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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 by MalcolmM

Beautiful capture

Begging Lady In Paris

Begging Lady In Paris by Disee

Good shot, I would like to see the face too.
Begging is often a profitable occupation in tourist areas. I would suggest rather than giving to people on the streets you give to the likes of the Salvation Army. They are a good example > they help the down and outs, the homeless and have low operating expenses.


Happy Days

Happy Days by paulbroad

A Good one

Natural light.

Natural light. by arahaman17

Nice portrait.
The sepia look is something some will like others less so. The overall feel to the image is vintage.
You have put the background nicely out of focus. I like the positioning of the woman in the frame. Some people may suggest cropping. This is a personal choice. I find the area to right adds to the atmsopherel of the image.
The photo may have required some additional sharpening when resizing for this site.
As Paul says she is not really sharp. Lack of sharpness can be desirable in a female portrait. You should look at your technique and ask your self why it is not sharp. Was it focus error or camera movement or lack of sharpening in processing.
I would have thought 1/320th sec was high enough to discount it being down to camera movement.


St Michael & All Angels(For discussion)

St Michael & All Angels(For discussion) by xwang

Interesting photo and discussion.
I would be surprised looking at the subject that the camera's dynamic range coupled with Adobe camera raw processing would not have resulted in a good image.
In ACR use the highlight and shadows sliders to draw out the shadow detail and tone down the sky.
This would probably be the case even if the image is under exposed as seems the case with this image. Although the under exposure is probably the camera mis guided attempte to expose the sky correctly.
HDR seems to have resulted in a poorly exposed photo.
The correct exposure would (looking at the scene and applying the sunny 16 rule) be roughy f16, 1/200th sec at 200 ISO so the f9, 1/1000th ISO 250 exposure is roughy one stop under. The other exposure about one stop over.
You might expect the HDR image to be ok.
Something has gone wrong with Canon's in camera HDR doing the job. As Willie says, using spot metering may be why.
Manufacturers try to include every gimmicky feature to a camera's spec to to sell them.
I would like to bet that most serious photographers with a 5D Mark 111 have not even tried the HDR feature.

Kimmeridge Bay 4

Kimmeridge Bay 4 by Otinkyad

I tend to agree with Paul. The foreground makes the image complicated, too many elements. Also the rocks are not really very interesting.
I done a mod where I've cropped to just leave the original middle ground to lead the eye to the main element, the sky and low sun across the water. The far cliffs also serve to lead the eye.


Red Oktober 2015

Red Oktober 2015 by pentaxpete

Interesting subject. Quality is a little lacking. Makes me wonder how the Soviets managed with their technology during the cold war. Maybe they kept the best for them selves?
I had and still have a few Russian cameras, none were that good.


Busker- print Scan as requested

Busker- print Scan as requested by pentaxpete

Good result with good contrast. Nice bright image.
As regards the subject I do wonder if there might be more of an ironic message without the busker. Two older folk maybe needing a new look?
Composition looks well balanced.
Interesting image


Sunset over Antalya beach

Sunset over Antalya beach by JerryLovell

Works well and I personally like this photo.
Difficult to suggest improvements or critique as the result falls on the artistic rather than technical side of photography.
You used the camera settings to get a good result.



Bravery! by paulbroad

Interesting shot raising questions about use of gear.
I personally get my tripod wet like that if i need to do so to get the picture. I wash the legs in fresh water later.
I also have lost a SLR camera in the sea and got a few wet over the years.
My view is gear is meant to be used.



Boomer by TXS

Good capture, interesting action image.
Looking at the grass and posts I think your focusing was about OK.
The photo is maybe a crop from larger and has lost sharpness somewhere.?
Photo shows as being a little under exposed in levels.
It you had looked at the histogram in camera you would have noticed that the graph did not reach the right hand side. This indicates under exposure.
I've done a mod (click on modifications above) where I have made a couple of adjustments in Photoshop levels. I moved the right hand point to the left. This goes towards correcting for under exposure. i also moved the middle mark to right to increase mid tones contrast.
I also tried sharpening whole image but this did not help.
I also made the post vertical although this is a very minor consideration in an action photo.


Vernazza - village in the Сinque terre. Liguria.

Vernazza - village in the Сinque terre. Liguria. by jerryiron

Nice picture but something rather unnatural about the colours.
The light must have been low according to your camera settings. Maybe the strange effects are due to excessive attempt to recover in Camera Raw.
Almost a HDR type look which can result of over use of shadow and highlight sliders in ACR.
Worth keeping as record shot as subject and composition are interesting.


View from the grotto by Lord Byron. Portovenere. Liguria

View from the grotto by Lord Byron. Portovenere. Liguria by jerryiron

Nice enough Photo of it's type
Not too keen myself. Image is a bit dark and gloomy. I would like to see more movement in the sea which appears too smooth and unnatural. A shorter shutter speed would help here.
Composition is good with interesting curves in the rock leading the eye. Rocks appear a slightly strange colour on my screen.
The light that seems to be reflecting on a building detracts from the natural beauty of the scene. Maybe better cloned out?
Natural beauty V man made intrusion?
Pleasant image for those who like this style but i feel just misses the mark somehow.



Sizes! by paulbroad

Yes more and more people are overweight and obese. Greed and junk 'food' from an early age. Dreadful legs for someone that age.
Your image says it all.


The resort

The resort by k2

Good record of your holiday. Looks like a nice place to stay. Could be just about anywhere.
One improvement, which is really very minor to the image , is that the sea horizon could be straightened. i.e. made level.
This image represents a section of the view from where the camera was situated. More could have been included or less. What to include is the choice of the photographer who was there.
The camera setting look suitable although you used ISO100. ISO 200 is, I believe, the native ISO for Nikon DSLR and will give the best results in theory. The shutter speed could have been reduced to allow ISO200 to be used.


Girls on a Train

Girls on a Train by pentaxpete

I would second much of what Moira writes.
I have an M6 too and take similar photos.
In my view the main aspect of this image is the photo journalism/candid street capture and I feel it succeeds fairly well.
This is an area of photography where such issues as true verticals or composition rules like having three objects not two matter much less than subject matter and subsequent interest.
Your image makes a statement and shows human interest. Good one.
It is a bit flat, keep on working at this, as Paul suggests there are many stages at which this may have happened.
From my experience you won't get much either interest or expert advice on this site. There are some real experts on up to date digital techniques capturing landscapes with great foreground interest of smooth water around colourful rocks but not for what your presenting.


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PortfolioAdded Date/Comment


Added Date: 02/01/2013 - 1:18 PM

I really like this picture. Interested to see such lovely result from Topaz, you must have worked hard at it, most I've seen are not too good,
Happy New Year


Added Date: 27/03/2011 - 1:04 PM

What a beautiful collection of images. Your eye for composition for me is spot on. You do not try to over use colour to gain attention in an image.
I would liken your portfolio to images that might be found in the up market gallery whilst many posted elsewhere seem to aim for the type of image painted by the pavement artist at Brixham, garish, cheap but popular.
in my view your have created art work.