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Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • Friday, is that you ?

    That's the spirit! Leo.

    • 28 Jul 2017 9:10AM

    Quote:First think I noticed is the good quality counter top. Far removed from Formica so, where can I find it, provided the beer and beef sandwiches are up to the same standard I want some?

    The Rose and Crown....the Hollow way .....Warwick, just off the Market Square....

    The beef n horseradish crusty roll served with home-cooked chips and a small salad were top-notch....as was the pint of .....Heifer ....beer brewed at Church Farm Brewery just a couple of miles away in Budbroke.

    Served with a smile too.

    • 27 Jul 2017 9:49PM
  • Still Life with Peeled Lemon

    I am a painter.....I think that you have reached the.....Old Master.....stage...

    • 27 Jul 2017 9:33PM
  • I call this "My Recovery Position"

    C'mon Johnny,

    Watch, read, do, all things positive as you recover.......keep the positive energy flowing in.....it will keep you on your toes in no time. 🤓

    Good to know that you are progressing.

    • 25 Jul 2017 1:52PM
  • Watching over them all

    A superb mono portrait........I particularly like the processing.

    • 24 Jul 2017 8:43PM
  • reading aloud

    Leo.......This is one of your best, a study with a story to tell, plus a story being read within it, you must have the ability to make yourself almost invisible to your subjects; they are blissfully unaware of your presence.

    The photograph also has a touch of the early 19th century about it......I have a large collection of glass-plate negatives from 1900-1910, they too have this timeless look, the vintage darkroom processing makes them very special.

    This is a photograph that scores highly on many levels.......inspirational!

    • 24 Jul 2017 8:21AM
  • Foot loose but not fancy free

    Wow! Wow! And thrice WOW! JOHNNY

    I Thought the sight of my poor broken legs was enough.....then my good lady had bunions done on both feet at the same time' they looked similar' but I think you have beaten us both.

    No worries.....by this time next year you will have forgotten all about it.........(An old building site joke if someone injured themselves....no sympathy at all.)

    Seriously, you are doing the right thing....staying positive, retaining that grim sense of humor and still taking photographs.....

    I and many others no doubt feel full sympathy, and wish you a speedy recovery.

    When you see me in town I will buy you a coffee......


    • 23 Jul 2017 4:49PM
  • Porth Leven

    A very unusual but effective view .......I love it......more please!

    • 23 Jul 2017 8:27AM
  • Please Don't Shoot Me!


    A great capture!

    Made me smile.

    • 23 Jul 2017 8:25AM
  • city meat

    A very strong subject Leo.....certainly one I would never have thought of.

    The disability sign gives a sense of scale to the advertising poster, plus a point to ponder.

    • 23 Jul 2017 8:22AM
  • City sculptures 1

    It will never swim.....😊

    A great photo, of a very quirky sculpture.

    • 23 Jul 2017 6:32AM
  • Ready

    Just enough to add that bit of mystery..........not everyone's cup of tea... but I like it.

    • 23 Jul 2017 5:23AM
  • city sculptures #12

    I'm just amazed that no-one has drawn a Grafitti nose on the face Leo......I could see that happening in. City park here......perhaps your park attendants are stricter or more observant than ours?

    A well observed study.

    • 22 Jul 2017 9:53AM
  • If I could share my pain with 20mg morphine sulphate


    No wonder I haven't seen you around town lately.

    I fully understand your situation on two counts......I broke both legs 10 years ago, I was off my feet for three months, then had to learn to walk again.

    Having surgery whilst conscious is a weird, but enlightening experience.....I couldn't see anything because it was my retina being scraped.....but the conversations between the surgeon, staff and even myself at times was fun.

    Rather have eye surgery, than go to the dentist.....Honestly!

    Get well soon!

    • 22 Jul 2017 9:48AM
  • Stag Beetle

    A great shot of an incredible Beastie, wonderful detail, especially those folded wings.....makes the viewer realise just how incredible, Nature is.

    • 22 Jul 2017 9:41AM

    Quote:You're really a good "student", Cyril! Successful applying of Leo's technique, very good result! It's good to be influenced by someone who is many steps higher than most of us. But I'll tell you something, I think that Leo will agree: *** Be yourself !!!*** This is the best way to assimilate and make the best use of the effect someone's work is doing on you.

    Thank you Dimitris......I fully understand what you are saying here, but I come from the school of........

    Learning through Doing........ Just as Art students used to copy the work of the Old Masters, or the apprentice copies a master craftsman or woman.....

    This was just an excercise in using a similar camera to Leo, one very different to what I'm used to, and then to see if I could come up to his standard in post processing and presentation, and it worked,

    Also, I think that Leo and I have a similar, lateral-thinking, way of looking at the things around us, we understand and practice the same photographic/creative language, so to speak.

    Now that I have gone through this ,shared, learning process, I will go my own creative way...

    I much appreciate your observations and comments.

    • 22 Jul 2017 8:23AM
  • eka


    That could be one very colourful aircraft banking to port....but, no.....it is Leo's take on a car-wash sign...... proving that he has different view on the world around him to many of us.

    Another good one......keep them coming please. 😊

    • 21 Jul 2017 7:54AM
  • Hello Boys!

    A Classic Street shot.....an amusing, witty, and well seen captured at exactly the right moment.....

    Well done you.

    • 21 Jul 2017 6:15AM

    Thank you everyone......wonderful and useful feedback.

    • 20 Jul 2017 8:39PM
  • Bandit at 11 O'Clock

    What a brilliant capture.....the menace of the skies eh?

    To be honest.....after listening to a broadcast on the possible culling of Gulls in coastal towns, I fee for the Gulls.....because it is we humans, who have invaded their natural habitat and offer a regular supply of ready meals.....who can blame them.

    I have, in my time lost chips or a pasty to St Ive's Gulls......fantastic birds to study, in flight.....master's of the air.

    • 20 Jul 2017 8:19AM
  • close 2 u (#2)

    Love it, Leo.....

    Very different to the ...not speaking....couple of a recent post from you.

    I too like, Nik Efex as a post processing tool, love the pre-sets, but I like to mess with all the alternatives and sliders too.....on layers to get best results.

    My RX 100 MK III arrived yesterday, can't wait to put it through its paces today.


    • 20 Jul 2017 8:14AM
  • surfing nursery

    Another wonderful example of the complete range of tones available if a RAW study is converted into mono and then processed ( I would imagine?) in layers.

    Inspirational, as always Leo.

    • 19 Jul 2017 8:39AM
  • follow me home

    It looks as if they have just hacked their way through Leo.....is it worth getting to the other end though?

    • 18 Jul 2017 8:04AM
  • Street portrait

    A great portrait of a lady who oozes happiness.

    • 17 Jul 2017 7:34AM

    Thank you both, your positive comments much appreciated.

    • 17 Jul 2017 7:31AM

    Thank you Dimitris.....very kind comments indeed.

    Atfter mono conversion, I used one of the.....Film Noir....settings in Nik Silver Efex then adjusted the tone sliders until I was happy.

    • 16 Jul 2017 1:19PM
  • Boy, you gonna carry that weight

    That is quite Surreal Leo.

    I did a double take....at first I thought as saw a woman carrying a child.....then I realised it was a youth carrying his girlfriend, the way the hair-styles have merged makes it special......A good one!

    • 16 Jul 2017 8:59AM
  • Fruit


    Was this your own original idea, or, were you inspired by something similar?

    I recall ....re-jigging a famous ...Man-Ray ...study, in a similar manner..

    If it was your own ....Congratulations....you have a real winner there that deserves wider publication.

    • 14 Jul 2017 8:32AM
  • Tight Turn

    One of the best action shots I've seen for a long time.........The faces say it all.....even those of the horses.


    • 13 Jul 2017 5:56PM
  • Well-Heeled

    I'm sure she'll trip up like that.

    • 13 Jul 2017 9:56AM