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  • Thanks Cathy and everyone for responses.

    It's a learning curve for me Smile I think I started off trying to be too smart using manual settings, having read a bit since I think I should have used aperture priority .... with one 4 year old being bribed with her xmas chocolate to sit for 5 minutes time went quicker than I thought!

    Thanks again

  • Hopefully the image shows up OK. This is part of an unedited RAW file.

    I think I'm going to embarrass myself Sad here and show I've massively underexposed some of the pictures, I just thought the shadow areas would have been a bit smother.

    Now that I'm getting more time (after about 4th and final retirement from my football) I'm willing to learn/accept any criticism so please don't worry about offering any as I won't be offended as I want to learn how to improve.

    Thanks again,
  • Any help/advice of where I'm going wrong would be appreciated?

    I finally more time to get taking more photos.

    I was trying out using a couple of lights yesterday. The pictures are all a bit underexposed but as it was first time I was reasonably happy.

    Anyway now I'm trying to edit/play around with them a bit i'm having problems in CS3.

    The shadows/black areas all look OK when i view them outside CS3 but when i open them the shadow/black areas turn all redish and blotchy (if this makes sense).

    Any help why this may be happening would be appreciated as I've tried for hours and can't prevent this Sad

  • I had really poor service from A J Johnstone & Co in Glasgow too. Put a D80 in as the centre focus point does just not work. They kept it for a month and I heard nothing.

    When I phoned they said that the focusing needed 're-calibrated' and quoted £120 and said it would take a few more weeks. It was now Xmas so as my brother was working in Glasgow I said he would collect it and I'd put it in for repair again after the festive period.

    When he collected it they then said 'we could not replicate the problem so we cannot see a problem, we've cleaned it all free of charge' .... erm it did not and still does not focus using the centre focus point, it was simple to replicate it! I had it tried with 5 different lens and compared it with another D80 in exactly the same conditions before taking it to A J Johnstone.

    When I was waiting to hand my camera in there was a gentleman picking up a Canon lens arguing with them about the service too.

    I just don't use the centre point now, I just haven't got around to finding a different repair centre.

    Anyway maybe it depends on the model, I got the impression that as it was a D80 they couldn't be bothered with it.
  • Sorry for the late reply.

    Have been busy all week and not much time to play with the camera (Drain blocked and mouse from field at back of house managed to get in)

    I have quickly reset 'option 18'. This has helped, it's still slow focussing though compared to another D80 I have been able to borrow. Hoping tomorrow to check the firmware and clean all connectors etc.

    Anyway Nikon emailed me on Friday and as I've registered with them for a couple years now if I buy a D300s before end of January 2010 they will give me a free SB900! I'm currently trying to convince Santa that some money towards one is a good idea! On ebay it looks like I could get £500 for D80 & SB800 to go towards it!

    Thanks for your help.

  • Quote:Setting custom option 18 in the pencil menu to "AF on" replicates your problem. Make sure this is changed to "AE lock only". If this doesn't clear it, make sure that your firmware is up to date.

    Cheers, I am not home until about 10pm tonight. I will try this and let you know. Thanks
  • Hi thanks for all replies.

    The camera is out of warranty now. Will phone this number this afternoon first but if I can't resolve the problem I have just downloaded a form to send the camera to a place in London (Fixation) which I got off Nikon web site.

    Thanks again.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply. I have reset all settings and went through every AE-L AF-L setting too and am confident that I don't have it a custom setting overriding the main button.

    When I press the button half way all it does is make a slight humming noise but no attempt to focus. When I set the AE-L AF-L to focus and press that, the focus locks straight away!

    I've spent hours on Google looking for a solution. To be honest the man initially said the focus system needed to be recalibrated (at a cost of £150) but that doesn't explain why it focuses perfect using the AF button on the back. After that they said have the camera back as we couldnít replicate the problem Ö. Erm the camera doesnít focus using the shutter release button, it wasnít really that difficult to replicate the problem. (Itís the same on 4 lens I own so assume it would be the same with any lens they tested it with)
  • Hi wondering if anyone can help?

    I have a D80 which struggles badly focusing when the shutter button is pressed half way (both normal shutter and on battery grip)

    I took the camera to a Nikon approved repair shop. They kept it for weeks then when I needed it back simply said "we cannot replicate the problem" ... "have it back" They guy looked totally uninterested dealing with the D80 :-(

    Anyway, last night I was trying loads of different setting to see if it's something I inadvertently changed and have come up with something.

    I selected the AE-L AF-L button on the back to focus. When I press this button to focus the camera works perfect focussing in an instant, compared to doing nothing when I press the release button half way.

    Has anyone heard of this before or if they have a solution?

    The main Nikon repair is 80miles from where I live and don't really want to go back after the last experience. I am trying to find a someplace closer to home (Dundee)