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The graceful storm

By Kaxxie
I was fortunate to be in Morecambe when Storm Ciara coincided with high tide in Morecambe Bay. My aims in taking these photos were
a). remain standing
b). prevent my phone from being blown away.
Both of those were a struggle. The wind was very strong, it was perishingly cold & the sea spray was wet! I ended up soaked through & so cold I couldnít feel my hands. My phone was so wet I thought it v had drowned. It was such fun.
The photo is in colour & I have tried rotating & cropping it so I hope itís straight. 🤞🏻
Thank you all for looking & for your guidance.

Tags: Sea Storm Landscape and travel

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banehawi Plus
18 2.9k 4336 Canada
23 Dec 2020 4:02PM
It is straight!

Welcome to the critique gallery.

I wonder if you zoomed into this to get closer than you would have with the standard wide view on the camera? I as because the ISO vales of 25 is low, but yet I can see what are called jpeg artifacts that suggest enlargement?

Either way, a well timed moment.

It can be tweaked to some extent to make the darker areas like those buildings, closer to black, giving it a more solid feel and keeping the misty spray. Ive used the posts as a reference for black

I would crop that left edge off to get rid of an intrusion, and perhaps take a bit off the bottom.

It is indeed a colour image, without any colour. Increasing colour is not a good idea as it wont look good, so leave it as is.

I have uploaded the modification, hope is gives an idea of what Ive described.


dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 836 England
23 Dec 2020 4:10PM
Welcome to epz and to the Critique Gallery Karen.
I see you've recently joined and this is your first image put up for critique.

Thank you for giving us some background in your description, it helps us to help you.

Your rotating and cropping have worked well.
This may be in 'colour' though while it looks devoid of any as such it looks dramatic in mono.
But talking of colour, this is tagged with a strange colour profile. It should have an sRGB profile for upload here (and anywhere on the web) on order to display properly.

I changed the profile in my mod as well as do the following:
Cropped the small distraction bottom left.
Made a Levels adjustment to give some pure black tones and remedy the washed out look.
Lifted the shadow areas that got darker after the Levels adjustment.
Brightened the lighter areas uing a Curves adjustment to give some punch that the drama needed.
Used the Burn tool to bring out the textuire in the sky.
Made a Curves adjustment to heighten that texture in the sky which I guess was there to be seen with the naked eye.
IamDora 2 6 Canada
23 Dec 2020 4:17PM
This has the making of a real winner. You have the POV and excellent wave action. I like the way that fence curves around and is interrupted by the wave. The 'intrusion" that round, black thing in the lower left hand corner could be taken care of with a crop off the bottom or you could clone it out or a combination of the two.

23 Dec 2020 4:37PM
Hi Willie
Thank you for your critique. Iím so glad itís straight... for once!
Youíve lost me in the first paragraph. Iím new to this. I was thinking this morning, which is difficult at the best of times, that the last time I had an SLR camera was 40yrs ago. Needless to say it wasnít digital or autofocus. Thatís why Iím reluctant to use the Nikon D5600 I recently bought & why Iím still on my iPhone. Itís why I donít understand the jargon too. I will learn though.

Why didnít I notice the intrusion on the bottom left of the image. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The darkening of the background & further cropping looks much better.

Thank you

Regards Karen
23 Dec 2020 4:42PM
Hi Dark Lord

Your improvements really enhanced my image. Iíd have been worried about darkening the background thinking it would make the wave darker too but it didnít. The wave still looks almost illuminated.
Which software did you use? Would it be compatible with a Nikon D5600? My New Year Resolution is to prise myself away from my iPhone & to use my camera.
Thanks again

23 Dec 2020 4:45PM
Hi Dora
I was so busy admiring the wave I didnít notice that intrusion in the bottom left of the image. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks for your comments.
dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1974 England
23 Dec 2020 5:09PM
Welcome from me, too, Karen.

This is good from a mobile, for certain. How are you editing - what software or app?

There's a compelling reason not to use the Nikon in such conditions - it's probably less weatherproof than a recent iPhone (though much more ergonomic, and also capable of far higher quality!)

I'll be honest - I'd feel much happier shooting this through a cracked-open car window... Those sort of waves are incredibly powerful, and are very capable of sweeping a photographer away.

Willie is suggesting that the settings suggest that you magnified the scene and cut off the edges, either in shooting, or editing. He's also referring to the sensitivity that the 'phone chose - 25 ISO equates to very slow film. One of the frustrations of using a mobile for serious pictures is the difficulty of controlling things in the way that your last SLR actually required - aperture, focus, shutter speed.

On technicalities in general, if there's an issue, post here in the Critique Gallery, and we'll all aim to give you useful data...
23 Dec 2020 5:54PM
Hi Dudler

Thanks for replying. I actually took my Nikon with me as it was going to be my first session using it. I took one look at the sea spray & decided my camera was staying in the boot of my car!

Thank you for saying itís good for a mobile. That means a lot. I havenít used an app or any software for editing on any of my photos. All Iíve done is cropped them. You wouldnít believe how many bins there are on Morecambe prom! Sadly I canít crop out the sea wall which is on a lot of my photos. After the comments from the critique team Iíve fiddled about with the contrast, brilliance etc in the edit mode of my iPhone. Iíll post one of those tomorrow & hope Iíve improved. Iíve no idea if I can change the aperture or shutter speed. I hate to admit that I point & click! Sorry!

Thatís a good eye of Willieís. I probably did use the zoom facility while taking the shots & I have cropped them.

Thatís very wimpish of you to photograph from your car!!! I was standing on grass separated from the prom by the sea wall. The wind made me totter about & the spray was like having a bucket of water poured over you but the worst that could have happened was I ended up flat on my face or on my back on the grass. I would have laughed!

Iím excited for critiques for tomorrowís long as they arenít Ďgive up & take up knitting.í 😉


dudler Plus
19 2.0k 1974 England
23 Dec 2020 8:30PM
All great, Karen.

I hadn't realised there was a sea wall protecting you...

There's a lovely app called Snapseed that allows a good deal of editing. Free, reliable. And on the monster screen of an 8 Plus, you should be able to achieve a good degree of finesse.

I wrote an article for this site last year - it may have one or two ideas that may be useful. You can read it HERE.

By the way, I think I'm speaking for all of the Critique Team, and most casual contributors when I say we really appreciate a conversation. It tells us that we're not typing into the void - and it also gets into deeper and more interesting discussions! Thank you!
23 Dec 2020 8:53PM
Hi Dudler

Ooh thanks for the recommendation of Snapseed. Iíll download it & read your article. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻I donít turn my hair totally grey trying to figure it out.

The sea wall was a godsend. I wouldnít have ventured too close to those waves.... coward that I am.

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate the conversations too.


dark_lord Plus
18 3.0k 836 England
23 Dec 2020 9:45PM
Karen, I use Affinity Photo to edit images as do quite a few people here, but you could consider Photoshop Elements and Corel Paintshop Pro. There are offerings from DxO and OnOne but I've no experience of those.

The adjustments I made fall under the standard basic tweaks that are often applied though not necessarily all of them are needed on every image. The sky adjustment uised a feathered selection which is a bit more advanced.

Have a go with Snapspeed as John suggests to get a feel for processing. Image processing is a learning curve but is a necessary part of photography to get the best out of an image, even if it's just a crop.
Oh, and always work on a copy rather than the original as you will then always have that to go back to if you make a mees and also to return to when your processing skills improve.
23 Dec 2020 10:07PM
Hi Dark Lord

Thanks for your advice. Iíve downloaded Snapseed & the article John wrote. Iíll work on those over Christmas.

Thatís great advice to work on a copy rather than the original. Iíll certainly do that.

Thanks again for your help.
Karuma1970 10 1 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2020 9:50AM
If you get swept away Karen can we have your Wisley season ticket? Happy Christmas.
chase Plus
17 2.5k 669 England
24 Dec 2020 11:41AM
Hi Karen and welcome to the Critique Gallery.
You did well with this under the circumstances you have describes, well timed to get that huge wave splat ! I think you were wise not to use your DSLR.
It is straight but that LHS needs a little attention as has been mentioned.

I did a mod...
Cropped from the left and slightly from the bottom.
Converted to B&W with an increase in contrasts and give better blacks.
Converted the colour profile to sRGB
Attempted to remove some of the noise and artefacts using Photoshop filters.

Snapseed is quite good for phone stuff, reading Johns article and playing around with it will take you forward with your post processing.
24 Dec 2020 1:02PM
Youíve really made me laugh Mike. This is about as different as it gets from my Wisley photos! Time to swap your Kew membership back to Wisley??? 😉
Have a lovely Christmas

Karen x
24 Dec 2020 1:09PM
Hi Chase
Thanks for you feedback. Itís amazing the difference you guys have made with your alterations. I was really proud of the picture before I saw how it could be improved.

Iíve downloaded Snapseed & will have a play with it over the next few days. Iíve used some of the tools in the edit function of my phone & think Iíve improved one of my Storm Ciara images.

Thanks again for your support

IamDora 2 6 Canada
24 Dec 2020 3:41PM
Explanation in your next post comments

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