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A quick view of Jacobite's recent activity.


    And a very Merry Christmas to you too! Grin
    • 25 Dec 2012 1:17PM
  • Knife Crime by Jacobite

    Quote:A crime has been committed... call in the Peelers! Smile


    That joke was so bad I nearly hit the 'Report' buttonGrin
    • 15 Dec 2012 12:13PM
  • After the rain by Hermanus

    When I am by the sea I am at most happiest, well as long as the wife is with me! This takes me back to many happy holidays just sitting gazing out to sea or walking along the beaches around the UK.
    • 26 Oct 2012 5:08PM
  • Walking in the Shadows by Jacobite

    Quote:Glad you took the shot ! Excellent photo Smile

    Thank you very much Smile
    • 26 Oct 2012 5:05PM
  • Out On a Shout by robbieo

    I'm so green with envy that I could be mistaken for the Hulk! This is a cracking image, gets my vote.
    • 5 Oct 2012 4:14PM
  • Selsey Lifeboat House by Ddrackett

    I've been to Selsey a few times but I've never managed to get to the Station, after seeing your shot I think I'll make a special visit.
    • 5 Oct 2012 4:13PM
  • The Grande Hallway by MartinBrown

    Works really well, right up my street.
    • 3 Oct 2012 1:33PM
  • Posted on: Pentax Q System Camera - A Closer Look

    I think I'll stick to my Pentax DSLRs and see what Leica's new system will be like.
    • 29 Jun 2011 4:07PM
  • Posted on: Pentax Q System Camera - A Closer Look

    Would have liked to have seen a better viewfinder, even one like the X100's would have made this a 'must-have' camera for me; as it is, although it looks great, I won't be buying one.
    • 25 Jun 2011 10:06PM

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  • Posted on colin beeley's profile

    Stunning work, Colin.
    • 29 Jun 2012 7:07PM
  • Posted on Maiwand's profile

    You have one stunning Portfolio and I take my hat off to you, your skill, sense of timing and.....well, ability to take damn good images!

    Judging by your name are you from Berkshire? The 66th (my old County Regiment) were slighty duffed up there in 1880.
    • 18 Apr 2012 7:14AM
  • Posted on JustDucky's profile

    Tammy - Thank you for posting your portfolio for us to see; it was a pleasure to spend some time browsing through it.
    • 6 Nov 2011 2:43PM
  • Posted on Beverleycole's profile

    A stunning portfolio and one that I can only aspire to. Thank you for posting your images and they are inspirational for someone who has mind block on what to photograph next!
    • 2 Nov 2011 8:34AM
  • Posted on saeidNL's profile

    A delight to view your portfolio. You, obviously, have a great talent and I will aspire to get to your level in our wonderful world of photography.
    • 2 Nov 2011 8:32AM
  • Posted on LynneJoyce's profile

    You've got some cracking images here. I take my hat off to you.
    • 25 Jun 2011 5:29PM
  • Posted on louisemorrisonsty's profile

    Although cats are really not my 'thing' I've enjoyed browsing your pictures of them; there are some really crackers in there.
    • 10 Apr 2011 6:36AM
  • Posted on lianna's profile

    I've had a browse through your PF, after your comment on one of my photos, and I'm blown away; you've certainly got the 'eye' and have a great ability.
    Since looking at your photos I'm pretty chuffed you think one of mine is good!
    • 10 Apr 2011 6:34AM
  • Posted on Fishnet's profile

    An eye grabbing portfolio with a distinct style.
    • 6 Feb 2011 5:04AM
  • Posted on paola1987's profile

    Brilliant shots! You've obviously not got a problem with setting up slef portraits, or even posing for them!!!! I've got to sit in a dark room now and let my blood pressure drop to a safe level!! Smile
    • 30 Oct 2010 7:47AM
  • Posted on DOGSBODY's profile

    A good portfolio with some cracking images.
    • 5 May 2010 2:48PM
  • Posted on OllieBell's profile

    You have some great images in your portfolio, and for someone who says they are a beginner at wildlife photography....well, I think you'll have a great future.
    • 31 Mar 2010 7:57PM
  • Posted on mrswoolybill's profile

    Superb images and ones I'm glad you decided to share with the rest of us, especially those of us who have are challenged in the talent department.
    • 31 Mar 2010 7:55PM
  • Posted on LindaPellingPhotography's profile

    Very sensual and, dare I say, sexy.
    You certainly have a talent, and one you should carry on developing.
    • 2 Jul 2007 6:43AM

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