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08/07/2009 - 5:13 PM


Daff!You said that you do not know why the image is blurry. there are two answers first was mentioned you need a tripod to stabilize the camera.
the second reason is you are closer than the cameras minimum focusing distance. no mater what you do if you are too close your camera will not focus correctly. Move the camera away from the subject and zoom in. also Try using your macro setting on your camera if you are not already. other than that you can add macro lenses to your camera if they are made for your model.

hope it helps.

06/07/2009 - 3:37 PM

Pre Wedding shoot

Pre Wedding shootI like this photo but over all it is very dark, looking at the Histogram that I get it is packed up all the way to the left. indicating it is improperly exposed.

I also feel that this picture should be more about the couple and therefore should fill the picture more. i uploaded a mod to show how a different crop can still show the atmosphere of the junkyard while showing off the couple more.

as for posing I do not like the mans right hand placement it looks like it is coming out of nowhere putting it behind his back or showing more of his arm would be better imo.

14/04/2009 - 6:18 PM

Minty rain drop

Minty rain dropThis is a good attempt at getting a rain drop photo, I have yet to try some of my own this spring. I do have a few comments that i would like to make, first it would be nice to know the settings that you used on your camera; like ISO, f/stop, and shutter speed.
you do have a very narrow depth of field, I would like to see more of the back leaves in focus.

it looks like you painted in the black back ground in photoshop after in post processing, is this correct? if you wanted a dark back ground you could try with a sheet or something when taking the photo. or using a flash with a Small aperture or high f/stop number would also create a darker background.

did you handhold this photo? if so I would recommenced a tripod to reduce camera shake which would also allow for smaller apertures and longer shutter speeds associated.

I do think adding the saturation and the contrast works for this photo but do remember to sharpen after resizing the photo for upload.

I might also move the rain drop closer to one of the intersection rather than so far down in the frame.
08/04/2009 - 2:58 PM

Leaves in the Rain

Leaves in the RainThis is a good first attempt. remember to always sharpen photo's before your upload. in the mod I have sharpened, increased saturation and auto contrast; I feel it improves the photo. the composition is good having the focus off centre.
To improve you need to watch your background. it is busy with a lot of extra leaves and twigs. you can fix this by changing your Aperture to a smaller number or smaller f/stop what this will do is cause the depth of field to be shortened and the background will become out of focus. you could also use a dark coloured back drop (like a t-shirt) and this will fix the issue. third choice is to change your angle of view, getting down low and shooting up to an open sky can give you a neutral back ground, but this can cause problems with metering and over exposure.
I did also notice that the leaves are just starting to leave the frame; try and keep the subject in the frame or put it way out to show you were doing it on purpose.
31/03/2009 - 6:49 PM

Half the story

Half the storyI like the Photo but it could still be improved. first i thin think that you should remove the light behind his right ear as I have done in my upload. you could remove some of the sweater also in the bottom left (his right). it could also stay.

i also feel that his cheek and forehead is blowout or over exposed. Because you used raw you might be able to get some of that back.
if it was done on purpose then it is good.

it also looks good in B&W
23/02/2009 - 4:08 PM

long way home

long way homeThis is an interesting Photo with some good points, I like the leading lines in the photo. unfortunately they run into an area that is mostly black this both adds to the photo by asking where dose this path go and being to dark takes away from the photo. Over all the photo looks to be under exposed, and the white box in the top right, that looks like a sign, is overexposed. The white light attached to the column also distracts from the photo and could be cloned out. I am also not a fan of putting text into the photo, it is a good title but not needed to be in the photo. Overall i like this very interesting photo.
13/02/2009 - 7:51 PM


Robinthis is a nice shot, try and move the subject out of the centre of the frame to follow the rule of 3rds. I do like the diagonal with the branch. Do watch your focus point it looks to be along the branch in front of the bird making the actual bird soft. Good job getting the BG out of focus to draw in our attention.
13/02/2009 - 4:58 PM

It Seemed Simple At The Time

It Seemed Simple At The TimeI think that the power of the flash was set to high. most of the highlights are OE and the flash on the right removes to much of the detail from the edge of the mug. it also looks like you used the erase tool in post processing to remove all detail form the background this can be seen between the mugs. These mugs have some good potential to be an interesting shot, keep experimenting with your studio setup. You could also try adding interest to the picture by having the mugs in the environment they are intended for. I picture them sitting on the bar full with beer.