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A quick view of JaneMIchelle's recent activity.

  • First Move by JaneMIchelle

    Thank you for all the kind comments........oh to be back in Cuba!! ...... Maybe one day!!!
    • 11 Apr 2021 6:38PM
  • Champion Eagle Hunter by JaneMIchelle

    No John

    But thereís an excuse to go back!!!!!!!
    • 7 May 2018 9:59PM
  • Watch the Birdie by JaneMIchelle

    Thank you Vincent thatís very kind of you to say x
    • 9 Apr 2018 3:28AM
  • Marco by JaneMIchelle

    Alex E he is on a frozen lake in Western Mongolia..........Literally "Outer Mongolia" that I visited last month
    • 7 Apr 2018 2:13PM
  • Proud Eagle Hunter by JaneMIchelle

    Daisymae - yes they take them as fledglings out of the nest but they only keep them for 10 years then they let them go again
    • 13 Mar 2018 11:06PM
  • Electric Blue by JaneMIchelle

    Therapy seems to be a sub category of Steampunk
    • 16 Sep 2017 12:12AM
  • Lilly in Wonderland by JaneMIchelle

    It's the 10th one next year Blues and Twos ....... so a great one to go to ........ get yourself an outfit ..... you've got 51 weeks notice to get it together!!!!!
    • 2 Sep 2017 7:40AM
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  • Posted on Baden's profile

    Enjoyed looking at your gallery, would love to see more of your altered reality pictures if you have created any Smile
    • 13 Aug 2012 10:38PM

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