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I'm Terri and I love to take pictures. I just love it. Welcome to my page and feel free to leave me some pointers.
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  • So I was watermarking some of my photos on export and by some I mean 3. After the third one the watermark option is greyed out so I can't check it to apply one. The first 3 photos it worked without any glitchiness... Obviously there's something I'm doing wrong, anyone have any ideas about what it might be?

  • Quote:Terri. I cannot PM you yet as you're too new to the site but to answer you question, one of my sons is married to a Norwegian lady and they {and my grandchildren!} live just north of the Lofoten Islands on the island of Hadsel in Stokmarknes.

    Interesting Mike! I have a friend who now lives in Canada who came from the Lofoten Islands although I can't recall the exact place. She married a Canadian and moved here though. She's a great baking resource Smile
    My family came from a farm around Melhus

  • Quote:
    The difference is, with DPP if you don't like the result, you can choose a different set of parameters to run the raw data through. So don't worry, you would not be worse off shooting raw.

    Thanks Chris!

  • Quote:Processing RAW - these days - is about as easy as getting processing a JPEG to look 'right', in fact often easier because with some JPEGs you can never get it to look right because about 80%+ of the photo's information has already been thrown away by the camera.

    Very reassuring. Thanks

  • Quote:Is there a way for me to totally botch it shooting in raw?

    Of course there is! Grin RAW will give you the ability, for example - and only to a certain extent - recover blown highlights. It is not a magic potion to rescue crap photography...........

    will it bog down my camera's speed?

    What sort of speed are you thinking of? Do you 'machine-gun' constantly hoping for the best, or do you carefully compose your shots before pressing the button?

    But, in any case, I doubt you'd find a difference on a 60D.

    I'm quite confident in my ability to compose great shots, I realize though, I was unclear in my original post. With that said though I'm happy with what I've learned from here about what I need to know. Thanks for your reply.
    The only time I'm machine-gunish with my camera is when I'm working with active kids. For the people I'm shooting tomorrow, they're both adults so it's not an issue. With that said, as I've been trying out raw today with my kids I notice a distinct delay when I'm trying to play the image so I can eyeball the histogram.
    I'm not sure why I'll not find a difference with the 60d if the usefullness is actually in the editing if it's needed? I am guessing there'll be a bit of a learning curve for me with this in lightroom but I'm happy to give it a go.

    I'm well passed attending to my kids many questions now so I'll be off.
    Thanks for all the advice guys.

  • Quote:Part 2

    GREAT videos thank you!!

  • Quote:Is there a way for me to totally botch it shooting in raw?
    Are you referring to taking the picture, or processing it?
    As CB says, you can **** up a RAW picture in jus tthe same way as you can ****-up a JPEG file, but generally I have found that RAW files have one stop more headroom before the highlights start to burn out irrecoverably (compared to JPEG). And all those setting such as White Balance do not affect RAW (only affect the in-camera JPEG conversion)
    When processing the picture, you can reverse any changes you make in RAW. This is especially so in Lightorrm where any changes you make are stored as a file attached to the RAW picture and the pixels in the RAW picture remain totally untouched.

    will it bog down my camera's speed?

    Yes. I have the 7D (same sensor) and I can shoot 'only' 8 shots in a burst before the frame rate slows up. If shooting L-JPEG I have shot over 200 in a burst without any signs of slowing up.

    When I started shooting RAW I wa more than a little disappointed because I found it very difficult to get a better results than the in-camera JPEG conversion when doing simple global changes (colour and/or sharpening). I can use the RAW file to do things differently but often not necessarily better. Now I shoot only RAW because I can do batch JPEG conversions in PSE or Lightroom so it takes only a little extra time and I have the RAW file just in case.

    I see how I've been unclear. I was actually referring to taking the pictures and then not being able to process them into something great if I had to make alterations. Given I'm just not used to it I was wondering about that in probably too general of a manner.
    What you've said here is really helpful though, and I appologize if I'm coming off scattered my 4 year old is parking a butt load of cars and trucks on me and I'm admittedly a bit distracted Smile

  • Quote:Good videos.

    Verbose (as ever with our fiends across the pond Wink) but the advantages about shooting RAW are very well made.

    Just as an aside...Norway!! My whole family is from Norway! I've never been but sure plan to one day hopefully in the next few years. Smile
  • So I've been really happy with how my photos have been turing out with my 60D in lg jpeg but I'm really compelled to try raw. I have been tinkering around a bit with it today but haven't gotten to the computer with lightroom on it to check them out.
    My question is this.
    Since I haven't shot raw much...at all...tomorrow I am doing a photo shoot for my cousin and her daughter. I'm compelled to try raw especially because they'd be very forgiving if I messed something up. (I'm shooting them for free and they're a super friendly pair)
    So past that brief explaination.
    Is there a way for me to totally botch it shooting in raw?

    Oh, and I guess secondly, will it bog down my camera's speed? the huge files that is?
  • I guessed so, but the sticking out tongue face made me smile.
  • I just bought a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro on ebay and am waiting for it to arrive. It was more reasonably priced than in the store locally. I also bought a Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens for $120 in the store. It's a GREAT lens for portraits and was so affordable. So for less than the amount of the Canon macro in the store I got both.
    I probably am not really answering your question though.