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Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • Quote:So, everything that I've read so far about cleaning these is that you pretty much can't clean the emulsion side, except with a soft brush like a lens brush.

    How about glass plates that are stuck together? is there an easy way to get them apart? without prying?

    I can't help you there I'm afraid, but I'm sure that the conservators in almost any museum would guide you or, point you in the right direction for practical advice.

  • I still have quite a collection of LIFE magazines, including the ones from around the era of the Moon Landing..
    The photography and journalism were outsandind, and nothing seemed to replace it......there is a hardback book featuring the work of many LIFE photographers, it is well worth searching for, I treasure my copy.

    The other great Photigraphy led magazine was the long gone.....Picture Post.......a magazine that kept us all informed and sometimes amused during and after WWII.

  • Settings 2.8 on Auto ISO as far as I can recall..

    Targeted Sharpening?

    Using a mask to only sharpen exactly where required.


  • Autumn fruits are about to ripen, but this particular bunch aren't quite ready so would definitely set your teeth on edge if tasted.

    Here I demonstrate that depth of field and targeted sharpness can help to emphasise your chosen subject.

  • Ha! Ha!

    I'm laughing now........not at the project I hastily add.......but at the fact that I now walk about with an invisible, (but obvious ) label around my neck......

    It says very clearly, that.......He is OLD........he is a PENSIONER..... I get ignored and passed by, most days.

    But, if the said photographer/artist approached me for including in his project I would almost certainly, readily agree......why? Because I still have the ability to choose either way.
    My point earlier was, that many vulnerable people do not posses the ability to choose, but are photographed anyway......this is often the case with photographs shot in poorer areas of the world.....
    But! ......even here in the UK, I stand a good chance of being photographed without my knowledge then labelled as......Old Fogey.........Past It.......or similar on a forum or in a club exhibition.
    A good discussion this......with many points to ponder, especially for younger photographers..........

    Ahhhhh! I was young and handsome once......Tempus Fugit
  • Hi, Chris,

    Thank you for your response ...... In my reply, I listed exactly where I came from on this, with a quarter of a century of caring for and enabling vulnerable adults aged from 16 to 65.

    Nowhere have I ever exploited their vulnerability or natural, accepting natures......I was just drawing attention to the fact that they are usually an easy target because of that.....they have little or no voice to object or to say no.

    My Street Photography, likewise is carefully considered, ALL of my portrait subjects are approached for permission first, and are obviously able to do so, or I wouldn't go there.....you only need to explore my Ephotozine Portfolio and to read the threads to see that.
    The Art? Project featured, is a challenging one from many points of view, viable? Yes!.....but questionable too.....depending upon the attitudes and knowledge of the viewer.

    No long lenses or hiding behind walls for me......my approach is to request a Street Portrait with a smile and a chat, I think this is very obvious if explored.

    An interesting debate this?
  • I'm in two minds about this because I am.....

    a........a Street Photographer who is drawn towards Street Portraits ( see my portfolio)

    b.......a retired carer/enabler for adults with severe learning disabilities

    c......a caring individual

    d .......a lifetime Artist, who draws and paints, so can see the ART side

    In every community, no matter where in the world, vulnerable, or different looking folk can be found, usually approachable, usually up for fun, but so easily led.....to exploit such people for gain, or to poke fun is morally wrong and should be discouraged.

    To make such recognisable vulnerable folk in to an Art Project is therefore questionable, but, I guess viable.......but, a question here......

    If one of those featured was your Special Needs, mentally ill, scarred, or addicted, brother, sister, or other close relative would you approve?

    Personally, I wouldn't go there....but.....I can see why it has Artistic potential.

    To the viewer ......Do you look in sympathy? .....in Amusement? ....or for any other reason?

  • I have been a very keen user of M 4/3 for a couple of years now.....like you I started with a used GF1 with a 14-45 kit lens attached....boxed for just 150.
    Then problems with vision meant I required a viewfinder so I went for the GX7 ....the best thing Ive ever done photographically.

    I have a good range of dedicated lenses including the two superb SIGMA 2.8-60 and 2.8-30 ...you want sharp...get them.

    But want a 50 ......have fun and go retro with vintage M42 lenses with M 4/3 adapters....or, gave even more fun with the EBay purchased cheap and cheerful Chinese made MEIKI? CCTV lenses, they too are more than surprisingly good....extremely cheap too.
    Want proof? ........ look at my Portfolio and posts for exif.
    Have Fun!


  • Vintage Lens Portrait

  • My kit of choice for macro is a SONY A55 fitted with a dedicated SONY 2.8-100 Macro lens........If I could afford or fit the latest ultra close lenses I would. I do have a set of extension rings, used occassionaly.

    I have used various ways of focussing whilst dabbling in macro ......for a long time I used
    the ....Manual rock slowly back and forth method......yes....it works well if you have the steadiness required.

    I've fixed my camera to a rack on a tripod attempting to shoot a series of shots for stacking in software later.......yes......this works too ....if you can afford the rack and appropriates software.

    Now, I almost always use AUTO FOCUS ......Why?......because the first two methods are great for DEAD or STILL subjects.......if you are targeting a live insect, or, anything on a breezy day using manual focus is severely frustrating.
    I have discovered via much trial and error that moving slowly, studying the habits of your subject then using Auto Focus gives better results.

    Yes! The lens does hunt, but once it locks on with the camera and flash synced to S160 F 160 .....with ISO high if neccessay, motion is frozen and the results good.

    See my Portfolio for examples using this method.....it is possible that my SONY camera has excellent pin point Auto focus when compared to others?

    I can't recall his name but I remember one of the UKs best macro photographers used a Bridge camera, rehabs someone will know him?

    I have a set of AUTO FOCUS extension rings for my M4/3 GX7 these give excellent results too if used with a 60mm lens.


  • Artists have always used the work of others for inspiration and ideas......take the Impressionists and Post a Impressionists for instance........many were directly influenced by Chinese and Japanese prints.

    As a keen photographer I would be pleased and rather flattered if an artist wanted to use one of my files as inspiration.....not to slavishly copy but to use the photograph as a guide.

    For example ....if I take a photograph of an attractive pet.......an artist may want to use it as a basis for a greetings card etc?.....Alternatively, I may see a photograph of the same cat taken by someone else.......which could form a basis for a painting of mine.

    I recently requested permission, to use a wildlife photograph on this forum for inspiration, but this was politely refused......I was disappointed, but then discovered a Royalty Free site with wildlife shots.......I don't have a vehicle now so can't get to zoos or wildlife parks.

    I have written and illustrated a book on the history and development of wooden toys in which I used all of my own photographs and original watercolour illustrations. But those illustrations were of toys that someone else designed and made in the past .....was I breaching their copyright?
    Much of my text described Vintage, Antique and Ancient toys, my sources were engravings and paintings done centuries ago, copyright holders long dead, but now owned by museum etc.....So I hand drew my own versions based upon what I saw .....these were my own drawings not scans, tracings or photo copies......The text in my book was my own, but I used a bibliography of over a hundred relevant books to gain my facts.

    If an Artist paints a picture of a house is he or she breaching the copyright of the architect, builder and current owner.....likewise if he paints,draws a vehicle is he breaching the copyright of the designer?
    A very interesting debate this....
    To make a direct, photographically accurate drawing, painting, illustration of someone else's photograph without permission is wrong......but to use it simply for inspiration is a grey area I think.

    A polite, formal request for permission to use a photograph in this way is essential I think?

    A scientific organisation, recently got in touch with me to use one of my obscure macro shots for a leaflet to be produced in Japan...I give immediate permission.....a little polite exchange makes the world go round.

    Let the debate continue...


  • I know nothing of Mamiya lenses or cameras, but I do use vintage M 42 thread lenses with adaptor son my cameras.

    Many old film lenses have an AUTO/MANUAL slide switch on the side that operates via a tiny peg that protrudes slightly from the mount ring.
    Off camera, this won't operate, so this could be your apparent problem?

  • I am really sorry for your predicament Isn.......life can be the pits at times.

    I have nothing but praise for our hard working NHS.....During the last five years they restored two badly broken legs and feet ( six months in bed, then slow recovery) ......they restored my sight via cataract removal ....then serious retinal surgery........way back they saved my life when my appendix burst......and.......they have just restored the sight of my almost blind wife, by fitting natural relief valves directly on to both of her eyes.....

    The foot has a most complicated bone, tendon and liguament structure, I was told that most of my damage was with muscle tears, and damages ligaments and tendons.

    Keep as positive as you can, sell gear only if you really need to.....but keep a camera back or acquire a point and shoot so you can keep your hand and eye in.

    I really emphasise

  • Looking at and considering acquiring a GX7.......GO FOR IT......Why?

    Look through my portfolio and posts for the past year Wink

    I couldn't praise the camera more highly.......

    Look at the SIGMA 60 and the 30 2.8 lenses....incredible value and results......

    The Olympus 40-145 is a must buy too.

  • Those trained dumb robots as you call them defend you and yours when called upon to do so.......



  • Thanks!

    Yes! I did know that........... we sometimes forget just how life can affect individuals...... Very sad, all round.

  • Why, on a Photography forum, do we have threads like this?

    On another forum, someone only has to mention the ...Daily Mail.....to receive a torrent of abuse.....

    I joined this Forum to learn about and to discuss the joys and pitfalls of PHOTOGRAPHY and to leave all life's other distractions behind.

  • Ever since man made muddy palm prints on cave walls, he has argued and discussed the way ART is seen and interpreted........there is NO right or wrong way........do what you do.......some will SEE and others WONT.........or just refuse to.

    Just enjoy life.....life is too short.

  • The above comment about Picasso made me smile broadly......Why!

    Because it reminded me of Eric Morecambe of Morecombe and Wise talking to a famous conductor about his piano playing.......he said.

    " I play all the right notes......but not necessarily in the right order"

    Photo processing? Do whatever pleases you, to get the result YOU want......there should be no limits.

    That reminds me......look at the early works of Picasso and you will see that he was a well trained traditional Artist.......his later works were abstractions and experiments in SEEEING and INTERPRETATION.

  • During the past few years, I have purchased two manufacturer refurbished cameras from catalogue companies via eBay, with no problems whatsoever.

    Just ensure that you read descriptions and specs very carefully, check seller feedback......many refurbished tech are returns sent back to catalogue companies, because of miss delivery or something very minor.
    Usually tech comes with some kind of guarantee .....

    PayPal has its own money back guarantees.


  • I don't have a Mac......just a Windows XP pro desktop......

    The laptop I was transferring from yesterday was running Windows 7.....I was transferring photo files from that using PICASA to an Android tablet.

    I can email whole files of pics between my XP PC and my iPad via Picasa and Google.

  • What about to an iPad?

  • In helping a mate, who requested help in transferring photo folders from PC to Tablet we both learned something today.....it may be old hat to some, but will be extremely useful to others wanting to do the same?
    At first I suggested emailing pics a few at a time to himself.....yes! ..it works, but is cumbersome and slow.
    Then I remembered that I had downloaded the Free Photo managing software ...PICASA...onto his laptop.
    If you already have it, you will know that it makes a fantastic job of sorting every photo folder on you PC AUTOMATICALLY in date order, with slideshow, editing and much more.
    We were both amazed to discover that I could click the SHARE button after highlighting chosen pics, or a whole folder, then choose EMAIL........SEVENTY TWO photographs were transferred via email from there seamlessly and quickly...

    Just what he wanted.

  • I had a Mirrorless VW Beetle once Wink

    Seriously though, I am guessing that the M 4/3 vs Pro DSLR comparisons of today, mirrors that of when.............Large format plate and film cameras, were compared with the innovative, comparatively tiny 35 mm Rangefinder film cameras.

    Both performed faultlessly .....in their particular fields of use........there would be certain pros who would swap their, plate cameras, tripod and black cloth for anything......as others realised the sheer wonder of very convenient 35 mm?

  • Start with PANASONIC GX7 with the LUMIX 14-45/42 kit lens.......

    Then add

    SIGMA 30-2.8 ART lens......it's bigger brother the 60-2.8.

    Then, as funds allow.......LUMIX 200mm, and the beautiful little LUMIX 20-1.7.


    Look through my Portfolio on Ephotozine.


  • Done using the......WATERLOGUE.......app on my iPad.

  • The only type of photography that should have only essential sharpening applied is serious Macro work.......the specialist sites make that part of their Criteria........colours, textures and tones should look as natural as nature intended.

  • Yes!.......that figures.

    The human eye, can focus, adjust aperture and choose where to look for composition......but, it can't, Zoom, can't protect itself from Glare, and can't, itself create extra or directional light.....

    By that reckoning, all but the most basic photography is artificial and concocted.....and not what we would naturally see.

    So perhaps the purists should use the most basic of cameras??

  • It has just struck me, that.......Taking a good photograph then processing it to suit your creative ideas....is....

    Very much like a composer ( as things develop) scribbles, then types out his tune or melody......in effect, his......RAW ....version.

    Only when he/ she is happy with the work does he send it to a publisher....even then, after time, notes and passages may be altered by the composer, a conductor, or arranger.

    Personaly in photography......I play all the right notes.........but not necessarily in the right order Wink
    In the same way, most Artists develop ideas as sketches (Raws) from which to develop the final work/s