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Welcome to my portfolio. I have an interest in a wide range of subjects and I hope you like what you see.

Thanks, Ian.
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A quick view of ian.daisley's recent activity.

  • Bonsall Barn

    Nice comp!
    The roof fell in last winter Martin. Smile
    Cheers, Ian.
    • 4 Nov 2010 8:35AM
  • Doer Upper!

    Ha ha - I live about 500 yards away Martin. Thought I recognised it from the thumbnail... Smile

    Cheers, Ian.
    • 31 Oct 2010 12:23AM
  • Scarborough huts

    It's the reflections that really make this image for me.

    Cheers, Ian.
    • 17 Oct 2010 9:42PM
  • Fire Breather

    Best POTW for ages..... Smile
    • 27 Sep 2010 9:48PM
  • Chorthippus brunneus

    Marvellous stuff!
    • 30 Jul 2010 6:24PM
  • Shooting the Breeze

    Really caught my eye Martin. Great image.

    Cheers, Ian.
    • 29 May 2010 7:53PM
  • No Trespassing

    Excellent. Very creative.

    Cheers, Ian.
    • 29 May 2010 7:51PM
  • Hi Craig,

    I've not come across your portfolio on epz until just now, after you clicked on one of my shots - funny how you miss some of the good things on this site. You have some lovely images and I also really like your web-site. Your on my favs now so at least I'll be able to keep up with your postings.

    All the best, Ian.
  • Paul - just had a look through your portfolio and web site. First class and very creative work. You must be well sought after.

    Regards, Ian.