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  • I've had some problems recently with tiny hairs being inside the lens on my Canon G7. I got somebody who knew what they were doing to take it apart and fix it but shortly afterwards the sensor suddenly had 3 big dust spots on it.
    I wasn't too pleased to say the least. A quick check on the web revealed that many people seem to have a similar problem with G7, 9, 10 cameras getting dust inside.
    I am guilty of shoving it into my pocket so its not exactly kept in a pristine environment.
    However, there is a fantastic solution that works and involves very little effort. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to suck around the lens, the end, the barrel and at various stages of zoom. All my sensor dust disappeared and the inside of the lens was cleaner than ever!

  • click here to see

    On the bottom right of the page linked above you'll see my travelling mate's toothbrush that bent itself through 90 degrees while sitting in his washbag in the back of the landy. Nothing else was affected, fortunately ;O)

    It was very wierd indeed...

  • Look at the last couple of pics in my portfolio to see what the G7 can do.
    No matter what SLR you have at home, its not always going to be with you so the G7 is a great backup. Who wants to mess about with RAW from their pocket camera anyway, I can't be bothered, thats for sure.
    The image stabiliser works reasonably well too and that compensates a bit for the lack of f2.8. The ISO dial on the top is a brilliant feature, as long as you check it to see that it hasn't moved when pulling it out of your pocket/bag.
    The only advantage the Ricoh has is the 24mm wide lens but reviews of it that I've seen aren't too good.
  • Got mine from - delivered in about 3 days.

    Its a great little camera, good quality images so far although all done indoors as its so dark out! Menu system is easy to get the hang of and the lack of wider than 35mm can be overcome with some creative image stitching I suppose.


  • I've now scanned about 10 negs and the worst culprits for the blue cast are actually improving...wierd but maybe its sorting itself out?! Damn compooters....
    I emailed Nikon so I'll wait to see what they say tomorrow.

  • Hi,
    Using 4.0.2 software, set to colour neg. Monitor not calibrated but I have prints and scans made at print time of these same negs so I know what they're supposed to look like. Anyway, the blue cast is huge. I used photoshop and followed the instructions here :-
    and its helped a lot but this was written in 2003, surely the scanner can scan the negs 1st time round now in 2006?
    I'm using Fuji Reala 35mm. No slides.

    hopefully its an easy solution...


  • Hi,

    I've just bought a Nikon Coolscan V ED. I've put in a few neg strips and they've all got a blue cast.
    I've read on the web that this is due to the film being made with orange material but the Nikon brochure claims that it scans negs immediately without blue cast.
    I've tried sRGB, Adobe RGB and Scanner RGB so far with no difference, all are blue.
    In a search through forums I see that everybody is happy with this scanner and nobody has mentioned this blue cast.
    How do I make scans without it - its a pain to have to fiddle with the colour sliders each time...


  • thanks for the advice guys.

    now the magazine said they've decided not to run my pic and have used 'one from moscow'! can't compete with that!

    you're right about the free pics thing, won't be giving any more away.

  • I know this appeared in the latest PP but..

    I have my website with my Latin America trip which is pretty popular (800,000 hits
    per month) and I'm starting to get people emailing me and asking permission to use the pics. (the special photography bit is still 'in development'!!)
    Today I got an email from a magazine in Russia who want to use a pic and have 'Russian language rights' on it for a payment of $150. The pic is nothing special, just this one:-
    but they obviously like it!
    Now, I've given some recent websites and a Brazilian school book publisher free use of some pics and this is the first offer of cash so I don't know if its a normal amount or request.
    Any advice? I don't expect to get rich out of this, just a hobby.

  • The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 looks to be the
    same camera and is cheaper.