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  • Luxor Temple at Night. by moglen

    Really nice shot, you captured the lighting really well, makes it look a very atmospheric. Nice one. Andy
    • 11 Feb 2007 7:57PM
  • Tree House on Beach by moglen

    This shot is so simple and yet so effective - it really works! Nice one! Andy
    • 29 Jan 2007 3:59PM
  • Warhammer Demonette by moglen

    Nice shot, interesting figure and great colours - different for you! Nice one. Andy
    • 15 Mar 2007 4:19PM
  • Waiting by moglen

    Great angle and shot - the clouds in the background look as if they are about to engulf the lady in the shot - really atmospheric.

    Could look all day and see different things in the background!

    • 25 Jan 2007 8:54PM
  • Egyptian Ruins by moglen

    Great shot - contract is terrific and just the whole feel really really nice. Well done. Andy x
    • 13 Mar 2007 10:06PM
  • Nile Delta by moglen

    This is such an atmospheric shot - real beauty and you feel like you are there. Great shot.
    • 2 Feb 2007 3:44PM
  • Three Sails by moglen

    Great picture as previously said this would make a fabulous big picture.
    A terrific shot - Nice one!

    • 25 Jan 2007 8:49PM
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  • Posted on moglen's profile

    Really terrific 'Portfolio' so varied and wide ranging - great shots very inspiring, you really have an eye for a great shot and really good use of frames. Enjoying looking at the whole collection over and over again - look forward to your next shot. Andy
    • 27 Jan 2007 6:47PM

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