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  • High Velocity

    It's a stuffed one on a string and you've done a marvellous job cloning the string out!! Wink
    • 15 Apr 2009 10:47AM
  • Crete Grifs 3

    Selinari?? Wink
    • 28 Feb 2009 10:43AM
  • Crete Grifs 4

    Nice set! Smile
    Their heads, with all that fluff, even on the adults, never looks sharp but you've done a great job. Smile

    Ian x x
    • 28 Feb 2009 10:40AM
  • Crete Griffs 1

    That's terrible! (The joke, not the image!! Wink )

    It's difficult to tell at the size posted here. I've uploaded shots in the past where the whites haven't been blown (Kestrels against a chalk cliff) and been berated for blown whites. I believe the ePz upload process compresses the image a tad more and takes any fine detail out of the background/smilar areas. If the full res image has detail, I wouldn't worry about it. Smile

    Ian x
    • 26 Feb 2009 8:25AM
  • Heron

    Can you get out there and clear the reeds a bit please??

    Wink Wink

    • 22 Feb 2009 1:55PM
  • Macro 4

    A worthy entry.
    I wonder if you have any space around the subject? The dynamics of it could be changed if you have. Mod to explain!

    Mind you, all academic now Wink

    Ian x
    • 22 Feb 2009 7:54AM
  • Macro 3

    Nice definition, and you've got the thing square to the sensor which helps get the whole insect sharp, however I feel that it is a little tight in the frame at the rear end! Wink

    Ian x x
    • 19 Feb 2009 8:42AM
  • Meles meles.........

    Badly done, but you get the idea.
    Toned down the highlights in the grass as they were distracting, and a little selective sharpening on the front head which lacks slightly in the original.
    Done at home on an uncalibrated monitor 'cause I've been in hospital for the last three days!

    Oh ye, an I've got shot of that silly frame! Tongue
    • 19 Feb 2009 8:37AM
  • In Flight

    Well done! Smile

    • 10 Feb 2009 9:32PM
  • Gotcha!

    Quote:How on earth did you manage such precise timing?

    Precise timing! LOL 4 months of pressing the shutter!! Wink

    Thanks for the kind comments folks.

    Ian Smile
    • 10 Feb 2009 12:31PM
  • Otter @ lunch

    At least you managed to see it! Wink
    Good to see you and Sue again.

    • 9 Feb 2009 4:09PM
  • Wildwood Fox

    It's a cracking image. Glad you enjoyed! Smile

    • 9 Feb 2009 4:08PM
  • Arctic Fox

    Bet he's been enjoying the weather since!! Wink

    Ian Smile
    • 9 Feb 2009 4:07PM
  • Stork

    Nice one.

    Ian Smile
    • 9 Feb 2009 4:06PM
  • ... fox ...

    Now that's a cracker Sue, especially with a bent lens!! Wink

    Great to see you both again. Smile

    • 3 Feb 2009 11:59AM
  • Waiting for Lunch

    Nicely done Steve. Smile

    • 3 Feb 2009 11:57AM
  • Stork or Butter?

    And a worthy entry too.

    Good to meet you Darren,

    Ian Smile
    • 1 Feb 2009 8:51AM
  • Storks up!

    White Stork! Wink

    Nice to meet you Alex.

    Ian Smile
    • 1 Feb 2009 8:48AM
  • Red Fox

    Thanks folks. Smile

    • 19 Jan 2009 4:18PM
  • 'Ruin'

    Yeah, welcome.

    600 pixel longest side. Wink

    • 5 Jan 2009 5:04PM
  • R. jacobeae caterpillar

    That's your RC. Wink
    Now go HERE and click 'Attend Meeting'. Smile

    Ian x x
    • 3 Jan 2009 11:07AM
  • Little House On The Praire

    You have mentioned in your forum post that the highlights keep flashing. Nikon's are very sensitive to this, so please turn it off and use the histogram instead, especially if you are going to start shooting RAW (NEF). You can feather the leap to raw by shooting NEF+Jpg fine for a while, giving you both options.

    Check the histogram and adjust the exposure with +/- ev or shoot a bracket burst. (Using the +/- ev button on the back of the camera and turning the control wheel a click or two either way will soon become second nature and you don't need to take your eye from the camera while doing it.)
    Also, try changing the metering from average to spot or centre weighted (can't remember how the D80 does this) and see the differences. (The spot will meter from the focus point)

    This way you will find a method of exposing (your landscapes Wink) that suits you and you are happy with. Don't be afraid to experiment with the settings, but turn off or ignore the warnings! Smile


    Ian Smile
    • 31 Dec 2008 12:19PM
  • caterpillar

    The camera and lens info helps but doesn't tell us why the image is soft. As you have stripped out the exif information ( a side effect of 'save for web'), there is no way we can tell what aperture, shutterspeed or ISO sensitivity has been used.

    And, by using the 'Macro' setting these will have been chosen by the camera rather than you deciding them.
    Levels, curves and sharpening can all be improved on this image. Enable 'Modifications' so that a comparison can be uploaded.

    • 30 Dec 2008 9:49AM
  • dragon fly

    Hi Jason,
    You've asked in the forum for critique of your photographs, and I've taken a look around your portfolio at a few.
    One thing that strikes me is the lack of information you provide about them, making constructive critique rather difficult. Basic camera and lens info boxes are there for you to use and would help with any commentor being able to identify problems.
    The majority of your images look soft to me, but without knowing your gear I cannot say why. A number look as though they are severe crops, but you don't say.

    Take this shot for example and then compare it to this one picked at random from the galleries. Look at the amount of detail in the body and wings and you will answer your own question.

    • 29 Dec 2008 7:12AM
  • Waxwing

    Cheers for the kind comments folks, they are much appreciated.

    Ian Smile
    • 28 Dec 2008 10:12PM
  • Street art. 1

    I like the subject and angle/composition very much. The DOF is spot on, but I feel the background distracts a little, reducing the impact of the image.
    It's the OOF black blotches of the windows that are doing it!

    I don't know if the shot was set up or candid (the lighting is spot on, so tempted to think it was set up) but with the B/W treatment the background could be less contrasty bringing out the subject a little more.
    Cracking effort though.

    • 26 Dec 2008 9:46AM
  • ...for Joy?

    Many thanks Andy, The same to you and yours.

    ian Smile
    • 21 Dec 2008 8:25PM
  • snowyday

    Welcome to ePHOTOzine.

    I like the idea you've tried to convey with the main subject blurred through the cold while the background remains sharp. However, its a little difficult to be more precise with any critique with such a small image.
    Have a look HERE for tips on getting the size right.

    • 21 Dec 2008 7:01PM
  • Happy Xmas

    You could'a cropped it up to remove the little intrusive shadow!

    Have a good 'un mate.

    • 21 Dec 2008 5:33PM
  • Birds 3, Tits

    You must have too much time on your hands!! Wink Wink

    Superb use of multiple images that may normally sit on a hard-drive unloved. Your excellent imagination has scored another cracker here! As mentioned, the inclusion of the Robin lifts the image above the normal standard, but the fact the 'Tits' are all looking toward it puts it, IMHO, in the realms of brilliant.

    Ian x x
    • 21 Dec 2008 5:26PM