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  • Flower

    thanks for the look and the comments
    was shooting free inside a church with a flash so was a little limited for shutter speed and apeture

    like the blur and the crop works really well, wasn't quite sure how much to isolate the flower as the back ground was part of the main background
    • 2 Oct 2008 9:22PM
  • Squidgle

    looks good to me, the hard shots to get are always more satisfying
    • 9 Sep 2008 11:45AM
  • shadow take 2

    nice idea works well
    • 9 Sep 2008 11:28AM
  • The eyes....

    great shot, nice dof getting the rider in the background

    caught the eyes as well
    • 9 Sep 2008 11:27AM
  • Stripey

    added a crop if you want to have another look, thanks for the comments and suggestion Smile
    • 8 Sep 2008 11:41AM
  • the tiger

    i have uploaded antoher version thansk for the suggestion and let me know what you think


    • 3 Sep 2008 12:54PM
  • Time Trial

    nice DOF with the 2.8
    • 30 Apr 2008 11:21AM
  • CiCLE Classic

    paris roubaix of the UK Wink
    • 30 Apr 2008 11:19AM
  • Mens Sprint

    nice work, great blur fromt the face out, nicely adds to the pic
    • 22 Apr 2008 7:23PM
  • Tandem

    good to see some people do play up to the camera, makes for a great shot
    • 22 Apr 2008 7:21PM
  • chasing hard

    yeah you'll love it,
    its so hard to shoot with anything wide angle unless you can get really close, waaaay too many cars and moto's for that.
    sounds fun, hope its good weather for you
    • 21 Apr 2008 9:20PM
  • Up and under

    thanks very much
    • 1 Apr 2007 8:07PM
  • Phone Booth

    great shot really stands out
    • 22 Mar 2007 8:19PM
  • The Gift

    would like to see it without the people in it, but nice shot
    • 23 Feb 2007 8:36AM
  • Your Gun Went Off

    nice timing - well captured
    • 28 Jan 2007 6:51PM
  • fog

    nice colours
    • 28 Dec 2006 7:06PM
  • circus

    great shot really well framed
    • 2 Dec 2006 1:24AM
  • True Grit

    great shot - well worth photo of the week
    • 6 Nov 2006 10:53AM
  • Burwash Church

    Even put an ND filter on there to slow the light down

    Hadn't thought of taking the moon on such a fast exposue - treid taking it seperatly but nothing that fast - might try and take another shot of the moon tonight and merge it in

    Thanks really helpul advice
    • 30 Oct 2006 11:09AM
  • Shakey

    great shot that a long lens or you got really close, great work
    • 1 Oct 2006 7:01PM
  • Totland Bay IOW

    looks like an oil painting or a watercolour good job on the light look lovely
    • 1 Oct 2006 6:58PM
  • Landis at the Tour

    think steve is right - maybe PS the background to get rid of the people plus crop it a little tighter, if you look at my two shots of leiphiemer where i tried to keep the 3km kite in he looks lost in the middle of the frame and then a tighter crop it make a big difference
    • 19 Aug 2006 3:52PM
  • Attack!

    looks like its time to surrender - they have you surrounded - nice fun picture
    • 19 Aug 2006 3:46PM
  • La Louvre

    thanks sarah, might post this up in B&W. mainly for losing the nasty green water
    • 11 Aug 2006 8:00AM
  • Alone

    nice shot but i think it would look better
    firstly in B&W but also with the lighting reduced - so that the street lights have distinct pools of light under them
    • 6 Jul 2006 2:29PM
  • Time Trial

    great shot - looks like he's going fast there
    • 28 Jun 2006 5:44PM
  • Mmmm, beer!

    nice shadow
    • 22 Jun 2006 9:20PM
  • Moorish

    simply beautful
    • 22 Jun 2006 3:50PM
  • Saltburn

    love the pier stretching away
    • 22 Jun 2006 3:01PM
  • no more flying...

    great shot well thought out and taken
    • 22 Jun 2006 2:59PM