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Photography is an " Aide Memoire " to personal history.
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  • Nursing time out ...

    I had both of my hips repleced in 2004 and they are still going strong. The discomfort of the surgery soon passes. Going through metal detectors at airports etc set off ...
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  • Getting older, but not wiser?

    When you turn up at a museum with an annual ticket that expired the week before..... Ah well we have another years access now, plus it's a nice walk out with a rather nic...
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    Replies: 7
  • Olympus OM101

    Lens now has a new home !! David
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  • For all the Guitarists, 7 mins of wonder

    "Look here, Sultans of Swing. "Wow - Great stuff! As a keen guitarist, I really enjoyed this. This is what real guitar playing is about! They are all great musi...
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    Replies: 11
  • User Awards?

    This discussion has been going on for all the 18 years I've been on EPZ! [emoticon][emoticon] I think it used to be much worse with accusations of informal voting clique...
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    Replies: 24
  • Options choice box?

    The personal data in this case is information such as other pages that you have visited, any clicks you may have made on adverts that interest you, simple things like tha...
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    Replies: 8
  • Battery drain on OM-D5 mk1??

    "I have no knowledge of the system or specific kit, however it sounds to me as the battery holder is faulty if power is being drained in the way described. Furthermor...
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  • Posted on mammarazzi's profile

    Just spent a most enjoyable time browsing your Portfolio, you
    have a wonderful eye and supier technique,
    Thank You for giving me so much pleasure,
    • 9 Apr 2022 12:10AM
  • Posted on LoryC's profile

    A very swift flick through this afternoon, a very rich and varied portfolio
    just begging for much more time spent exploring,
    I look forward to the experience,
    • 1 Apr 2022 4:56PM
  • Posted on Bore07TM's profile

    Very eclectic choice of images for us to enjoy, will delve deeper as time allows,
    • 1 Apr 2022 4:41PM
  • Posted on Meta_Morph's profile

    greetings Hannah,
    just a few words of congratulations on your images, a most interesting and eclectic selection. I look
    forward to future entries,

    • 24 Mar 2022 9:18PM
  • Posted on uktruckie's profile

    Hi Alex,
    just had a quick look through your portfolio, and will be back for a proper look soon. A very eclectic set and a good record of your interests.
    • 13 Jul 2021 11:24PM
  • Posted on gentry3951's profile

    What a wonderful way to spend my time, I am in awe !!
    • 17 Jun 2021 12:30AM
  • Posted on JohnDyer's profile

    Wonderful work, John, with the occasional sense of the ridiculous, just like life Grin
    • 28 Apr 2021 1:37PM
  • Posted on Wireworkzzz's profile

    Lovely work , Rae, super control of light and composition.
    • 31 Jan 2021 9:39AM

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