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Thank you to all those who take the time to look at, comment and vote on my photos.
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A quick view of iancrowson's recent activity.

  • Midnight in Iceland

    This is an impressive photo due no doubt to where it was taken. I like it personally.
    Two points, firstly there is no sense of scale, the raised area could be a small area or a massive mountain. Also there are almost too many stars. I like look of the star trails at each side. Maybe a slower shutter speed with a smaller aperture might have created more trails or less stars.
    With a focal length of 8mm (16mm full frame) you must have corrected for distortion. These starry night images often look good with the curved sky.
    I hope someone with experience of this type of photography will comment. I would like to know more too.
    • 25 May 2019 7:36AM
  • Bluebells at Happy Valley

    I think this is a nice photo. Just like hundreds of shots of bluebells I've taken it's not really that exciting, just a record of a lovely place.
    To achieve a remarkable bluebell wood image you really need special light. Say early morning with a mist, or evening light dappled through the trees. The bluebells need to be dense too.
    Light is everything with most photography, seek it out and you will have images you love.
    • 13 May 2019 11:19AM
  • Purple Macro

    It's a pretty good image as it is.
    The focus looks good, the colour good and the composition good.
    Focus shift to me means several shots taken with different focus points and combined to make an image with more depth of focus..If that was used here i would expect more in focus.
    I have done a fair amount of macro flowers photography and would approach this by
    camera on tripod to enable slower shutter speed and exact focusing
    smaller aperture for increase depth of field
    manual focas
    live view, magnified as required to get exact focus required.
    natural window light or a lamp
    manual white balance or shoot in RAW to adjust colour balance in processing.
    if DSLR mirror up and cable release for actual exposure.
    However your image is successful and lot of people use flash for macro especially for insects etc.
    • 13 May 2019 7:57AM
  • Strangford Lough in mono

    I like it, good one,
    • 30 Apr 2019 8:20AM
  • Weymouth Harbour - Old Feel

    I think you have achieved the old feel well very well. The modern van spoils the effect. I've done a mod with a crop to remove van. Obviously some of the content is lost but you do gain a sort of leading line to the boat.
    With a bit of work the van could be cloned out.
    • 29 Apr 2019 12:12PM
  • Pippa

    Very nice, lovely lighting.
    • 27 Apr 2019 12:17PM
  • Cole_S_04-21-19--3519

    Wow! Well you have just given your photos and your self a great critique. Few others on this site are going say write very much except advise you to post your 'work' in the general gallery. We can then keep an eye out for your images to be promoted to the Awards Gallery.
    i said I found your photo ugly, that is my critique. By posting an photo in the critique gallery you are asking for opinions and comments about a photo. Help to improve. Read the notes. Don't ask for critique when you are looking for admiration.
    If I view an image in the general gallery and I like it, then I give it a vote, if I don't like it I don't comment. Simple
    • 27 Apr 2019 9:03AM
  • I really like this picture. Interested to see such lovely result from Topaz, you must have worked hard at it, most I've seen are not too good,
    Happy New Year
  • What a beautiful collection of images. Your eye for composition for me is spot on. You do not try to over use colour to gain attention in an image.
    I would liken your portfolio to images that might be found in the up market gallery whilst many posted elsewhere seem to aim for the type of image painted by the pavement artist at Brixham, garish, cheap but popular.
    in my view your have created art work.
    • Posted on joolsb's profile
    • 27 Mar 2011 1:04PM