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Thank you to all those who take the time to look at, comment and vote on my photos.
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A quick view of iancrowson's recent activity.

  • Not interested in classic cars!

    The owner does not seem overly interested looking the tyres.
    Good one, Ian
    • 6 May 2018 7:30PM
  • The customer

    He looks like Mike Ehrmantraut played by actorJonathan Banks in Breaking Bad. I like Willies - banehawl's mod, as usual he get it right. Good capture.
    • 23 Apr 2018 8:01PM
  • Omega XVI

    This is a very nice watch. Very collectable. The photo could be better as described above
    I have an interest in watches and look at hundreds of photos of them. My suggestion for your retake of the photo is to ensure the hands do not cover details. Either wait for a suitable time or set the hands so all details are showing.
    Use a tripod if you have one, get as close as the lens will focus and follow the advice above.
    • 16 Apr 2018 7:14PM
  • Girl with Tattoos

    Good capture, I guess it was not posed. Yes, what makes it interesting is the 'art' work of her tattoos. You got her from the best side. Not all that much to improve, the main interest will be to those who are interested in tattoos.
    • 15 Apr 2018 6:17PM
  • sweet 14

    A good image if a little on the green side.
    I'm with Paul here, where is the harm in this photo?. She is fully dressed in a conservative manner. We see much younger girls with expressions like this, it's what girls can do from a very young age. Remember some females are married in some countries at that age. You can't change natural behaviour to suit culture differences.
    Good photography, pretty girl and few useful suggestions about composition and technique. Actually I'm a bit worried about the way some people's minds work.
    • 15 Apr 2018 5:25PM
  • Jocey

    A strong portrait. As Paul says some of the hair appears burnt out. Did you intend this effect? If not you need to think about exposure if the highlights cannot be recovered in RAW processing. I would have thought that starting off with a little less exposure to catch all the hair details and then using the shadows slider in RAW (and photoshop if needed) to expose as much shadow detail you want to show.
    As regards dodging maybe a little on the eye and light side of face but you would not be able to burn back
    detail in the hair. It seems ok to have skin area more less burnt out but not hair but really it's down to you unless a judge (hi Paul) is involved, then no burnt out areas, no hidden shadows!!
    Frequency separation might help, not something I've found a need for. I'll have to try it.
    • 15 Apr 2018 4:21PM
  • Crop till ya drop - 8 crop versions

    I like V4, the subject is well positioned and there is someone else in the frame. They are all interesting photos as the main subject is interesting.
    There are bound to be lots of views as to which is the 'best' image, really it's down to personal preference.
    An important aim in street photography is to capture the moment, which you have. What makes a great street image very subtle. It is often nothing to do with framing or composition.
    • 15 Apr 2018 4:01PM
  • I really like this picture. Interested to see such lovely result from Topaz, you must have worked hard at it, most I've seen are not too good,
    Happy New Year
  • What a beautiful collection of images. Your eye for composition for me is spot on. You do not try to over use colour to gain attention in an image.
    I would liken your portfolio to images that might be found in the up market gallery whilst many posted elsewhere seem to aim for the type of image painted by the pavement artist at Brixham, garish, cheap but popular.
    in my view your have created art work.
    • Posted on joolsb's profile
    • 27 Mar 2011 1:04PM