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Hi there, Hope you're having a good day and enjoy sharing and discussing photos.
I'm more than happy for all feedback - good or bad - i'll learn more from critique.
I live in Woking, I work in IT in London just like millions of others.
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  • Not doing anything with my photo's

    Odd, but i'm just not finding the time to actually process and post photo's at the moment. I've had 3 model shoots and 2 friend shoots but posted almost nothing. Its because I'm expecting to see a good improvement in my photo's with careful proce...

    22 Jan 2013 2:26PM | Read


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  • Bound by busyness

    It seems that being an amateur photographer is severely limited by the absence of large contiguous spans of time, whilst I can steal away a bit here and there finding the time and opportunity to actually do a shoot or a serious piece of editing is ha...

    12 Dec 2012 3:00PM | Read


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  • First home studio shoot in the new house planned

    This is how I know I love my hobby, Iím super excited that Iíve actually got two shoots planned this Saturday, a friends daughter and a local model and her boyfriend starting out. Its the first shoot in the new house in Woking and Iíve fixed the fro...

    28 Nov 2012 2:15PM | Read


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  • Running before I can walk

    I had hoped by now to be now planning initial grunge shoots in the new built shell of my own garden studio while I worked out the infinity curves I needed, but Iíd not factored on just how much needs doing when you move house, keep your day job and r...

    19 Nov 2012 4:26PM | Read


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  • I've taken a few shots

    Its been ages since I shot anything but last week had a HasselB studio day, last night did the MNC and today shot an IT prize winner at work, its not lots but after my move break its really great to be doing it again. The last shoot at work used a...

    16 Oct 2012 3:02PM | Read


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  • Custom Studio Plans are hard to refine

    This is some of my musings on getting a secure studio area in the back garden. So I've now moved into the new house for a few weeks and although still loads to do my attention is now in the garden and the potential home studio. Its in the feasibilit...


    1 Oct 2012 12:39PM | Read


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  • Photography is a hobby - although an important one

    Having just moved house a few miles down the road to Woking its made me realise that photography is just a hobby for me. I've just been so busy that many things had to stop - sorry camera you've been on the shelf for a good week or so now. Don't wo...

    7 Sep 2012 5:56PM | Read


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  • Just Got CS6, excited like a kid at Christmas

    OK this won't make me a better Photographer, but it will help make me a better image maker overall (after some learning). I'm coming from Elements 10 and Lightroom and loved the way that elements layers could enhance ( if you like that kind of thing)...

    28 Aug 2012 10:08AM | Read


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  • Manual Mode & also Photoshop processing

    Smiles: I think Iím starting to prefer manual mode Ė Iím viewing this as a bit of a milestone and feel Iíve at least within myself progressed a bit. Donít misunderstand me Iím a tech geek and have loved the ISO/Shutter/Aperture triangle for a...

    19 Jul 2012 3:31PM | Read


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  • Frustratingly slow progress towards excellence

    I have this tune in my head "two steps forwards and one step back" it seems as if wading through artistic photo treacle at the moment. I've been practising a little Photoshop processing of late and bits of this are bedding themselves in, but its no...

    9 Jul 2012 11:44AM | Read


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  • RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

    Wednesday I'm off the the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. I'll be looking for a few plant purchases - a climbing rose called antique for the studio I hope to build in the new house if we ever get through the mass or mortgage applications. and...

    3 Jul 2012 5:05PM | Read


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  • Back from hols - Mostly pics of Sky/backgrounds

    So going on holiday without making the time to plan where to take nice images meant images were few and far between. Part of this was moving from Wales to Worcestershire 2 days into the holiday as the original cottage was not where near what it purpo...

    11 Jun 2012 1:05PM | Read


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  • Broadband is down at home

    Damm you miss what you don't have - almost every night i do a little bit online - but can't do anything now but bring images in on memory sticks to upload at work :-( Roll on Virgin's visit on Friday. To follow up from my last post, processing see...

    18 Apr 2012 11:54AM | Read


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  • Processing - please wait

    So its been a while since my last blog, but then i've been stuck in one genre for a while too. I've really enjoyed the availability, control and result you can get from portrait/model photography. Granted once my 3 hour setup and 1.5 hour studio te...

    21 Mar 2012 2:32PM | Read


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  • Model Sites seem to be working for me just now

    In the last blog I mentioned I was trying out various model sites, now I think I have been lucky. On pure storm Iíve just shot Chelsie and loved it. I'd spent a while making sure my home studio was ready enough to not totally waste a Models time, Ií...

    14 Nov 2011 1:00PM | Read


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