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Hi there, Hope you're having a good day and enjoy sharing and discussing photos.
I'm more than happy for all feedback - good or bad - i'll learn more from critique.
I live in Woking, I work in IT in London just like millions of others.
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  • RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

    Wednesday I'm off the the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. I'll be looking for a few plant purchases - a climbing rose called antique for the studio I hope to build in the new house if we ever get through the mass or mortgage applications. and...0

    3 Jul 2012 5:05PM  |  Read


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  • Back from hols - Mostly pics of Sky/backgrounds

    So going on holiday without making the time to plan where to take nice images meant images were few and far between. Part of this was moving from Wales to Worcestershire 2 days into the holiday as the original cottage was not where near what it purpo...0

    11 Jun 2012 1:05PM  |  Read


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  • Broadband is down at home

    Damm you miss what you don't have - almost every night i do a little bit online - but can't do anything now but bring images in on memory sticks to upload at work :-( Roll on Virgin's visit on Friday. To follow up from my last post, processing see...0

    18 Apr 2012 11:54AM  |  Read


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  • Processing - please wait

    So its been a while since my last blog, but then i've been stuck in one genre for a while too. I've really enjoyed the availability, control and result you can get from portrait/model photography. Granted once my 3 hour setup and 1.5 hour studio te...0

    21 Mar 2012 2:32PM  |  Read


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  • Model Sites seem to be working for me just now

    In the last blog I mentioned I was trying out various model sites, now I think I have been lucky. On pure storm Iíve just shot Chelsie and loved it. I'd spent a while making sure my home studio was ready enough to not totally waste a Models time, Ií...0

    14 Nov 2011 1:00PM  |  Read


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  • Using Model / Photographer Web sites

    My mini project plan at this time is to become a confident portrait photographer. Its slighty nerve wracking initially but signing up to various model web sites seems to the best way to force yourself into it. Web sites such as Starnow, Model Mayh...0

    8 Nov 2011 4:11PM  |  Read


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  • Exhibition photographer in training

    So Iím partially using my blogs to record the events I get to go to for ePhotozine. Its been a bit busy recently so Iím just posting details now all in one go. I think the best thing about doing these is the confidence it gives you to know you shoul...0

    12 Oct 2011 1:29PM  |  Read


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  • Is hassling photographers the tip of the iceberg?

    I'm feeling political at the moment, balancing the needs of commerce to give us purposeful employment and build a better society with the rights of the whole society to enjoy being part of it even if your no use to business. A London Street photog...0

    22 Jul 2011 10:07AM  |  Read


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  • All the trappings

    I continue to be lucky in being invited to photo related events, the latest was a Bing corporate sponsored photo competition with Dizzee Rascal. Its humbling to see so many great photographers from all walks of life, normal people with normal lives w...0

    13 Jul 2011 5:21PM  |  Read


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  • Grey & Time

    I was lucky to go to the preview evening of the Duffy exhibition in London, I took my photoís and was very happy with everything, but then when my article was published with a proís photo included I saw an immediate need for improvement Ė my whites w...0

    8 Jul 2011 12:27PM  |  Read


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  • A free week - not likely

    So its Monday and there was a manic week last week that saw me find time for almost nothing photo related apart from party snaps. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms and keep thinking of all the stuff i want to get onto but didn't. So I've still a f...0

    27 Jun 2011 5:24PM  |  Read


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  • Three fun photo things in the last 5 days

    So i've had an exciting few photo days recently, on Friday i got my first over 30 votes readers choice award - now i know votes are not in anyway a full and fair representation of quality but it was still a very nice moment. This weekend i got to ...0

    21 Jun 2011 5:44PM  |  Read


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