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Hello from luvverly somerset where the cider apples grow. Grin
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  • Before the freezer thing it was highly likely your images could have been recovered but might still be. Not quite sure what effect freezing will have on it. You could try PC World if they have a technical department or an online recovery company but be prepared it is very, very costly. Just let them know it has been in the freezer. I back up to three devices and cloud storage but as this is slow any customer files that I know will take time are put onto USBs and come with me if I am going away for a length of time. Then again I am a wedding and commercial photographer so would be somewhat over the top for most people Wink What I am driving at is back up to the hilt if you don't want to risk losing anything and try Solid State Drives as they are the safest option now.
  • Just checked and it looks like you could get this Zoostorm for just under 220 and a monitor from 62 which would give you a better spec and save you a few quid as well. (I love a bargain!) Smile
  • Sounds like a pretty good deal to me especially with a Samsung monitor. If you don't require any more than 8gb RAM then it should be good for you. I would imaging it will still be a higher spec than your old machine. May be worth taking a look at Ebuyer website as well as they have some pretty good deals on there.
  • Hi Stuart. It's great to be back. Grin

  • Quote:..but you know with EPZ you can never leave...

    Check out any time you like but you can never leave sort of thing then? Wink
  • I sneaked back in quietly under the radar after a few months absence after my lovely mum died. Sadly in that time the MNC closed down which I loved to take part in Sad

  • Quote:Oh and when editing I'll be running it through the TV....well, that's my plan anyway!

    Get a good monitor as TV screens cannot be calibrated for true colour rendering unless things have really moved on in the last few years.
  • I have a Zoostorm which I used to use for PS and LR and it is very good (moved over to Mac for work editing) and still use it for all other work and still run CS6 on it. Never had a problem but I did go for the highest spec I could get for my money and the best Graphics card to run the programmes. Check Ebuyer for the best spec and prices and look for a decent monitor rather than a fully packaged variety which may not be the best for your requirements.
  • Merry Christmas to all the EPZ community. Have a good one and a very happy new year. xx Grin
  • Hate to say it but the second shot which looks like the cropped portrait has the Queen out of focus. This is on the website of the Guardian here

  • Quote: read in the paper that apparently he only had 3 minutes to take the shot, and his lights blew at the first attempt. In the circumstances I think we can give him a bit of slack. Smile After all, his body of work is pretty impressive.

    Just caught your post after I had written mine. That would explain a lot. 3 minutes is pretty tough going even without a light blowing!
  • It all looks rather odd to me unless it is my screen!!! Tongue There is a bright halo around the Queens head and her forehead looks over exposed and the rest of her slightly under. Charles suit is very black and showing only a little detail. This looks like a heavy handed photo shopped edit. Can someone put me right on what I am looking at as I am no expert on portraiture. Smile

  • Quote: My original plan was to be a physical therapist, which is now sounding much simpler. I will keep everything in mind that you've all said moving forward from here. I'd really hate to lose my passion for photography, it's something that has kept me sane while traveling alone. Again, thanks for all the advice and help out of your busy lives, I really appreciate it.

    Don't give up on your dream, maybe just put it to one side for a while as you develop your skills. It's a sad thing to have your dream crushed before you even start and I do find a couple of things that have been said are quite harsh. Quite a lot to bear in mind though and now you are on this fabulous journey I don't see you losing any of that passion. Your original career path looks like it would certainly be beneficial financially for you which will help with funding your photography.
  • Hi YangYu. I am a professional photographer. It is my main and pretty much only income. I occasionally, when times are lean, help my brother with his business to keep a few pennies rolling in and that is the most important thing I can tell you. Photography now is littered with part timers and it has made my job more difficult as they can afford to charge very low prices which I cannot do as the running costs for me are very high and I never cut corners.

    Quote:he struggled for the first few years because he was concerned about photography. He eventually realised that he needed to run a business (which happened to be about photography). He concentrated on the business side and became successful.

    This is spot on advice. I spend an enormous amount of time doing lots of very boring things to make my business run successfully and all of it costs money from my website to my accountant!
    Ok, so having said that I wouldn't want to do anything else and yes photography does get under your skin. It has been for me for over 40 years. But be prepared to end up only having photography as your work and forgetting to take pictures of family and all things the things you enjoy photographing for pleasure! This is an absolute reality.
    I have looked through your portfolio and you do have some very nice images there. I do think you need to develop more skills with your editing and some first class training to really nail those landscape shots. Everyone starts somewhere and to have an absolute passion can only be a good thing as I am sure you will learn huge amounts in probably a very short time with all the right help. You do have some way to go but every journey starts with the first steps. Take a look through the portfolios of all the best photographers, decide which area you fit into and study what they do and how they achieve it then who knows where it could eventually lead you.

  • Quote:Surely most professionals have back-up cameras! In general I would say that an amateur is more likely to look after their kit

    What an odd thing to say. I have back up cameras and always use two cameras for weddings but would never, ever treat them poorly. I do not know of any full time professional photographer who would and I know a great many! I rely on all my equipment to work at all times. That means having them serviced regularly and always kept clean. In my line of work I know instantly who the weekend warriors are as they are the ones who can afford to indulge in all the expensive stuff unlike us humble ones who scrape a full time living with photography. We could not afford to damage our equipment through neglect as it would mean no money and no mortgage payments!

  • Quote:The D810 came out in June 2014 and has been used professionally. I would aim for something similar (D750?) from a reputable dealer, either new or lightly used for the same sort of price with a warranty.
    With a camera with that amount of use, you have to ask yourself. Has it been dropped, has it been thrown about in the boot of a car? How often has the sensor been cleaned and with how much care? How much wear in the lens mount.

    If it has been used professionally then it is far more likely to have been looked after very well. I cannot afford to chuck around my equipment because if it does get damaged then I can't do my work.

    However I would ask why it was being sold.
  • The D810 is an amazing camera and an excellent choice. That is a relatively low shutter count with plenty of life left in it but look around to see if it is the best price. I use mine primarily for weddings and actually use a D4 as my second. Everything about is is fabulous and being able to pull out details in low light conditions is quite simply second to none. If this has been used professionally I would suggest it should have been well looked after.

    It's worth noting that you can now buy a brand shiny new one from Panamoz for just over 1700!
  • My absolute favourite. Not heard so much anymore but love Maddie Priors voice.

  • Try these. I always use them for checking my shutter count. Very reliable. Apologies. Tried twice to add the link but it isn't working. The web site is Shuttercount.com.
  • Hi Al. Similar story to Kev only it's my lovely mum. She is very poorly and fading fast. Sad
  • The D80 was a lovely little camera and I still have one for my husband to use now and again. It is a big step to go for the D810 or indeed a good second hand D800. I use the D800 for my work as a wedding photographer and it is a superb camera but it does require a good lens or two and careful handling. If you can save money on a decent used camera then a good all round lens is the Tamron 24-70 which is quite a bit less than the Nikon version.

    As Len said Grey imports are still liable for VAT and possibly Excise or Customs Duty as well. However you can still go to websites like Panamoz who are UK based and will give you a valid guarantee.
  • Well done Clem and thank you for a great challenge David. see you all next week. sorry to be so late with the post, I have visitors this evening. Grin

  • Quote:been running round like a blue arsed fly yet again

    Hehehe.....you must be so fit! Wink
  • Oh no! If Andy and Kevin turn up it could get very interesting! Wink
  • I'm sure you'll have a crowd turn up in a minute. Smile
  • I'm here. Evening David. Grin
  • I use Lexar Pro's as they carry a lifetime guarantee which has been invaluable when there was an upgrade on my D800 which didn't support 2 of my cards. They are excellent and the write speed is very good. As this is for my work then quality and reliability is essential. If you have a dual card slot then the cheaper ones would be good as a backup.
  • You are very welcome David.
  • It was a quiet night tonight but excellent quality. The award has to go to David for his rather brilliant Julius Caesar! It was the addition of Veni, Vidi Vici that made me laugh!