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Shell Mex House, 80 The Strand, Savoy Place,Victoria Embankment, London WC2.A successful photo.
It looks fairly sharp through the image from front to back although maybe sharper nearer to the camera.
You could have used a smaller aperture as 1/250th shutter speed was more than required. Also maybe a lower ISO to reduce noise although thats not really a problem with the BW conversion..
I've done a mod with a slight rotations and a pull out at bottom left with the distort tool. I also tweaked in PS levels to increase mid tone contrast and used white/black droppers a little. I also slightly sharpened overall.

12/04/2015 - 2:16 PM


DijanaThe composition and subject are excellent in my view. Looks retro.
An unusual photo and a change from many we see on this site.
TanyaH makes some good observations although the wrinkles on her arm look perfectly normal to me.
I've also done a mod cleaning up but also sharpening a little. I was not sure at first if the screen was sharper than the face but her eyes look better in my mod. I also ran the dodge tool over her eyes to lighten slightly.
Really good image,

11/04/2015 - 11:41 AM

Ice cream man

Ice cream manAn interesting capture, the vendor is in a good position in the frame. Lots to look at too.
Not too sure your exposure and processing was spot on. Looks a bit over exposed to me. The histogram in photoshop shows over exposure, i.e. a lot peaks pushed to the right hand end. You would have been able to see this in camera if you activate histogram feature.
You added 2/3rds compensation which would not have helped.
I've done a mod where I increased all over contrast, mid tone contrast even more and sharped a little.
Click on modifications above to see my mod.
Still a good one,
06/03/2015 - 9:18 PM

A Simpler Life II

A Simpler Life IIVery interesting image. Initial viewing suggests a model scene until a close look is taken of the man. Then a closer look is required.
After a little study it's his relationship to the room and his chair in particular that is wrong. His legs are much longer than the chair's legs. He's perched strangely on a corner of the seat with little shadow between his legs.
Considering this is a croft house in the Outer Hebrides the table is very trendy, carpet to the sink area, and a leather chesterfield are maybe not very typical. I've been in quite a few.
I don't know the purpose of this creation but you have made an interesting image which I for one, have looked at for far longer than most on this site.

You have some excellent images of old croft houses in your portfolio/website

24/02/2015 - 12:32 PM


BlencathraNice scene.
On my screen it does not look in need of much sharpening.
Any attempt at sharpening using various methods and blending modes seems to result in halos.
Did you do an input sharpening in Adobe RAW? Then leave output sharpening until you resize for print size or screen.

It does look better with an increase in mid tone contrast in levels.
The mod looks over sharpened on my screen.

Using a large res camera does require new techniques as you are discovering.

20/02/2015 - 12:28 PM


BuskerI like this photo, Good capture.
It looks sharp and the colours are good.
Better in colour as I think the BW looks a touch flat. I will try a mod.

You cropped from the full capture, maybe more from the right hand side would balance better.
Was he also singing? Open mouths add to images of buskers. There is slight movement on his strumming hand, or may it's not quite sharp.(due to depth of field, focus or aperture used) This is good and slower shutter speeds can be used to show hand movement adding a dynamic feel to an image.

He looking a his hand which is fine. Eye contact can look better still.

20/02/2015 - 12:08 PM

ugly but interesting...

ugly but interesting...It is an interesting photo in as much as it shows traditional building style. Also the pots in the window add to the image.
It looks well composed.
I've done a mod reducing the effect of the slight over exposure and also increasing mid tone contrast to give (maybe) a little more 'bite' to the photo.

I'm not sure what how you might have added more drama without including a traditional looking person who could have added to the cultural aspects of the image.

30/01/2015 - 2:03 PM

Dove hangout

Dove hangoutInteresting image.
I feel this type of image has potential, stark, cold and wintery.
I have done a mod (click on modifications above) This pursues the idea of birds sitting in trees starkly outlined against a plain sky.
I cropped, over sharpened and did a rather harsh BW conversion.
If you consider this is a way to go taken the advice about a longer lens and tripod if you have them.
You image is not very sharp, it should be with 1/200 shutter speed.
It may be to do with reducing the image pixel size for the net. Often images need resharpening after reducing pixels.

28/01/2015 - 1:55 PM


PoinsettiaI prefer V!, the exposure and colours look fine. You have focused on the centre row of heads and they are nicely sharp.
I find the out of focus heads behind are a distraction.
For this image I would have tried to get all the heads in focus, bigger aperture and slower shutter speed.
Other than that, moving the camera position to the left may have enabled you to isolate one head against a red leaf background.
You have to ask your self what was the purpose of the photo. Did you what to show record detail of one head? or create an overall pretty flower photo?
I think a wider view of the whole flower may have been best, more like V2 but showing one flower but without stick.
Your approach is good, takes lots of shots from different angles closer and further away.

23/08/2014 - 12:35 PM

ed2go Assignment 2 - my lily

ed2go Assignment 2 - my lilyThe exposure looks ok with detail showing on white areas. White flowers can be difficult to expose correctly. I would not use flash to photograph this flower especially when a tripod can be used, unless it was windy and the plant was swaying around.

Choose the aperture required to achieve the depth of field (area in focus front to back) required. A slow shutter speed does not matter when using a tripod unless it's windy.
Aperture/DOF will depend on if you want the whole flower in focus or perhaps just the centre. If you want the whole flower sharp try to choose one which is detached from the background which should normally be as out of focus as possible.

My main advice with this image is regarding composition. Have a look a the shape of an arum lily and you will see the beauty of the flower lies in it's tapering shape leading up to the upper sweeping open area. You have missed this with your camera angle which shows just a top view.
Study a flower during your composition and access how to show it's beauty.

Still a nice photo, just keep taking as many shots as you can. Take a hundred and you will get one really good one. Experiment with camera settings and camera angles.
30/01/2014 - 11:04 AM

A cattle "angry" egret

A cattle "angry" egretGood capture of the bird. The image is sharp where it needs to be, the face.
Some of the white areas have burnt out due to over exposure,( no details left showing). If your editing software can show you a histogram you would see peaking to the right hand side.
Your data says you used manual exposure, you need at least one stop less.
f8 was a good aperture and 100 ISO was suitable so you should have increased the speed from 1/200th to 1/400th.

18/01/2014 - 4:23 PM

"Micro Moon" 2

"Micro Moon" 2Attractive photo.
Better composition than last but maybe not as sharp.
For exposures of over one sec you should engage long exposure compensation to help reduce noise.
I've copied and pasted below.

quote "The Canon T3i (d600) offers two types of adjustable noise reduction. Long Exposure noise reduction can be performed for exposures one second or longer, and works by taking a second "dark frame" of equal duration with the shutter closed, and then subtracting it from the first frame. This reduces or eliminates most noise generated by the sensor during long exposures at low ISOs, but can make noise worse at higher ISOs (at ISO 1,600 and above). Available settings are Off, Auto and On, and are accessed from Custom Function II-4. The Off setting is the default."

Something is not right for the image to be so unsharp.
Focusing manually on on setting just a touch under infinity at F16 should have both moon and spire in sharp focus. (can't be sure from photo how far away church actually is)
Have a look here: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html and do a few calculations.
Certainly use manual focus and magnify in live view to check.
Auto focus just won't do job in poor light.
If lens has VR (what ever Canon call vibration reduction) it should be disabled when using a tripod.

f16 would have given 2sec which should have been ok for rising moon but longer would show movement. As Paul says f32 is not good and would result in loss of quality from lens. f8 or f11 much better but watch out for movement of subject (moon) You could probably use ISO 200 and f11 with 2sec.
I personally shoot a number of frames with a range of settings with semi dark subjects as I'm not sure results are always predictable or even repeatable.

Imaginative photography, just a little fine tuning,

15/01/2014 - 7:43 PM


ColorsA good idea and an interesting photo.
I do think it could be improved a little. The pencils would be better arranged without any gaps as top right.
Some of the pencils are a bit roughly made, the yellow in the middle spoils the symmetry of the composition.
Focusing seems ok to me, maybe a little sharpening is required. (Often after resizing for the web a little sharpening is required)
I personally think the settings at f2.8 and 1/100th second were good.These settings should have result in a sharp image. No depth of field was required as effectively you were photographing a flat surface.
Lighting looks good.
My advice is to choose the pencils carefully keep them together with a rubber band or something and consider the colours and how they relate to the general arrangement.
Great idea.

03/12/2013 - 9:21 AM

Gallery visit

Gallery visitGood composition, an eye catching image.
Just a little more space behind the camera would be better.
The items in the window are not in focus. I don't know if this was intended.
I feel it would add to the photo to be able to see the details of things in the window.
Having used f11 the camera must have focused or have been focused some where in front of the bike.

17/11/2013 - 11:28 AM

Mount Maroma and lake

Mount Maroma and lakeA good image. Clear and well exposed. Good composition with interesting foreground. Good use of aperture to get every thing in sharp focus.
Considerations may be:
It's an expansive scene, would this image have been even better in landscape format, but maybe you would have lost the attractive cloud?
an interesting person sitting on the rock might have added to the picture, or maybe a boat going by.

16/11/2013 - 11:05 AM

Lake Vinuela sunset

Lake Vinuela sunsetGood reflection, a lovely scene. I agree the bush does not add much. Having foreground interest is good but the bush is boring and a bit too central and distracting.
I've done a mod where I've levelled slightly and lightened the shadows a little.
It may have been level but the shape of the land makes it look a bit of a slope.
Lightening the shadows is a matter of taste but looks better to me, it brings out mist lying against the distant hills.
These are my view, see what others comment.

18/09/2013 - 11:24 AM

Small street

Small streetAttractive image, I like this. Nice processing.
As per suggestions above I have done a mod removing yellow 'thing' and a few bits.
I used Photoshop CC content aware and cloning tool. you could use Elements tools also.
As a matter of interest I see two main doorways when first looking at the image, although there are four plus the window. As a general rule (which is often broken) 1, 3, or 5 objects, flowers, doors, anything, tend to have a better balance than 2 or 4.
This is to do with being creating pleasing composition for many viewers. It's like all the composition rules, very subtle but look at pleasing compositions and check out the various rules. Often the easiest on the eye are those which follow the classic compositions used for centuries in the painting art world.
Obviously, as in this case, 2 objects can work.

15/09/2013 - 11:34 AM

Letters on the rocks

Letters on the rocksI'm into abstracts and I like this one.

I read your title - Letters on the Rocks, I've done a mod where I've rotated the image and cropped to bring the letters down towards the bottom left third interception. This helps the eye see the letters first and then leads into the interesting textures and shapes. For what ever reason abstract often seem (to me at least) to look better in landscape format.
I also made adjustments in levels, brightening and increasing mid tone contrast.

Abstracts are always very subjective, these are my views, other will have have a different take which may be equally valid.
I think you may already be aware that using an ISO of 1100 with not result in quality images in normal photography. A slower speed of say 1/60th or wider aperture of say f5.6 would have allowed an ISO of around say 550. It's actually better to stick to 200 - 400 - 800 ISO. Being a flat surface f5.6 would have been fine.


14/09/2013 - 12:21 PM

Eye Eye

Eye EyeThe composition works well for me. I can see that twinkle.
As you said the light was very bright and that shows in the image. The light area on the right is lacking detail.
This does not really spoil the image too much.
Taking photos outside in bright sunlight can be improved by three techniques
fill flash
A little flash would lighten the shadows
a reflector would lighten the shadows
a diffuser would even out the light.
You do need a little directional light to shape the feature.
You need to practice and have a patient model and an assistance, take lots of exposures with different set ups.
Check out infill flash techniques, low the power,
12/08/2013 - 3:16 PM

St Mary's Quayside

St Mary's QuaysideA rather grim looking scene. This may have been intended given the controversial nature of the power station.
In my view an OK photo with a reasonable composition although I feel the positioning of the boat is wrong.
Settings and focus look good.
The attempt at symmetry does not really work because its not clear where the slipway is intended to lead the eye to. Bits of other boats distract the eye on route to whatever the subject matter might be. The boat and power station compete for attention.
As regards the HDR and processing, a pretty good example of misuse. The sky is un natural and over bearing, looking at the various clouds it just does not work.
HDR is meant to expand the dynamic range rather than the gloomy flattening effect in this image.
I think there is a good picture waiting. Wait for the boat to be moved and visit in the evening with a good natural sky and some nice warm light lower in the sky to add some relief and details to the image.

Note. I have made this critique as Nathan asked me to do so by personal message.