Thank you to all those who take the time to look at, comment and vote on my photos. Keep posting yours, I love seeing other peoples work.
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A quick view of iancrowson's recent activity.

  • Et pendant ce butine

    Technically a good photo. Focus is sharp where it should be on the major area of interest.
    Overall the image is not very exciting and only interesting to someone with an interest in such things.
    • 7 Apr 2020 10:43AM
  • Ithica

    I've swum of those very rocks, good one, Ian
    • 3 Apr 2020 2:43PM
  • Ka-chow!

    From a man's view she looks good. If you were trying to please the average woman, most I suspect, then she would be likely not to like you capturing such a large bum/bottom. If this was intended to to be for a portfolio she used to attract male glamour photographers then it hits the mark.
    As Moria says the pose is a bit awkward but (as a man ) who cares.
    The top of her bra looked like like poor work in photoshop and maybe near her inner elbow.
    Ps You have some better photos in your portfolio
    • 2 Apr 2020 11:41AM

    This is an interesting and well composed photo. The main photographic fault is under exposure resulting in lack on detail in dark areas. The comments above reflect this.
    To avoid this either change from metering the whole scene or use the exposure compensation feature of your camera.
    Had you shot in RAW details in the dark area could have been recovered without the inevitable loss of quality otherwise. This will not be obvious in a small image viewed on screen.
    • 31 Mar 2020 9:54AM
  • Meet the locals 2

    A beautiful cat, Ian
    • 23 Mar 2020 11:21AM
  • Stained glass...

    I like the composition, good one, Ian
    • 20 Mar 2020 2:06PM
  • Chain of events

    I rather like Janet's (chase's) BW mod. It cures several problems of the colour version.
    You choose an area with lots of potential with the amusement arcade. I often take my x100F on such a visit, My grandson loves the machines. Having a child with you gives an excuse to snap away all over the place.Most of my shots are deleted later but I have had some goodish ones.
    It is difficult to see the exact point of focus but I don't think it's the boy's face which it should have been. You were using aperture priority with f2.8 set giving 1/680 sec. Something like f4 or f5.6 might have been better, This would have given you a bigger depth of field (focus). with plenty of shutter speed.
    I would have used spot focus mode , focussed and held the focus while recomposing. This can be done with even with the early x100 but need practice.(easy with a DSLR) Or manual focus. Being old fashioned I would also be on spot metering.
    Colour balance is a big problem due to all those different lights. I shoot in RAW and auto colour balance and adjust post processing. But a child's face with a strange hue might be expected anyway in such a place!
    `Keep on shooting, there are some great shots waiting amongst those noisy machine
    • 19 Mar 2020 8:54AM
  • I really like this picture. Interested to see such lovely result from Topaz, you must have worked hard at it, most I've seen are not too good,
    Happy New Year
  • What a beautiful collection of images. Your eye for composition for me is spot on. You do not try to over use colour to gain attention in an image.
    I would liken your portfolio to images that might be found in the up market gallery whilst many posted elsewhere seem to aim for the type of image painted by the pavement artist at Brixham, garish, cheap but popular.
    in my view your have created art work.
    • Posted on joolsb's profile
    • 27 Mar 2011 1:04PM