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jan 1

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  • Where is the best place to holiday?

    Definately go to Cape Town, loads to see and do. From Safari's, to penguins at Boulders Bay even some whale and dolphin watching and a boat ride down Shark Alley. Its ...
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  • Where do you all live?

    "Currently drowning in Bergen, Norway, the rest of the year in Georgetown, Texas where I dry out Anne - uploaded a mod to your post:P:D Malc" I always app...
    by cattyal | Last Post | Unread
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  • Monitor Settings

    I had a look at Andy's portfolio. Must say I was impressed! Especially ANOTHER VIEW draw my attention. With all its fine nuances it came out superb on my screen. So, I su...
    by jan 1 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Cable conections LCD

    Hi It will depend on what connectors you have. Some LCD monitors have a DVI input some don't. Have a look at your model on the manufacturers web site to determine if t...
    by hurstwood | Last Post | Unread
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  • Monitor Size

    I've noticed, the shown diamentions and pixels, depends on the size of the monitor. As I do upload the image, 1000*750 at aprox 200 kb, using my computer with 19" flat s...
    by jan 1 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Look the Large version.

    I took the rather cheeky approach last night and mentioned the 1000pix bit in the title of my last post here if anyone wants to look. It was interesting to see the comm...
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  • I'm really good. No honest, I am...

    Thanks Jill. I just seen this. I'm glad that honesty is appeciated. At least that way, when you say you really like something, people know that it comes from heart.
    by rletham | Last Post | Unread
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