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Activity : Photo Comments


Hope you enjoy viewing my efforts. Any comments or feedback are always welcome and much appreciated!
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  • Canyon Dreams

    Great image and 'a river runs through it'. Super video too. Thank you for sharing SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jul 2020 4:10PM
  • Two Trees

    I like the symmetry here. Well done! A very well crafted image SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jul 2020 4:01PM
  • Silver-Studded Blue

    Very nice! SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jul 2020 3:54PM
  • Coloured Window (Historic Industry 2)

    Great image, Klaus SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jul 2020 3:52PM
  • that's the way to wear it...

    nice one!SmileSmileSmile
    • 25 Jul 2020 5:12PM
  • Masked Riders of the Apocalypse approaching a small town near YOU

    Quote:I thought this was a photography forum.....?
    Yes, indeed it is and a very good and diverse one at that. All I can say to your question is that this post is a photo of an artwork, just like all the other photos of artwork people often post on this site. I have seen many examples which, like other photos which are not of artwork but of other subjects, are created by artists (photographers) to give viewers something interesting or an alternative perspective to think about. Different viewers may have different interpretations of a piece of art. Not quite sure exactly what point you are making here but thank you very much anyway for engaging with me.
    • 24 Jul 2020 12:50PM
  • geranium rover...

    Beautiful luminescence (if I spelled that correctly) ! SmileSmileSmile
    • 24 Jul 2020 10:11AM
  • Kestrel

    That is a lovely photo. Such fine detail. Well done indeed SmileSmileSmileSmile
    My award.
    • 24 Jul 2020 9:10AM
  • Love in a Mist

    Very nice dreamy effect in this shot SmileSmileSmile Well done!
    • 18 Jul 2020 9:04AM
  • The Vajolet Towers

    Many thanks to Jeff, Joline, Klaus, Arnes, Chensunashi, Alan, Richard and Lin for your much appreciated UAs
    • 15 Jul 2020 3:38PM
  • showing the way...

    Lovely image and so well presented SmileSmileSmile
    • 15 Jul 2020 3:33PM
  • The nectar's in here somewhere!

    Wonderful shot Peter, and pin sharp! SmileSmileSmile
    My award! That Olympus lens is a real cracker.
    But of course it has to be in the right hands...
    • 14 Jul 2020 11:05AM
  • 'Green veined white' butterfly

    Great image Peter, with good subject isolation. Very nice indeed SmileSmileSmile
    • 12 Jul 2020 6:53PM
  • Hunting Heron

    Brilliant Heron image with Superb background! SmileSmileSmile
    • 9 Jul 2020 6:40PM
  • Wanted - one frog!

    Cannot have everything Peter. But a nice shot even without the frog...SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jun 2020 9:02PM
  • Prague Castle

    Very impressive night time shot and such a dramatic sky. SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jun 2020 8:58PM
  • Afterglow

    Very nice portrait SmileSmileSmile
    • 27 Jun 2020 6:26PM
  • Attingham Tern.....

    Beautiful image composition and vibrant colour. I can see that the heat wave is a problem but maybe preferable to a second wave SmileSmileSmileWink
    • 27 Jun 2020 5:57AM
  • Cuckoo in Flight

    Rare capture, very good ! SmileSmileSmile
    • 26 Jun 2020 2:30PM
  • Incoming Kestrel

    Brilliantly captured. My award SmileSmileSmile
    • 26 Jun 2020 2:26PM
  • Coming into land Male Common Kestrel

    Fabulous detail. Such a crisp image with everything of the subject in focus and a nice background too. Really top notch work! SmileSmileSmile
    • 21 Jun 2020 4:58PM
  • Cuckoo and Reed Bunting

    Super capture ... really catches the moment SmileSmileSmile
    • 21 Jun 2020 4:52PM
  • Poldark

    Nice moody atmosphere. Great mono image SmileSmileSmile
    • 19 Jun 2020 5:34PM
  • Bathtime

    Lovely image SmileSmileSmile
    • 18 Jun 2020 11:27AM
  • Far from the Madding Crowd (5)

    Very nice, moody mono image. Very Norwegian. SmileSmileSmile I know this coast very well, having sailed the full length of it in my own boat. Had planned to go back to sail there this season but no need to say any more about that....
    • 18 Jun 2020 9:40AM
  • crowds are out *

    Yes, life has to go on at some point so these 'experiments' in when to open up are all useful and the results will shed light on what is the optimum response for the future. SmileSmileSmile
    • 9 Jun 2020 8:36AM
  • Rock Pipit (Anthus petrosus)

    Lovely sharp image SmileSmileSmile
    • 4 Jun 2020 11:19AM
  • Aircrew

    Great mono image, Ron. Very atmospheric SmileSmileSmile My award
    • 4 Jun 2020 11:18AM
  • Proud parents

    Great shot, Peter SmileSmileSmile
    • 29 May 2020 7:23PM
  • Male Kingfisher

    Superb image. Well done. My award SmileSmileSmile
    • 28 May 2020 8:22PM