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  • That time of year again!

    In a constantly changing world, when I look back as long as twelve months I find that I'm not doing much the same as I was a year ago. And, if I'd tried to predict what I would be doing now, I would have been wildly off the mark. And I guess if I try...

    25 Dec 2008 11:26PM | Read


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  • EC??

    Easy Cruise that is! Day 3 and I'm having a day off from the women! Four of them can be a bit much... They're lovely really ;) No sleep for the first two days (literally none!) means that I'm just catching up on myself in honesty. Things like the C...

    4 Nov 2008 10:39AM | Read


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  • Selling Prints

    I've never seriously thought about selling prints before, but a couple of incidents recently have got me thinking! We've always shown a few prints at the various wildlife events that we've attended, and yes, I've sold the odd one or two, purely A3 m...

    15 Oct 2008 1:39PM | Read


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  • Stodmarsh anyone?

    KWT's 50th anniversary year is drawing to a close, and you'd have thought I'd had enough of standing in a field talking cameras and photography, but no, there is still one more day of it, this Saturday coming at Stodmarsh, this time for Natural Engla...

    6 Oct 2008 10:22AM | Read


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  • This is your Wildlife, Last One!

    Can't make it to Photokina? This weekend coming, Tony and I will be doing the last of the Kent Wildlife Trust's "This is your Wildlife" events celebrating their 50th anniversary, this time at Oare Marshes near Faversham on the North Kent Coast. We'...

    22 Sep 2008 10:13AM | Read


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  • Lens variety.

    Over the last couple of weeks I've been struggling to get to grips with the new 45mm PC-E lens from Nikon (Review appearing soon) as it is a very specialised lens, and specialised in an area that I don't normally take images. It's been an interest...

    19 Sep 2008 8:36AM | Read


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  • FF Avalanche, Pt II

    Well, Canon have done it again! Stuffed more pixels into a camera without improving much else! OK, they've added a movie function, but the Jury is still out on that, but no improvement in AF, less than 4fps, liveview, and the top side of two grand ...

    17 Sep 2008 9:25AM | Read


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  • Full frame avalanche!

    It's starting to snow FF cameras all of a sudden! And at 24.6mp, the latest one from Sony is, IMHO, just too much! I've already got over 1tb of hard disk space attached to this box of tricks and it's filling fast with just 12mp cameras! :( Where wi...

    9 Sep 2008 9:21PM | Read


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  • D700, part two!

    Well I've had one for a little over a week now. Did I say I didn't want one? Well, this one belongs to Nikon and they're going to want it back soon. :( My comments about the crop factor are still, IMHO, valid for my kind of photography, but the fac...

    1 Sep 2008 11:45PM | Read


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  • Nikon D700

    A couple of years ago AP published a 'discussion' between myself and Damen DeMoulder who was then the Tech Editor. His side was taken by full frame, whilst I was defending the cropped sensor. Now yesterday I met him again (He's now the Editor of ...

    1 Jul 2008 11:11PM | Read


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  • This is your Wildlife

    Phew, what a weekend! Only now getting time to catch my breath... 700 visitors to the Pegwell country Park for the KWT 50th anniversary event and it seemed like most of them stopped to ask questions about digital wildlife photography! The great thi...

    24 Jun 2008 7:27PM | Read


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