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Thankyou for looking at my portfolio...i am obviously a total you can see...but i just love taking photos and they may not be up to the standard of some of the others...but i like the fact that i can show off my efforts here and get feedback and also enjoy some of the stunning photos that other members have on their portfolios.
Thankyou again for looking and for any votes or feedback. Smile
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  • Male Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) by DerekL

    Great shot
    • 31 Jan 2020 5:12PM
  • In sync by JaneAnne

    Quote:Well captured *****

    Thank you
    • 25 Jan 2020 8:50AM
  • Curls & Lines by JaneAnne

    Quote:A very nice composition indeed. There is a good range of textures in the foreground; focus falls off beyond the plane of wrought iron, allowing us to concentrate on the subject, but not so much as to obscure the background. Indeed, the eye is encouraged to walk through the gate and into the long perspective: an inviting prospect. The prominent stone gatepost prevents the eye from wandering too far. You have resisted the temptation to increase the contrast, which I applaud.
    I wonder if you have tried a b&w conversion?
    You are building up an interesting and diverting portfolio to which I must return.

    Cheers Bill for taking the time to look and comment.

    I tried it I B&W and it was quite nice, but it seemed to lack a bit without the colour and I felt part of what makes it are the colours and textures.
    • 2 Mar 2015 1:06PM
  • Robin by GarethH

    Perfect 👌
    • 19 Feb 2015 10:26PM
  • Cold feet by JaneAnne

    Thankyou, I have another shot that I took of the same 'quack' where I'd zoomed out a bit which, in hindsight, I'd probably better composed ! Smile
    I'll post it tomorrow... Thoughts welcome!
    • 4 Feb 2015 9:12PM
  • Volcanic Eruption on Rannoch Moor by AlanC1

    • 1 Feb 2015 2:54PM
  • Little Robin by JaneAnne

    I put it on in a bit of a hurry this morning and looking at it now your so right!
    That'll teach me to be hasty!
    • 20 Jan 2015 6:45PM
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  • Posted on: Nokia Lumia 800 Features f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Lens

    I do agree with you in respect of a phones primary function and they will never take the place of a camera ..but for people like myself....busy workin mum and dog owner....i find the camera on my phone very hand. I use the Nokia n 8.
    I always have it on me and have taken alot of off the cuff photos that otherwise i would've missed. And at least if the camera phone is of reasonable quality then I'm not too disappointed in the result.
    Sometimes those are the photos that mean the most. Catch the moment!
    • 27 Oct 2011 11:20AM

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