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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my Portfolio, as you can see, I like capturing a broad range of subjects .......ENJOY!
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  • Lenticular and Cul Mor

    Looks exactly like a 1930s ...Flash Gordon rocketship to me.....

    Donít know what they look and sound like....try YouTube 😉

    • 3 Oct 2017 3:52PM
  • Abagail- Tara-Lilly

    Love the expression you have caught here J W.

    • 2 Oct 2017 11:50AM

    Noo, Leo....itís a posh wine bar and art gallery....there would have been a taxi 😏

    • 2 Oct 2017 11:48AM
  • bunny dilemma

    They breed like rabbits.....in a variety of textiles.....a fun shot Leo.

    • 1 Oct 2017 8:23AM
  • Bindweed

    You have succeeded where I keep on failing.....almost every time I pass Bindweed Flowers, I take a few shots , but have never produced one that excites the eye..

    • 30 Sep 2017 8:55AM
  • city shadows #2

    A great lead in.....very interesting shadows, with the figure perfectly placed.

    • 30 Sep 2017 5:10AM
  • A early Autumn image

    A beautifully taken study, right in every detail......top marks from me.

    • 27 Sep 2017 7:24AM
  • And another one

    Beautifully seen, processed and presented.....a real WINNER.

    • 27 Sep 2017 7:21AM
  • Wierdo

    The ...pen is ....mightier than the ....sward.

    • 25 Sep 2017 10:50AM
  • The drop

    Honest observation.

    With just the drop it would have been fine....

    But as it is...makes me feel nauseous.

    • 23 Sep 2017 8:20AM
  • Flow

    A truly beautiful combination of the female body and light.

    • 22 Sep 2017 5:14AM
  • a touch of autumn #4


    Pure Gold!

    • 22 Sep 2017 5:11AM
  • Orienne Brown Top Model Portrait

    Just beautiful.....a first class mono portrait.

    • 20 Sep 2017 4:39PM
  • Catching a train

    That could give a train driver a heart attack.

    • 20 Sep 2017 7:29AM
  • The New Hat

    This is very special Daisy......one of my favourites...

    • 20 Sep 2017 5:41AM
  • Matriarch of Pushkar

    Another beautifully perceived character portrait .....inspirational as always.

    • 19 Sep 2017 8:45AM
  • city sculptures #18

    First class again Leo.......

    A wonderful cloudy backdrop too.

    • 19 Sep 2017 7:15AM
  • Cold light of day

    In the end......we have no beginning..

    • 18 Sep 2017 4:57PM
  • Pilgrim in Haridwar

    You must have built up an incredible portfolio/record of characters by now?

    A portrait well worth viewing large by clicking on it.

    They would make a fantastic book,meven if is just a self published one for your own pleasure....do you exhibit your work?

    • 16 Sep 2017 9:22AM
  • can anybody be uncheered with a balloon?

    Your backdrop of leaves with those completely contrasting, shiny balloons make this shot Leo, those stoic faces are the icing on the cake.

    Expert processing as usual.

    • 16 Sep 2017 5:31AM
  • sunset crow

    A beautifully observed scene Leo......the back of my house faces due south, less than 30 M away is a beautiful Acacia Tree.....there are always Crows or Jackdaws sitting in the branches agains a whole variety of skies.

    I was served by a volunteer in a local charity shop yesterday.....She asked me to guess her Nationality, in her a very thick distinctive accent....I guessed wrong at Polish....turns out she is a born Muscovite .... I mentioned your photographs during our long chat' as I gave her my card.

    • 15 Sep 2017 5:25AM
  • the old man and his beanie

    A truly superb portrait that helps reveal the character.

    • 13 Sep 2017 7:25AM
  • city sculptures #17

    Great stuff Leo....once again you have woven your particular magic.

    • 13 Sep 2017 5:15AM
  • Violinist

    I like this one Eddie......the music rising like a mist from a pool of light on his violin strings.

    • 12 Sep 2017 7:14AM
  • Lion.

    An incredible portrait of a magnificent beast..

    • 7 Sep 2017 6:20PM
  • Portrait of a vegetable vendor

    A good strong portrait.......

    ....I like your work Sawsengee.

    • 5 Sep 2017 9:24AM
  • a glimpse of Moscow #6

    Love the green Macdonalds.......intrigued by the spider-web of tram wires....oh.....and the fantastic cloud-scape.....

    Another insight into Moscow life Leo....very interesting and a change from the usual onion domes, of touristy shots.

    • 5 Sep 2017 7:39AM
  • Street portrait

    A magnificent portrait converted then processed in your very own style Eddie.

    Inspirational, as always.

    As you know, I also request portraits from total strangers .... great fun but challenging at times.

    I am also a bit of a portrait Artist who uses his photographs as inspiration....just recently, I have been studying/researching the use of Silverpoint ( silver wire) for drawing portraits.

    Your example here reminds me of a Silverpoint, one done by Leonardo-da-Vinci ....Google Silverpoint portraits, go to images, you will be as intrigued as I was......but I bet you know about those amazing works already?

    • 4 Sep 2017 7:53AM
  • More Pipes


    I did take a good look at this shot Richard.......I like it very much.

    I took a very similar shot at a local car show a couple of years back....I converted then processed mine in mono.

    • 1 Sep 2017 1:04PM
  • Street portrait

    Absolouletly superb Eddie, a cracking portrait in your usual style....

    I was searching for willing Street aportrait subjects this morning but no joy...sadly.

    • 31 Aug 2017 1:33PM