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Hi and welcome to my world as I see it through my viewfinder.
As the world turns many things happen in the blink of an eye - a photograph is the permanent reminder of that moment.

Why not visit my website ? janeballphotography.co.uk

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer”
― Walter De Mulder
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A quick view of JanieB43's recent activity.

  • brushstroke reflections

    A beauty ... Definately a contender for Editors Choice in my opinion

    • 20 Apr 2014 5:46PM
  • Lantys Autumn

    Quote:Looks peaceful and calm to me

    ................Ahhhhhh the miracles of filters & long exposures Trev Wink
    • 4 Jan 2014 1:31PM
  • Acer Art

    Gorgeous.....just gorgeous

    • 11 Nov 2013 8:41AM
  • Autumn Reverie

    This is a stunningly beautiful shot Jacky. Such gorgeous colour and your selective focus has made the most of the autumn colour. Please accept my User Award and in my opinion it's fully deserving of Editors Choice 😉.

    • 29 Oct 2013 10:14AM
  • Autumn Pallette

    Fabulous Jacky. I hope so too !! I'm off to the lakes at the weekend and I'm hoping there's something left up there when I arrive !!!

    • 27 Oct 2013 1:57PM
  • Autumn Asters

    Unusual but beautifully crafted .............Wink

    Keep em coming Jacky,

    • 5 Oct 2013 1:50PM
  • Getting down to it

    Cracking shot Trev ... Hope the knees held out ok 😜

    • 18 Sep 2013 8:27PM
  • Just took a little time looking at your Gallery. I'm absolutely gobsmacked by its beauty. Your floral macros are to die for,encompassing a wide range of subjects,the great DoF you employ,fabulous compositions and beautiful processing & presentation make these images just leap off the screen. A consistently high standard of work which deserves more recognition & votes than has been awarded. It has been a pleasure to view and I will DEFINATELY be back for more !!!

    Well done & keep up the good work - you are an inspiration Smile

    • Posted on posty57's profile
    • 19 Dec 2011 12:24AM
  • A really beautiful p.f. Your florals are exquisitely arranged and processed.

    • Posted on dormay's profile
    • 16 Jul 2011 8:06PM
  • Quite simply a stunning portfolio which can only inspire and encourage others to produce work like this.

    • Posted on pmorgan's profile
    • 3 Jan 2011 5:44PM
  • Beautiful portfolio Ronnie - I like the florals especially.

  • Hi Sue - just wanted to congratulate you on a fabulous portfolio. Trev B put me on to you as I'd viewed his upload of the hotel in Strathpeffer. Have only glimpsed a bit of your gallery but I will definately be returning for a leisurely browse later Wink

    • Posted on Sue_R's profile
    • 28 Dec 2009 7:29PM
  • Have only looked at a few - but I'm hooked already Wink You have a good eye for a great pic and the processing is spot on. Detail is second to none and I'm sure there'll be a few worthy of a User Award amongst this beautiful portfolio Ian.
    Well done - keep 'em coming Smile
  • Just looked through your portfolio Dave and I'm staggered by the quality of work. You've an instinctive eye for what makes a great landscape. Surely an inspiration to all those who stop by...
    Well done & keep it up.........I'll be watching .....Wink
  • Awesome gallery Andy. How do you do it ? Exceptional work in all your images - love the clarity and colours. What software/filters do you use ?
  • You've a fabulous portfolio here Mark with a lot of top quality images. I've only seen a small part of it up to now but I WILL return for more Wink

    Carry on the good work and congratulations on some wonderful photography.
    Jane Smile
  • Lovely portfolio with loads of cracking floral shots.
    Good work.
    • Posted on derekv's profile
    • 29 Jul 2009 5:50PM