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Maddie 17 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2005 4:28PM
looks lovely greg, you seem to have a bit of everything in this one, lovely sky and colours,well done.
User_Removed 17 279
31 Aug 2005 4:36PM
I like the semi-panoramic look to this Greg. Lovely, simple and serene landscape.

Your wildlife images are stunning. Too many to comment on all of them though!
Best wishes, Simon
31 Aug 2005 5:09PM
Like your sense of humour Greg Lol. May not be the Golden gate bridge ... but beautiful all the same.... and who needs fog? lol. A really great shot .... love the clouds .... great colours .. and the small version does not do it justice. Nice one! Click*
User_Removed 18 825 Lithuania
31 Aug 2005 5:57PM
Building up nicely towards that sunset ay!.... is this the river near to the house your moving to!?!
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
31 Aug 2005 6:18PM

I wish, no this is a couple of blocks away from where I live now. My next place I could very well be living on the river! Wink

sputnki 18 10 Canada
31 Aug 2005 6:19PM
Ya that pesky fog is never in the shot when you need it! I think you're on to something. Just carry it with. I think this is a good idea too, there must be dozen's of birds in this shot, so you got 'em all in one go! Doug
User_Removed 18 825 Lithuania
31 Aug 2005 6:35PM
Oh no!... So it will be a under water case for xmas from Ces` and fish next!?!
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
31 Aug 2005 6:36PM

You made my night, if the landscape shot fails, I will just tell everyone it really is a bird shot and that there are several hundred species in the trees and I was trying to get them all in the shot at once! Wink Thanks you Sir!

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
31 Aug 2005 6:38PM

Hey I hadn't thought of that, thanks Peter, I will put it on my Christmas wish list to the wife! Wink

aseshuk 18
31 Aug 2005 7:33PM
Like it... But last time I saw there was lots of water floating beneath.. frame colored red... clouds & fog all around... and in California... Smile

Excellent capture..

bengsays 18 13
31 Aug 2005 7:56PM
lovely bridge shot.... a perfect sky. Good to hear from you, hopfully now that college is starting i'll have more time to shoot and play on here(but thus far i'm not sure! so much work!!)
jaktis 19 84 Sweden
31 Aug 2005 9:34PM
The gold seems to have some patina here, great picture

ChristineL 17 39 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2005 9:57PM
Nice shot greg, looks like a great place to chill out, love that sky,
MoWiz 17 114 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2005 10:12PM
Wow Greg this is good, real good, beautifully exposed, you are far too good at this photography lark.
the only way I could see this shot being improved is with some interest in the immediate foreground maybe some rocks on the riverbank or something just to anchor the shot at the bottom.
I think you have more or less cracked landscapes, what next portraits???LOL
Fantastic work mate
joko 19 1 Bulgaria
31 Aug 2005 10:13PM
Nice shot. Excellent composition and colours.
old timer 18 55 1 Scotland
31 Aug 2005 10:32PM
Your landscapes are definitely improving, Greg. There are nice colours in this, and good composition.
31 Aug 2005 11:06PM
lovely landscape,i like the composition,great colours.
click samantha
Bluke 17 303 1 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2005 11:18PM
Love the beautiful skyline as the backdrop .....lovely landscape ..
Keelo 19 18 Australia
31 Aug 2005 11:19PM
Lovely shot Greg, nice comp, great sky and excelent colour but I don't think even you could make the Golden Gate out of it, LOL
KBan 17 512 4 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2005 11:54PM
good one Greg, like the comp.
azulek 20
1 Sep 2005 12:07AM
TeresaH 17 1.1k United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 12:42AM
LOL, I was expecting to see the Golden Gate Bridge then!

Lovely shot Greg.
sandyb 18 34 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 12:48AM
a great landscape/ love the detail sandyb
Saderi 18 2 1 Malaysia
1 Sep 2005 12:50AM
Nice scenery...lovely
1 Sep 2005 12:51AM
Very beautiful
daringdaphne 18 82 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:16AM
Reminds me of Madison County, very rural, composition Lovely angle, and sky cool! greg, nice presentation.

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
1 Sep 2005 1:21AM
Good Morning Greg.
Nearly a perfect copy of the Golden Gate.
It only needs a repaint. Soon I've finnished the house, I'll come over to do this one. Maybe Patrick can bring his Famous Fog Machine too?
ps. The sky we leave as is. Beautiful!
Westers 18 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
1 Sep 2005 1:37AM
Agree you're getting better Greg however just a couple of things.

It's a nice composition but it looks cropped - correct? I'm assuming you cropped the sky and so do not have any more water. If so then next time include more water and frame the sky/bridge as you have in this picture. That way it'll give more of a lead in and some extra foreground interest.

The light is nice and level in this so you've got good detail in the shadows and not too much highlight but I just can't help but think that this would really sing if you've got either some early morning\late evening sun coming in from the left of the shot to pick out the bridge and really pick out the shapes of the trees, etc. You'll need filters for the sky but the highlights on the tree/bridge should burn through these and not make the top of the shot too dark.

Sorry, that sounds like a lot of negative comments but it's not and I know you'll take it in the manner it's meant.

I guess it depends on how mucg you want to get into landscapes but as this is just arround the block for you then it's pretty easy to go back and try some of this out.

Having said all that it's a lovely shot and subject.
LenLamb 20 105
1 Sep 2005 1:44AM
Good fun Greg!
I don't think one of Patrick's earthquakes would be all that bad just under that bridge!!!


tull 19 181 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:50AM
Excellent composition Greg,lovely colours and angle.

User_Removed 17 132
1 Sep 2005 2:26AM
lovely shot. think it would work really well in sepia as well
keithh 19 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Sep 2005 4:00AM
I'm hoping that this is cropped big time..otherwise the level of noise and detail from the D2X is high for the former and low for the latter.
It's a pleasant enough scene, but very wooden and safe in it's composition.
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 5:35AM

Its cropped to remove a large amount of the fore ground water, however I can not see the noise, doesn't mean its not there, I just don't see it. I am not sure what you mean by wooden or safe, I live in Virginia, thats what we have, woods. If you could explain what it is you think I should have done different I would appreciate it, I am new to landscapes and to be honest I have no idea what you are talking about. The term safe composition means nothing to me.

borisv 18 3
1 Sep 2005 5:48AM
well taken
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 5:49AM
Ian (Westers)

Yes it is crop, I had a lot of foreground water and I wanted the bridge to be the focal point and keep the sky. I understand your point, excellent point, next shot I will apply your suggestion, thank you.

I took this shot in the late afternoon just before the storm hit our area, there were clouds all morning and afternoon, I took this when about a 30 minute break in the clouds occurred. This is around the corner from the house so I hope to get this shot again with a sunset and sunrise.

I thank you for your comments, I took none of them negatively, you pointed out the areas I need to improve and explain how to do it, in my book the perfect critique, thank you.

Question for you, I am also having a problem with crop and final size for posting, what is the best method for getting this large shot reduced in size. I had to drop the quality in conversion to High, 70%, in order to meet the 200k criteria. My original version looks a lot better than this one, but since I have a 12 megapixel shot, its not like my bird shots were I crop over 50%, I may be cropping only 10-15% on my landscapes and the size even when converting is still too high.

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 5:59AM
Mo (Mowiz)

Thank you Sir, I actually had some forground interests, i.e., rocks but I cropped them out. After seeing some of the comments I think I will need to go shoot this scene again and be a little bit more careful of what I crop out. Wink Thanks again.

PatrickSmith 18 1.2k 2 United States
1 Sep 2005 6:04AM
(I had to wait a few minutes in order to stop laughing!) You even caught the same angle! I'll fix you up with some paint and a fog machine. That should add some drama to this 'wooden' shot! Oh, and a few 1000 ft. hills could help get a better view.

I'll offer a few observations, but remember that I am a novice too. After 6 months of effort, I know that I have a long way to go. First, I know you will get the ND grads, so that will help with the sky. But taking this shot with a softer light with a lower sun would help too.

I'm not exactly sure what Keith means by 'safe' and 'wooden', but at least on EPZ, people want to see drama in their landscapes, even if they are of a quiet and serene place. Here, I would like to see into the water and look at the rocks close up. And then also see the view of the bridge and sky, all in the same photo. Remember, you were standing on the water's edge, admiring this fine bridge. So you took a photo of it. You know what the rocks and water are like, but we don't. Are the rocks round or jagged? What colour are they? Is the water rushing by or just trickling along?

As far as processing goes, I take the full size shot and create a 1000 pixel version. then I sharpen it a little at the highest quality and save it. Then I 'save for web.' Doing a straight 'save for web' from the original doesn't work as well as they come out blurry for me.

LOL - Now I want you to go back there and do this place justice! (Mind you, you do not see a good river shot in my portfolio yet, so I'm being a backseat driver on this one!)

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 6:14AM

Thank you, I will hit this shot again, actually since it is so close I will probably over shoot the scene! Wink I will be going out this weekend to get the filters, will take you suggestions on what to get. This weekend is suppose to be beautiful, the last of the after effects of the hurricane is leaving our area today.

After seeing your comments and Ian's, I think what Keith meant by safe is showing more of the action in the water. I am not a professional photographer and some of the terminology seems to elude me. But I will get back out there again, I also had a friend call me, said he had a good line on a cheap fog machine! Wink

Oh, Jan offered to paint the bridge for me once he finishes his house, what is the exact color of the Bridge, what to make sure we get it right! Wink

PatrickSmith 18 1.2k 2 United States
1 Sep 2005 6:23AM
I'm glad you found a source for your fog machine, the shipping charges would be enormous! Just go to the local paint store and ask for 'Orange Vermilion.' Or you could use my Golden Gate Bridge PS plugin if you want!

I guess if I had to sum up landscape photography in one sentence, it would be: 'What was it *really* like to be there?' So you need to somehow include the sound, salt spray, wind, temperature, scale, and whatever else you can find. And including those elements in a photograph is what makes shooting landscapes so difficult.

deltafour 18 13
1 Sep 2005 6:56AM
To crop, or not to crop! I like it. It's a fine shot Greg. Excellent composition with a great sky.

vparmar 18 7 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 7:08AM
lovely shot Greg - nice composition and like the sky
JouŠo 18 56 Finland
1 Sep 2005 7:29AM
The Bridge on the River Kwai??? ; )

keithh 19 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Sep 2005 7:36AM
By wooden and safe, Greg, I meant that if you took a dozen people, photographers or not, and asked them to take a shot of this bridge, most of them would stand where you stood. As it stands though you couldn't have a FG interest as the bridge is the FG.
It's not a question of drama; more one of dynamics.
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 7:43AM

Thanks for responding back, so would you suggest that I walk out to the middle of the water and take the shot from that angle? It was my first thought to do, but then went with what I have seen others post.

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 7:44AM

Believe it or not that was the first title I was going to go with, but wasn't sure if many folks would get the reference to the Movie, that is an oldie! Besides I got to poke some good fun at Patrick! Wink

ReidFJR Plus
18 310 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 8:02AM
Going thru the same process myself - thanks for mod on my scotney castle pic prefer your sky lol so - Nice sky ,nice composition and framing , would have benefitted / prefered more foreground interest ie water and a group of rocks
anyway great image greg regards frank
LenLamb 20 105
1 Sep 2005 8:23AM
If you guys seriously want to avoid "Wooden" and "Safe" and "Flat" why do you keep dodging the option of going 3D?

I hope I can progress with my own efforts to Landscape 3D one day but as you can see I am tied to improving my Macro stuff just now.

I would be very happy if one of the master landscapers on ePz beat me to it but it would probably be difficult in our enforced presentation format. I would, for a start love to know what the recommended camera displacement between shots should be. I suspect it would be a darn sight more than the 3 cms I currently use on Macro.

Oh! By the way Greg, answering your question in your kind comment on one of my 3D pairs, Glasses should not affect your ability to view at all. I wear them constantly. When I get a moment I'll see if I can find some more ways of helping you master the technique.

Loved the way you copied Patrick's standard framing arrangement..... Smile

MoWiz 17 114 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 8:36AM
Hi Greg,
You have got some great advice and to be completely honest I dont think ,most people realise this is what your second attempt at a lanscape, tranformation from the first is stunning, so you know what you're doing, you know what we expect so get out there and kick some @ss mate.
Lots of great suggestions been given.
remember the early morning or late evening light, get some foreground interest, you will have a first class shot
C_Daniels 18 399 10 England
1 Sep 2005 8:36AM
Nice angle and composition!
Like the sky...
The only thing which it is lacking is a strong point of focus as the bridge seems to blend in with the vegetation of the same colour and contrast, it may work better with
a person or veihcle crossing it?
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 8:41AM

Thank you Sir, the bridge is closed, so no vehicles, but maybe I can get my wife to get in the shot, maybe peering downward or slightly leaning over the rail? Your thoughts?

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 8:42AM

Thank you Sir

KathyR 18 Canada
1 Sep 2005 8:46AM
I love seeing landscape shots just to get an idea of what your (meaning all the members on this site) neck of the woods is like. Too often there is no info as to location, and since there are members from all over the world, I like it when the description includes actual location.
I've enjoyed reading the above critiques, that's what this site is all about.
This photo is great in my eyes. I love the bright blue sky and white clouds as such a dramatic contrast to the cool greens in the rest of the photo. Of course the larger version shows so much more detail.
keithh 19 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Sep 2005 8:53AM
Difficult to say, Greg, without seeing it in the 'flesh'...but me?...I'd be waiting for something to cross the it train or truck.
JouŠo 18 56 Finland
1 Sep 2005 9:06AM
That was the first thing, that jumped into my mind...Love that movie...One of my favourites after Casablanca...

cameragirl 18 43 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 9:06AM
Great composition and colours! Lovely sky!
1 Sep 2005 9:34AM
well i think you,ve done a wonderful job with this shot, im absolutely useless at landscape shots and know nothing about filters etc

click clint
evelen 18 5 England
1 Sep 2005 9:38AM
i like this scene you have court every think well, love the sky.
Westers 18 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
1 Sep 2005 10:39AM
No problem Greg. It's been a learning experience for me too as I'd probably have done the same as you in terms of composition so Keith's comments have been thought provoking.
highlander 19 32 Scotland
1 Sep 2005 11:21AM
Indeed progress comes quick to those who persevere...well done Greg...good subject and interesting diagonal on it, the sky water balance is very good and your trees frame the scene well. Excellent my friend.
PS I have no fixed f stop Greg that I prefer as I tend to take a few shots changing the settings I would not go as high as you did, probably f7 and 1/200 for this scene using Raw format.
rf 19 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 11:24AM
nice one greg.
like the panoramic presentation and sky.
i agree about the lead in could do with a bit more of the river in the f/g.
well done.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
1 Sep 2005 11:38AM
Hi Greg.
Sorry one more. Enjoying all the "read me's"
You sure made something lose with the Bridge. It will take you days to defend yourself .lol
So better change the Tittle in "Brigde over trouble water"?
Well, actually not much water left due to your CROP.!
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 12:13PM

Hey, I really like that title! Wink

PatrickSmith 18 1.2k 2 United States
1 Sep 2005 12:21PM
Well, perhaps 'drama' was not the right word, but yes, including something dynamic makes it come alive. The rushing water, a truck, whatever. Sometimes I forget that in my shots. My recent bridge shots are not dynamic in that way. Actually, a boat went right through one of them and I see no trace of it in the raw file!

deavilin 18 352 1 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2005 1:11PM
I see no birds just a lovely landscape well done Greg it is really greatSmile

lizziew 17 5
1 Sep 2005 1:20PM
great shot spray. it gold and know one will notice lol lovely sky.....liz
future 18 153
1 Sep 2005 1:48PM
Hi Greg, you know how to start a debate. I think all angles have been covered by some of the really good landscapers on this site, so i'll just say i enjoyed the thread! Take it easy, Cheers Chris

PS My opinion (for what its worth is) the light is a bit harsh and it looks a little noisy perhaps through colour saturation, nice scene and blue sky. Chris ;+)
1 Sep 2005 2:38PM
(Keeping it short. I have never seen such long comments. I am exhausted reading after through them!)

yjjeep 18 13
1 Sep 2005 5:36PM
Very crisp and clear.Where is the troll?
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 6:24PM
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and critiques. I appreciate everyones support. As always I love the great comments, thats my ego getting in the way, but the critiques were all good and valid points were made, that is exactly what I was looking for since this is a new endeavor for me. Again, thank you all! Wink

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
1 Sep 2005 7:54PM

Love the mod, now my shot looks just like Patrick's shot! Wink

1 Sep 2005 11:52PM
Nice comp, Greg. Regarding the fog, have you thought about two guys with cigars (cheapskate option)! Click
2 Sep 2005 1:20AM
Beautiful natural shot, so good to see Greg, so many on epz want to take landscape with so many fillters so the colours look so unnatural, this is super, well done.
StevenPrice 18 30 2 England
2 Sep 2005 1:38AM
Wheres the birdie Greg lol nice shot like the sky.Ho & to add im fine m8 will catch up with you later on msn

glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
2 Sep 2005 4:36AM

Excellent idea, will have to give it a try. Wink


Thank you Sir


Catch you on MSN

2 Sep 2005 10:06AM
lovely shot greg of an ugly bridge
we have them in the uk and to be honest there design lets them down
as for the shot its a cracker
it the new lens and cil nagging you for landscape stuff lol
well done greg
PatrickSmith 18 1.2k 2 United States
2 Sep 2005 10:37AM
LOL - Just saw Jan's Mod......
georg 18 4 South Africa
2 Sep 2005 12:22PM
Greg, what have you got in that clicking finger of yours? It cannot only be the camera lense.
Must be the touch!!

StrayCat 19 19.1k 3 Canada
2 Sep 2005 5:50PM
Greg, sorry I'm late getting to this one. I like the response it recieved, very positive feedback, all helpful. I like the image, but I know you will do a lot better with practise, and heeding the advice givn above. here's one of my favourite articles on getting that 3D look that they've mentioned. Cheers.
glazzaro 18 70 23 United States
2 Sep 2005 6:45PM
Thank you Denny

norton 19 2 6 Jersey
2 Sep 2005 10:40PM
Theres been alot of advice given to you in these comments Greg,some of which you will use,but at the end of the day it is still you that will compose the scene,and with a bit more practice at landscapes I've no doubt of your ability to produce some cracking scenes.
All the best....

Bexphoto 18 106 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2005 7:03AM
Well you certainly have a lot of tips! I like the angle this is taken from myself and like the dark bridge and trees against that bright blue sky.

suleesia 18 176 Malaysia
3 Sep 2005 7:53AM
Interesting and valid points made especially by the more experienced ones.
I have added a point of interest... Smile
Keep it up, looking forward to the ND techniques.
3 Sep 2005 1:51PM
simpley outstanding and beautiful love the perspective of the bridge ..pure professional scape.. sublime Smile

JohnRShort 19 25 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2005 1:53PM
strong colours and contrast and nice composition
carlos73x 19 9
7 Sep 2005 5:39AM
great shot, nice comp and colours
claret 18 49 England
8 Sep 2005 11:40PM
Great description, Greg - first smile of the day.
BerthaDBluze 18 19
9 Sep 2005 6:31AM
I think you should forget the fog machine...I like the beautiful sky much better than the fog!
Sweetpea 17 6 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 7:52AM
I love this shot. great colours, great structure in the lines of the bridge - fab!

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