOUR Profiles.......then click on PHOTOSHOP 1989 .....

    I did, and I have had nothing but praise for my post processing since.

    A tech, savvy friend states that LED monitors don't drift very much anyway...... So a repeat of the above every year or so should keep things looking right.......Right?

  • Thank you.....its ordered.

    Can't wait to get my processing back on track.

  • Hi folks,

    Just a bit thrown this morning.....after setting up my new Windows 10 Laptop photo processing system using CS6......I discovered that my monitor only has RGB and a DVI connection, so my shiny new HDMI cable is of no use.

    Which connection cable is best

    HDMI to RGB?


    HDMI to DVI?

    As soon as I know I can order one.


  • Thank you all....

    Decision made, then scored upon this morning.....

    Because I already have the CS6 and TOPAZ discs, I decided to go down the used Laptop route...

    My loca IT shop found me a high spec 8 g RAM SONY VIAO running WINDOWS 10.....This will share my large led monitor with my Archive Holding XP machine.

    So all the laptop will run is my photo software, in theory it should fly along.....

    I fetch the finished result in a couple of hours........can't wait!


  • Quote:2nd that. The light room apps very good. The photography creative cloud subscription itself is good value.

    Could you explain please.....sounds tempting.

  • Thank you all....lots of options being considered......even the...Mac Mini...route...

    I'm consulting our local IT expert this morning.