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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • A Tribute to Dame Edna....

    thanks for all the comments and the critique.
    I don't use photoshop so the comments from chase don't mean a great deal to me about the input and output but I take the constructive cricism on board
    • 1 Aug 2014 7:37PM
  • Shame About The Graffiti

    Quote:Lovely light on the bush on the right, and beautiful reflections.
    You could crop it down to just below the graffiti and still have an excellent image. I like the idea of having more in the reflection than is showing in the actual scene.
    If you want to maintain your aspect ratio, take some off the right where it's mostly black.
    The alternative is to clone out the graffiti, but since you have a burnt out bit of sky at the top, I'd opt for the crop.

    I did do that but you still get the graffiti in the reflection
    • 30 Sep 2013 6:55PM
  • Autumnal Breakfast Time

    it is clean now !!

    I couldn't clean it at the time or the birds wouldn't be there SmileSmileSmile
    • 20 Sep 2013 8:17PM
  • Evening Shadows

    what you don't see also is the electric pylons and wires behind them.
    they're called Canal Walk, and it is, about 400 metres to the canal !!
    • 17 Sep 2013 7:35PM
  • Winter Reflections

    the little house is actually a pub, the Ladybower Inn.
    • 12 Dec 2012 7:52PM
  • Chesterfield

    this is the famous Crooked Spire of Chesterfield
    • 2 Nov 2012 7:16PM
  • Reflections

    It's Hartington near Buxton in Derbyshire
    • 28 Oct 2012 4:10PM
  • 'til the cows come home

    time for milking was over, they were on the way back to the pasture. Smile
    • 17 Aug 2012 8:55PM
  • Are These For Me ?

    they were indeed, this young robin has got a good appetite and is so tame he follows me around the garden !!
    • 5 Aug 2012 5:24PM
  • ???

    I think it's a female chaffinch if that's why the ???

    • 27 Mar 2012 8:30PM
  • bet you can'y guess where I took this !!

    On some things the village is spelt with an E though more and more it is spelt as it is in the photo, it's also known by the locals as 'pommy', so work that one out !!
    I couldn't really put the sign more to the left as there's a load of recycling bins just out of shot that would then be in the shot, not very photogenic but many thanks for the feedback.

    • 17 Feb 2012 8:32PM
  • Down the Valley

    This was taken last saturday, thanks for the comment
    • 21 Sep 2011 7:50PM
  • Got My Beady Eye On You

    Rupert the hamster in cautious mode.
    • 12 Sep 2011 7:35PM
  • Down The Valley

    another view of the 'stepping stones' image I posted yesterday.

    these are the plinths that once supported the railway used to carry stone down the valley to build the dam just visible in the background and are only visible at very low water levels.
    • 2 Aug 2011 5:43PM
  • The Road to .....?

    Thanks LynneJoyce for the great comment, made me laugh!!

    Thankfully I was stood on the step of my nice warm bus to take this so I wasn't too chilly.

    • 7 Dec 2010 12:19PM
  • Table with a view sir,of course

    I was facing into the sun and to avoid sun spots I had to be under the canopy.
    I tried several positions including the one suggested but this was the best result I managed, but thanks for the comment, i'm still learning and appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism.

    • 1 Nov 2010 8:10PM
  • Big Chief Sitting Bull !!

    except this one wasn't gettin gup, it was sat like this just watching the world go by for at least 5 minutes.
    • 8 Oct 2010 8:37PM
  • Morning has Broken

    it's looking over towards the Chesterfield, Derbyshire suburb of Newbold, captured on my way to work Saturday 1 October
    • 3 Oct 2010 1:04PM
  • Irrepairable

    It was taken on the outskirts of Winster near Matlock, Derbyshire
    • 27 Sep 2010 7:26PM
  • Top of the world

    Absolutely stunning photo, WOW !!
    • 13 Sep 2010 9:22PM
  • Night Time Amusement

    This was an old photo taken with a 2 mega pixel camera that I dug out whilst searching for another photo and was when I was just a beginner without a tripod but many thanks for the feedback and the advice.

    • 26 Jul 2010 3:16PM
  • Keep In Line

    can you explain what you mean by the highlights being blown as i'm still a bit of a novice.

    thanks for the vote and comments
    • 22 Jun 2010 11:26AM

    I didn't crop the reflection, it was literally taken whilst walking past and as soon as it saw me it was off before I really had the chance to compose the shot properly, a case of point and shoot very, very quickly but thanks for the comment
    • 11 Jun 2010 8:56PM
  • Gateway To The Hills

    it is taken from the back of Mam Tor looking over towards the Cloughs and Kinder Scout near Edale in Derbyshire
    • 26 May 2010 7:17PM
  • My Best Side Don't You Think

    you are right Les, one of a group of 6.

    thanks for the feedback

    • 17 May 2010 7:56PM

    you guess correctly, though it it is the smaller of the two overflows not usually photgraphed.

    • 2 Feb 2010 6:58PM

    In answer to bigredtim it was impossible to get the whole reflection due to the trees proximity to the bank and the bits and bobs of foliage on there as can be seen on the bottom of the photo.
    what I love about it is the total lack of anything behind the tree, it was so misty there's even no horizon.
    thanks to all who voted for it and all the comments, much appreciated.

    • 20 Jan 2010 7:36PM