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A quick view of Jamfu's recent activity.

  • Lite of Life..... by Jamfu

    Not sure if a little light on the other side of her face would of been better?
    • 12 Sep 2009 10:06PM
  • Studio Meet by whipspeed

    Stunning Sarah, gutted I missed it, unfortunately Thursdays are out for me now as I pick little one up from nursery Sad
    • 24 Jul 2009 9:06PM
  • Stacked up..... by Jamfu

    I think its because the Arrows stuck to their low level display!!
    • 24 Jul 2009 9:04PM
  • Warthog by kenbishop

    Fantastic, these were great to see coming in together, love the one in the background!!
    • 24 Jul 2009 7:29PM
  • The Arrows by phil_j

    Great shot, have to be honest tho I think they got showed up this year by the Italians!!
    • 23 Jul 2009 8:36PM
  • F-18... by Jamfu

    Looks like its got some mean side burns!!
    • 23 Jul 2009 8:20PM
  • F16.... by Jamfu

    Thanks Barry!!
    • 22 Jul 2009 9:19AM

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