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  • Posted on: Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 5D Mark III Review

    Enjoyable read, thanks for the review. However I should perhaps point out that the weather sealing is not the same for both bodies as you suggested. While Canon state that the same sealing is used on the parts of the 6D that does have sealing, not all the parts of the 6D are sealed. Canon have released cutaway drawings of both bodies to the press which show that in respect of the 6D, there is no sealing under the shutter button and mode dial. There is also only one gasket and a precision fitted part on the rear control dial. The 5D3 on the other hand has gaskets under both the shutter and mode dials and 2 gaskets and a precision fitted part on the rear control dial.

    I do agree that when introduced, the 5D3 was offered at a horrendous price. Had it been priced similarly to the 5D2 at launch, this would have been a lot more reasonable.

    I wonder if a comparative review should rightly be presented since these are two quite different cameras. The 6D is aimed at those upgrading from a APS-C body to FF and as a possible back up unit to a 5D3 owner while the 5D3 is essentially a more versatile camera, shooting faster than the 1Ds3 and employing a AI Servo system that is out of the 1Dx. From a price POV one could perhaps justify a comparative overview but I think it should be noted that this is almost a case of comparing apples and oranges. The 6D is a newer body, hence possessing attributes which the 5D3 or indeed 1Dx do not have. But the other two bodies as stated, are not in a similar category to the 6D. A user of the 5D3 or 1Dx can, though at great cost, add on wifi and GPS capabilities to match the 6D but the 6D will always shoot no faster than 4.5 fps nor provide beyond a solus cross point AF point and not any more than 11 AF points in total or indeed provide an advanced AI servo system. You may also think twice about taking the 6D out in the rain. To many, these are noteworthy attributes and while the 6D does offer a great price saving, it does not offer a user a comparable body to the 5D3 beyond providing a FF sensor and marginal performance on noise levels.

    Just a thought or two and all my 2c as they say.
    • 14 Feb 2013 1:25AM

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