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A quick view of IanA's recent activity.

  • High Velocity

    It's a stuffed one on a string and you've done a marvellous job cloning the string out!! Wink
    • 15 Apr 2009 10:47AM
  • Crete Grifs 3

    Selinari?? Wink
    • 28 Feb 2009 10:43AM
  • Crete Grifs 4

    Nice set! Smile
    Their heads, with all that fluff, even on the adults, never looks sharp but you've done a great job. Smile

    Ian x x
    • 28 Feb 2009 10:40AM
  • Crete Griffs 1

    That's terrible! (The joke, not the image!! Wink )

    It's difficult to tell at the size posted here. I've uploaded shots in the past where the whites haven't been blown (Kestrels against a chalk cliff) and been berated for blown whites. I believe the ePz upload process compresses the image a tad more and takes any fine detail out of the background/smilar areas. If the full res image has detail, I wouldn't worry about it. Smile

    Ian x
    • 26 Feb 2009 8:25AM
  • Heron

    Can you get out there and clear the reeds a bit please??

    Wink Wink

    • 22 Feb 2009 1:55PM
  • Macro 4

    A worthy entry.
    I wonder if you have any space around the subject? The dynamics of it could be changed if you have. Mod to explain!

    Mind you, all academic now Wink

    Ian x
    • 22 Feb 2009 7:54AM
  • Macro 3

    Nice definition, and you've got the thing square to the sensor which helps get the whole insect sharp, however I feel that it is a little tight in the frame at the rear end! Wink

    Ian x x
    • 19 Feb 2009 8:42AM
  • Thanks for all your help and support through 2005 Mike. The very best to you and Linda for 2006.
    (I'm not going to say how much I admire your photography, even if you are the most modest Guy I know!)

  • Some nice work Dan, keep it up!

    • Posted on danpen's profile
    • 6 Dec 2005 3:44AM
  • Thanks for all your help and support throughout 2005 Terry. The very best of wishes to you, Sharon and Fizz for 2006.

    • Posted on Terry L's profile
    • 31 Dec 2005 9:38AM
  • An excellent selection Paul!
  • Cracking portfolio Kathy!

    • Posted on KathyW's profile
    • 9 Feb 2006 5:03AM
  • This is turning into a stunning portfolio Tony. keep up the good work.

    (but not too good or I'll have to kneecap you!!!) Wink)

    • Posted on nikonf4s's profile
    • 22 Aug 2006 10:32AM
  • Hi Mavis,
    You have such a nice portfolio that simply oozes your obvious love of your lovely flowers and includes a great variety of the others things that catch your attention.
    Sorry I don't always have the time to comment.

    Take care

    Ian x x
    • Posted on Mavis's profile
    • 18 Dec 2005 8:55AM