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A quick view of Illie's recent activity.

  • Cheetah cub

    Good day

    Thanks for everybody that commented on this photo. I still have a lot to learn and with limited time to my disposal to practice I appreciate all the inputs and have learned a lot. All the modifications certainly contributed to a greater photo.

    Thank you very much and much appreciated.
    • 12 Jun 2017 12:13PM
  • Fishing Frenzy

    Stunning image!!!!
    • 6 Oct 2013 10:43AM
  • Girl

    Angelbabe thanks for the comment.

    Digiphoto thanks for the comment I agree on the white at the bottom it does not look good will work on it thanks as I said I am still a learner.
    • 9 Sep 2009 8:29PM
  • Jamie

    Great shot!!! I love it!!
    • 5 Apr 2008 6:25AM
  • Good morning Birdies


    Unfortunately sorry to inform you it is a runway in Africa and believe me that is not the only challenge we face daily ......
    • 4 Apr 2008 5:25PM
  • Help me

    The background to these pictures are actually heart breaking. These woman and children are left behind in camps after the men are send to war. Sometimes they return but most of the time they get a new wife in the next area they are send to and then they leave them again as they move on.

    They rotate the soldiers bringing them in from the capital and then they send them to the regions to fight and then they get send back to the "hub" to be reassigned to another part.

    Unfortunately I can not disclose the place where this was taken but we hope peace will one day return to this country.
    • 28 Jan 2008 6:45PM
  • On the move

    Barbaraj. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the country (somewhere in mid Africa) as we are on a mission here and that is the reason why most of the pictures are manipulated to cover the colors of the uniforms.
    • 4 Sep 2007 9:33AM
  • Hi Cathy

    Great portfolio. I don't know what I like the most the flowers or landscapes. Keep up the good work.
    • Posted on CathyT's profile
    • 10 May 2006 7:43PM
  • Halle Douglas. what can I say "WOW" what an inspiration to other photographers and an excellent portfolio.
  • Hi Mariaan. Wow it is breath taking. Your portfolio is a certain inspiration for me. Hope there is many more awards coming your way. I will certainly keep an eye on your work.
    • Posted on Marian's profile
    • 17 May 2006 7:01AM
  • Wow is the only words I can think about. You have an excellent portfolio and certainly an inspiration for me.

    Keep up the good work.
    • Posted on allanC's profile
    • 12 May 2006 6:36AM
  • Hi Mariaan. I want to apologise for not thanking you for all the comments you had given on my portfolio. I feel honored that you took the time to work through my portfolio and your comments are much appreciated. I still have a long way to go compared to your work. Thanks for the inspiration.
    • Posted on Marian's profile
    • 17 May 2006 7:40AM
  • Hi Marc. You are still a great inspiration for me. thanks for the commment on my portfolio. I don't know what is the most beautiful the sunsets or the flowers. You state that you don't move around much but still you have so many different sunsets. Great portfolio.
    • Posted on sunshot's profile
    • 17 Jan 2007 6:15PM