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A quick view of jambutty53's recent activity.

  • My First Walk.

    That is one cute dog --
    • 15 Feb 2013 11:28PM
  • Into the Woods

    Great idea and visually stunning ----Brillaint
    • 14 Dec 2012 11:51AM
  • lioness and cub

    Lovely shot indeed -- flicking through today's gallery-- and for me this shot stood out -- youve got the makings of a nice wildlife portfolio going for yourself.

    • 27 Oct 2012 2:10PM
  • Eyed Hawkmoth

    Seen my very first one last month -- internet says they are fairly common UK --im nearly 60 so i dont know were they hide ???--- Stunning looking Moth from every angle --
    Lovely shot Ade

    • 23 Jun 2012 11:19AM
  • Malta Bus

    I was in Malta about 6 weeks ago -- Loved them ---did most of the island on these buses, i dont think there are two the same style --some had just string attached to a bell that you pulled to tell the driver to stop --different world or what --- i was told all the buses were owned by the driver who pooled their money at the end of the week then shared it out evenly --think they will be a sad loss and tourist attraction --whether the locals will think the same i'm not sure

    • 14 Jul 2011 4:58PM
  • A Piggy Mess....

    Superb set of photo's -- Good lighting -- Very Sharp and Very imaginative - - and its so nice to see the lengths you have gone too in the set up -- and the patiience just to get the shots
    Excellent stuff --WELL DONE

    • 27 Feb 2011 8:25PM
  • The Early Bird

    Absolutely -- spot on [in all ways]
    Beautifull image

    • 8 Feb 2011 9:38PM

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