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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • got to have my ciggy..........

    Another amazing character placed firmly in your ever growing portfolio of interesting people....

    I never cease to be amazed at the sheer skill of turban art and accessories, he might be poor, but this man has a real sense of style about him......shabby-chic perhaps?

    • 17 Jan 2018 7:19AM
  • Wings on Flames

    Vertical takeoff....first time Iíve ever seen that from a duck. 😜

    Great capture....well timed.

    • 15 Jan 2018 3:31PM
  • Wannes.

    A good one.....

    • 12 Jan 2018 6:20PM
  • the golden years.........

    Hi, Sawsengee......itís all laid bare in the eyes, isnít it?.....

    Another winner, you seem to have a way that charms your subjects into giving you an insight into their very soul.

    • 10 Jan 2018 5:08AM
  • We Built This City

    Just brilliant.....I have seen something very similar formed from unused paper staples, the stacks being broken to a variety of lengths to give a New-York style skyline.

    Canít recall where I saw it though.

    • 9 Jan 2018 8:04AM
  • Have an egg?

    That’s a cracking idea Leo.....why didn’t I think of that?

    A brilliant bit of juxtaposition.

    • 7 Jan 2018 3:52PM
  • Christmas dinner

    Ah! Memories. 😊😋

    • 4 Jan 2018 3:15PM
  • A Wee Bit Of Light

    A very beautiful observation and use of light here, your mono processing is top-notch too.

    • 2 Jan 2018 8:32AM
  • The pride of Rajasthani men.......

    Your first on here for the New-Year, a real winner of a Portrait too ..... always a pleasure to see another addition to your amazing portfolio.

    Thank you for sharing them.

    • 2 Jan 2018 6:02AM

    I kept on seeing that too.....I wondered if anyone else would spot it...

    • 1 Jan 2018 10:27PM
  • Woodland nymph,

    Absolutely beautiful....a well crafted portrait in every way.

    • 1 Jan 2018 10:01PM
  • One Small Step . . . . .

    Surreal, amusing....that bike just makes the shot.

    • 31 Dec 2017 9:17AM
  • Am I a star?


    A classic Street Photograph......It arouses curiosity...a smile....then wonder....wonder what cameraís and lenses they are using.....look at the fashions of the day.....

    • 31 Dec 2017 9:15AM
  • Happy New Year !

    Thank you Leo.......May your photographic mojo continue into and beyond the New Year...

    • 31 Dec 2017 8:04AM
  • Elegant

    A perfect nude study.......a beautiful human form unadorned and undecorated....... beautifully photographed.

    • 29 Dec 2017 8:02AM
  • me_2_u

    Brilliant! Seasonal!

    But I think that one Teddy has been at the Vodka cocktails ?

    • 27 Dec 2017 7:46AM
  • Have a Blessed Christmas !

    A very happy Christmas to you too Leo.....your photography continues to catch my attention and to inspire....

    Oh yes! and itís your fault that I spent a good chunk of my pocket money on a SONY RX 100 MKIII Camera......

    It is now the one that tucks neatly inside my jacket on the wettest and coldest of days.

    • 23 Dec 2017 7:42AM

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments, positive feedback and the Awards....they all help to motivate me further....

    • 21 Dec 2017 7:35AM
  • Busker

    A cracking shot......I can almost hear him singing.....

    Also.....take away the microphone and he could be a football supporter as his team scores .....or..... a market trader shouting to advertise his wares. 🤓

    Another good one Eddie

    • 21 Dec 2017 7:33AM
  • compassion.........

    I find this study a very intense one, her gesture of thanks to you extends out to viewers ...... eyes can reveal so much.

    • 20 Dec 2017 5:28AM
  • Thoughts........

    Very Rubenesque .....if there is such a word..

    Just wonderful.

    • 17 Dec 2017 9:07AM
  • swinging mom

    Great to see a young mum taking a few minutes out to be in a little world of her own.....possibly hankering after her younger teenage years ?

    Well observed Leo.

    • 17 Dec 2017 7:15AM
  • Mind The Generation Gap

    Beautifully observed and taken.

    • 17 Dec 2017 5:31AM
  • The Photo That Led Me To Photoshop

    Thank you for posting this Toobi, I hope that it encourages others to do the same, because so much of our family and local history is being dumped, especially now that drawers filled with old photographs donít exist any more, they are all....on screen so to speak.

    Having been born and bred in our smallish town offer this service to old school friends I meet up with ....whilst at it, we do our best to put names to faces, that can be the best part....Iím 80 next month.

    For others....click to enlarge this wonderful school photograph....study those faces.....most looking at the camera with a real suspicion......even during the 1940 s- 50 s raising the cash to buy a school photograph could be very difficult they werenít cheap.

    You made a superb job of the restoration.


    • 17 Dec 2017 5:28AM
  • London contrast

    A great photograph.....but.....that is one contemporary building that just doesnít look right....

    Does it ?

    • 16 Dec 2017 5:04PM
  • old man of Jodhpur

    Yet another very strong portrait from your ever growing portfolio.....I see evidence of hard work and a questioning nature here.

    • 16 Dec 2017 7:31AM
  • the shadow of your mouse

    I knew that this was yours as soon as I saw the thumbnail version Leo.....it had you stamped all over it.

    Sentimental Simplicity beautifully observed and presented.

    • 16 Dec 2017 6:07AM
  • Lavatorial Humour

    From cask-to cask then !

    It was ever thus !

    • 16 Dec 2017 5:21AM
  • Mr. N.

    A first class mono portrait well deserving of my Award.....

    • 14 Dec 2017 2:20PM
  • Actress

    Another fantastic facial study in your own style Eddie...... keep them coming please.

    • 14 Dec 2017 7:37AM