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Welcome to my Photography World Smile

Feel free to drop any comments/ criticism anytime....

There is nothing such as bad or good subject. Its just how you see it and capture it.
-My Experience with Photography
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A quick view of IshanPathak's recent activity.

  • Ladybird Leaving !

    Its a beauty of a shot!! Amazing work!

    • 15 Apr 2015 4:51PM

    Beautiful and a refreshing capture Smile

    • 12 Apr 2015 8:44AM
  • Great tit

    Such a lovely captured!! It looks sooo sweet Grin

    • 12 Apr 2015 8:43AM
  • Welcome to Brighton

    Such a normal scene, captured so beautifully that it starts telling a story! Great work. Mono and color both both are equally effective Smile

    • 12 Apr 2015 8:38AM
  • Does this work?

    Thank you so much Pam and Paul Smile

    Pam: you mean *this right?

    Paul: Thank you Paul.

    Quote:It's not the camera that matters it's how you use what you have.

    I always go with this line. But without a macro lens, it was kind of impossible to achieve it in camera itself. Background Defocus 'may' have worked. Say out of 100 attempts 1 would have been ok. But i have stopped using it completely after the advice here from the critique team, and i always go for the manual mode.

    • 12 Apr 2015 8:31AM
  • Light

    Simply beautiful! The diffused sun rays, the haziness, the dark trees, everything! Great job!

    • 10 Apr 2015 3:27PM
  • Monday Colour

    Excellent set Graham! V2 is spot on!

    • 3 Apr 2015 9:31AM
  • One if the best PF's i hav ever seen.! Keep uploading Smile
  • One of the beset PF's i have ever seen!!

    • Posted on tomcat's profile
    • 20 Jun 2014 10:53AM
  • Simply Delightful to browse through your PF.

    Excellent job Smile

  • A beautiful PF. Love the varieties and creativity Smile

  • Stunning PF!! Love all your flower shots and different varieties...
  • A Superb PF Alison!!

    Love all of your images Smile

    • Posted on cattyal's profile
    • 24 May 2014 10:36AM
  • Top class portfolio! simply amazing..!

    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 20 May 2014 3:56AM
  • Gorgeous PF you have here Karen...! Smile Smile
    • Posted on KarenFB's profile
    • 19 May 2014 8:18AM
  • Brilliant PF Carol Smile Smile

    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 18 May 2014 5:05AM
  • I really admire the fact that you always take variety and variety of pictures, and hence trying every genre Smile

    A brilliant PF