Welcome to my portfolio. I hope you enjoy, and I always appreciate comments and critiques - and hope they'll help me improve!

I'm still learning, and probably always will be Smile
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A quick view of ian_w's recent activity.

  • Becky 1

    Nice portrait of an attractive model. Enjoyed the one posted previously of her. Will be nice to see more of her on your portfolilo.
    • 9 Jan 2017 8:16PM
  • Shadow of a Pussy!!!!

    Why is this in nude/glamour????
    • 4 Oct 2014 8:25PM
  • Feel the chill!

    chapel hat pegs Wink

    yes, I read as well as looked Smile nice picture and I think you got the effect that you wanted. Although I'm no expert at photographing models, but I like photos that catch my eye.
    • 17 Dec 2013 9:44PM
  • So Beautiful

    Many thanks Jill and Jody.
    • 5 Mar 2011 9:17AM
  • Fish - Sketch Effect

    Thanks Helen Smile
    • 9 Feb 2011 6:54PM
  • The Caldecotte Arms

    Like this, the colour blue in this is nice, calming.
    • 8 Feb 2011 1:00PM
  • Lilly

    Lovely colour
    • 8 Feb 2011 11:48AM

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