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  • i think its best not to have carbon copies from site to site, it loses that thing that makes each site individual..
  • yup yup lol
  • good advice..

    i dont peruse that often onto the forums, dyslexia has a tolerance thing going on for reading.. so little and often proves more fruitfull.

    the thread was to see what people though in general. (for the add on vote scheme).
  • its all possabilities...
  • the 'who desides' was sorted..

    the what legue was sorted.. i think..lol

    having the stardard vote would sourt the time issues

    implimented..as a secondry vote system

    and the critique galley doesnt get any votes does it? again i think it doesnt get votes but i'll have to recheck now its mensioned.

    those who want to kill some time could do so on present or past pictures, and/or just do the straight vote thing.

    did i get it all?..please say so if not.
  • unless it was an extra to whats here and working.
  • its to aid learning, and offer a more creative feedback to the peeps who are more skilled, to help them 'tune' to an audience.
  • hi malc.

    it isnt for 'classificasion' as such, it would be 'who voted' with a 'why' or what they thought made it..as in no comment no vote on 'scale'.(so just a 'vote' plain old and hi please vote on mine in return lol..its fac great stuff..like the sun in it....great shot..)

    its for feed back of images and what folks like and why, but bear in mind on the other site/forum/place it's often a diferent kettle of fish.(so brings in 'placement' of photo into a 'type' of market or feild)

    i've seen loads of what an exspert would say 'lacking pics' but they have something to them..a good theme, well placed doff etc that 'make it an image' but, theyre not well photoshopped or the image quolity lacks etc, in a lot of the cases if you looked as a teacher looking for 'promis' you'd give a 5 out of 5, but come time to sell it..welll you'd be in court over it sort of thing.
  • i was thinking that because of the diversaty amoungst the members, ranging from budding new beginners to well long in the tooth more experienced togs that maybe a 'split' voting scheme may be helpfull, particularly for the feedback aspect.

    perhaps a 1-5 rating vote with a quick 'why the vote' box..

    or even two legues, votes on the lesser of of us who dont know yet, and a 1-3 for the wiser amoungst us..

    the reason i was thinking this was because some people just havent had time to devolope their 'art/skill' yet, they have a good photo, or have made good attempts on the pc but have slightly missed shall we say.

    receiving the 'yeh one vote' is just a vote, but if it were to be a 1-3 in the beginners or more profesional, it would indicate a little better whats liked in this particular feild, and pehaps promote a little more feedback in the coments section.

    (sometimes there is just a single word for the comment like 'jeez! or that is brillient', obviously sais something, but if a 1 out of three vote apears it would apear something was good enough and something wasnt for want of words, add in the feedback on a 'why the vote score' and it'd ley us know what was good/bad?).

    any appinions at all?

  • Quote:HuntedDragon posted
    Or you want one that does what you require, but not with a flamboyent price tag.


    looked at this site and could not find reference to price!
    How much is it?


    Ade, is this those? http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/?_nkw=Pixel%20Rook&clk_rvr_id=303431774399
  • or you want one that does what you require, but not with a flamboyent price tag.

  • i see no contcts on those bellows, so a manual apatures required any ways.. or, try f/1.8 wide open ona lens that is wide open when not told by the camera to close the iris.. i make it any thing up to less than a mm in depth....

    any one know of a similar prised bellows with contacts for suto lens? (i.e. todays lens are all auto for canon, bar zuiss etc...).
  • 18-55 and a 55-200 seem to cover all but the 50mm shots. with a touch of 10-22 to play with the bigger picture..
  • after another discusion i'm thinking its a file glitch, in eather ps or transfer...similar to a 'locked image' perhaps?..?

    similat to saving a jpeg that will open on my pc in something like windows veiwer but wont open on aother pc, i've had similar wwhen saving to disc to..ok then wont open at all.

    so pc glitch?...camera? card reader....system error, removed virous/spyware leaving a gap in a program line etc etc etc..hmmm.. delete it lol.
  • ahhh havent tried copying the file.
    its the odd file, maybe 1 in a few batchs odd..
    my files are long since archived...a few hundred gig of so tbh...sod that lol. a freind had a similar a few weeks ago and we wnded up discussing it when it happened again a couple weeks ago..might not still about though..why keep it?

    fully up to date etc..

    cs4 and cs5.. card reader(exspencive scandisk), bridge, RAW then PS to save to net.

    the sliders all move, but whatever you do move craps out the image quolity. e.g. 2 clicks on brightness usualy lightenes/brightens a touch, a full slider load will blow it out completely, open the 'dud' image in bridge to raw, or straight into RAW and a full slider barely lightens up the image at all and the image dies a the death compaired to the file before and after it.(same exsposures or very similar).
  • thats a long search to get the individules out again lol... no tablets required, infact its almost a perminant effect lolol.
  • yes only on certain images, the rest in the batch go ok.

    the rest is no..
  • its happened on CRW and CR2, recently it came to light with a sony alfa RAW too.. straight into adoby raw.(three seperate camera's 2 diferent people).
  • good point Kathy, but checked for that. it's as though the image is 'fixed', it will change but a full slider bar movent does diddly squot. (not blown out or blacked out).

    Keith, could it be a corupt file then?
  • does any one get images that just wont change on the pc? is it a case of thats the 'proper' exsposure or is it a weird camera thing?

    e.g. open up in the raw, move what you want to and very little happens, hardly anything improves it...even if it will change?

  • Quote:Meh the problem is that we view the structure of the universe with a very limited eye - thus its no surprise that if we find laws and common themes within Earths structure that we would also see them at the far larger universal scale. However we have such a tiny view of it all that I think its partly wishful thinking on the scientists side to sound like they know a lot more than they actually do Tongue

    if you pour a jug of marbles into a triangle snooker rack you get a pyramid shape eventualy...if you waz a loud of matter into a confined space like a universe...then maybe there is a 'building block' latice formation, limited or goverened by more than mere 3D concepts of self importance lol.. energies been classed as a solid, a solid as energy and back the other way up n round back and through.. dimentions, think were on 11 definate and 14 sort of proven.. and is our galaxy magnolia in colour or green, i forget now, but it is cloudy out.
    at the end of the day you have a 'matter' sticking to another matter by an energy, its entirely posable theres only so many 'shapes' that it can hold with in those perameters, out side the planet the gallaxy..the universe?... and perhaps even out side of a finite universe.

    so...is that 50mm or 65mm lens?
  • well..i supose the pronunciation depends on weather its finite or infinate, because if its the later it dunt work out right and all them beauties are geometricaly rong, right in the middle of our universe lol.

    (the greek is fee the others just what every oneelse made of it after, but, alas..i have no concrete evidence to sugest any of it, so phi to it lolol).

    i have a theory to the meaning of life, sorry but it doesnt involve and majical destinies for the 'special' people, its as simple as...your born and alive, the meaning of life is to live as long as posable, nothing more nothing less..

    and i thought it 32?
  • hahaha, the rule of thirds is phi, prounsed 'fee' if you take the greek. its looking like a mathamatical number that ties into the structure of the universe. it also ties in to the beauty feature relasionships etc etc..


    one of the google nights...no drugs required lol.
  • are we conforming to a shape, ok the universe shape? why cant we move inbetween these lines, these rules?

    i think we can and we do, so the images are usualy a little off a perfect pentagon....owch goes the church.

    of beauty? it's a trend...so that brakes any strigent 'ruling' alowing a little off center, not to much mind. after all if we all were to afraif to not conform, we'd be stuck in a globe with corners shape, the world would stop dead.

    hmmmm....wos think?

    from a sencer to a pc veiw to a print...whats the phi for that then?

    cafine helps dunt it lol...not.
  • oh phi to it....


    and of beauty?...........oh phi to it.


    life the universe and everything? ..oh phi to it lol......... if its all true then it seems we ALL fit into the latice of the universe, but the proof you may ask? the proof is your here...so photogragh it lol.
  • i've tried the cusrom gragh WB and the grey card methods, and yes i shoot in RAW. just wandered why it does it on this camera in particular and not others, including non canon camera's.
  • generally i'm on the auto whitebalence, its takes about 4 changes to sort the pink, it goes grey if you over do any stage, like a fake painted light grey.
  • hi all, just wandering if pink sky lines on the RAW is narmal? anything white goes pinky, including with a flash or even just lights etc, anything white gets it...
  • in working out ariel Db's the figures progect all sorts of silly hi good signals, say a factor '12' to '25', in reality you get a max of 3Db gain.. this is the maximum acheivable and figures of 2.5 ar hi...(as an exsample figure set).

    is there a similar on the camera image, as in a reality figure...hense the actual pixal noise equivilent.....

    dark current..quisent...black noise etc etc etc, all diferent but the same in the end product, ie. noise.
  • that's pritty much it.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_to_noise_ratio_%28imaging%29

    i was thinking a more simplistic, sort of a 15meg image you'll get about 1 meg of actual pixal loss... same but diferent.