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  • Hunter by phil_j

    • 24 Apr 2009 10:52PM
  • Curious by Jamiegf

    Thanks for your comments Catherine.I agree about the object behind the cats ear.It was an opportune shot but could have dealt with it post production.
    • 30 Dec 2007 5:45PM
  • Posted on: Bowens Ringlite Converter - World's first

    Quote:It is a pity that this product is not available in the UK!. Seems a much better solution!

    They will supply if you contact them direct.I think 10 % surcharge on top.
    • 28 Nov 2007 4:38PM

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  • Posted on MalcolmS's profile

    Absolutely Stunning.
    • 14 Jun 2008 10:25PM

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