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Activity : Photo Comments

Ian White

Hello and thanks for popping over to have a look at my pictures,i am a keen photograper who will have a go at all sort's of subjects but my ture love is Steam railways

Thanks again please feel free to comment on my pictures,Ian
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  • Sami B@W

    To be honest i was just doing something off the wall,i've allways liked b@w and decided to give it ago

    Thanks for the replys so far,Ian
    • 16 Jul 2012 8:41PM
  • Hello Boys

    Thank you very much chaps , thanks for the replys am i getting any better ?

    Thanks , IanGrin
    • 13 Jun 2012 2:51PM
  • Sami

    Sorry all i thought i had
    • 11 Jun 2012 6:55PM
  • The Chair

    Thank you all very much i have posted a couple more one yesterday and one today,please take a look.

    • 9 Jan 2012 6:10PM
  • Severn Valley Railway

    Very nice
    • 27 Nov 2011 7:39PM
  • Ode to the Railroad

    I find with HDR you love it or hate it,I like this one it has Nice colors and perspective

    All the best,Ian
    • 5 Sep 2009 11:31AM
  • Stop, Whistle, Walk

    Good to see you back,Very nice photo could you please tell me were it was taken ?,Thanks

    • 24 May 2009 7:14PM
  • Off Home

    Not put any thing up for a while,what do you think all coments welcomed good and bad.

    All the best,Ian
    • 16 Oct 2008 12:46PM
  • And Again

    Very good i like the look on the models face.
    All the best,Ian
    • 12 Jan 2007 10:44PM
  • golden train

    very nice image,perfect lighting.
    • 25 Nov 2006 12:19PM
  • If the cap fits

    Always good to see something different
    I like it a lot good work.
    • 25 Nov 2006 12:18PM
  • Dad look at this

    I did't notice him,if i had i would have waited for him to move,but he doe's add something to the shot.
    All the best,Ian
    • 29 Apr 2006 4:11AM
  • Waiting for the goods

    I was thinking not black and white but Sepia maybe,TThanks for the comment'sIan.
    • 26 Apr 2006 11:04AM
  • model

    Quote:Do not allow others to cloud your erotic mind of creative flow. With time it shall become better, I am still a child in the world of photography, they the "others" do not appreciate nor do they understand what I produce. I am fine with that, I have allowed my mind and creative process to be free. Put up a good fight man, never give up.


    Here,Here never give up without a fight man,you hav a nice model,no a very nice model and the kit.
    You have to keep going to improve,and learn from you're mistakes.

    All the best,Ian
    • 14 Jan 2008 6:11PM
  • letter box

    Dont think i like the crop,but it's a caracking picture.
    All the best,Ian
    • 5 Nov 2007 6:56PM
  • Great Westerns

    Very good great composition,well spoted.
    All the best,Ian.
    • 8 Mar 2007 8:45PM
  • Man & Machine

    Matt i get down to the Bluebell a bit dont be shy just ask they are relly nice down there
    • 25 Oct 2006 5:43PM
  • Southwold Sunrise

    WOW!!!!,I love it very well done
    All the best,Ian.
    • 20 May 2006 6:38AM
  • On Shed

    Very nice.
    • 3 May 2006 4:25AM
  • Steaming away

    Thank you very much for the comment's got some more shot's but the light was very bad i'll sort out some of the better one's to post in the week.
    All the best and happy new year,Ian.
    • 31 Dec 2005 12:51PM
  • xmas present !

    Thank you very much Santa!!!!
    Very nice shot.
    All the best Ian.
    • 22 Dec 2005 5:07AM
  • Lili

    Great shot disagree about the shoes i think it look's fine,agree with every thing else said about it.
    All the best Ian.
    • 21 Dec 2005 8:09AM
  • Taylor

    Look like a woman to me!!!
    a nice smple shot well done.
    • 11 Dec 2005 5:14AM
  • Free Sprit Colour

    Very nice,i think it's spot on as it is.
    All the best Ian
    • 26 Oct 2005 12:09PM
  • snapshot

    Yes it work's very well i like it a lot.
    All the best Ian.
    • 8 Oct 2005 11:00AM
  • More from the Great Central.

    Hi Leo
    Thanks for the coments,but i have only got software by the name of photo explosion,that i have only just got so i am finding my way around it now,so if i ever find out how to do what you say i'll give it go
    All the best Ian.
    • 2 Oct 2005 6:14AM
  • Culture Of Violence.

    I dont like it at all wish him well please.
    • 29 Sep 2005 10:58AM
  • Pretty in glasses too

    Very nice,lovely looking girl.
    • 23 Aug 2005 11:32AM
  • the view for my new house

    You are very luck to have that veiw i think that i would have trouble walking past that veiw every day,because i would have to stop and look at it just once more.
    All the best Ian
    • 3 Aug 2005 2:51AM
  • Try again

    I Don't know i am doing my best here
    No only joking thanks for the comment
    All the best Ian.
    • 22 Jul 2005 6:39AM