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  • a search for RSPB Bempton brings up info on the area and there is a blog of what is happening , may be of help to you
  • Why not just open them in photo paint again and resave them as jpeg.
    If you no longer have the programme download a trial version from the corel site.

  • Quote:OMG - LOL - Lindemans is flogging SA wines. I bet the winemakers are rolling over in their graves ..

    On the other hand it just proves SA wines are tops! LOL


    Someone has bowled a curved ball here Lindermans 'SA' is South Australia !
  • This link is to the Admiralty's 'Easy Tide' tide prediction web site.


    Un-registered you can view the tides arround the world for the next 7 days or register with the site for more.
    hope this is of use.
  • Glad to hear that you have the programme working now.
    Some more information my Netbook is an Advent 2411-B, processor is an Intel Atom N270. Operating system is XP. The graphic card is Integrated on the mother board and the ChipSet is 'Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family'. I think this final note is the important one for this method to be applied.
  • I had a similar problem with my Advent netbook (MSI Wind).
    My solution was to Right click on the desktop and a box opens with a tab for 'Graphic Options > Panel Fit > Center Desktop' . This gave me the option to changed the desktop from 1024 * 600 to 1024 * 768. The desktop then scrolls on the screen and the programme can then be run in a smaller screen or full screen and scroll the screen. Colour is set to 32 bit
  • I understand (from a local camera shop) that most DSLR's arrive with the setting 'Shoot w/o card' turned ON. This is for demo of the camera in the shop. If a card is installed I do not know if it will write to the card. Is the write light flashing after you take a shot?
  • Check out the Corel Store, the upgrade to Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 was only 33.18 last week.( + shipping if you wanted the boxed version)
  • I have had the same problem using 2 * ND filters with a Polariser. (To give a slow shutter speed when photographing the moving sails of a Windmill) As I shot in RAW I can correct the colour cast, but noted that the exposure was dark compared with the unfiltered reference shot.

    I suspect that the AWB and exposure were changed by light entering through the eye piece of the viewfinder. I will cover the eye piece when I re-shoot.
  • A tip about preventing corruption on an external Hard Drive (received from another forum). DO NOT leave the external hard drive next to a CRT monitor. The strong magnetic fields & degausing on startup (if available) can corrupt the data on the external hard drive even if it is not connected or powered up.