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Hi and welcome to my world as I see it through my viewfinder.
As the world turns many things happen in the blink of an eye - a photograph is the permanent reminder of that moment.

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“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer”
― Walter De Mulder
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  • I've recently produced an mp4 slideshow in Lightroom 4 which I want to put on to a DVD-R disc so it can be played on DVD/TV instead of just the PC. Can anyone tell me how to go about it and which software I need ? I have Windows 7


  • I've been asked recently by an artist if I would allow her to paint some of my photographs for her to then sell. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to them and if so how much is a reasonable price to ask ?



  • Quote:What is the best month for having the best shot or capturing the northern lights?

    Hi TyChee,

    Apparently there's supposed to be increased activity this year up until March/April 2014 but as they're very unpredictable I'm hoping I'm going to get lucky Wink

  • With a possible trip to Iceland in the offing next March I need advice on which gear to take. I've got a Canon 7D and a selection of decent lenses. Do I take a prime 20mm or my Sigma 10-20mm or indeed my 18-135mm IS ? Also I'm thinking of investing in a travel tripod and I've heard the Manfrotto BeFree is a good one. Do I need to buy a head for it ?

    Can anyone give me any tips as to settings for the perfect Aurora shot too ??

    Thanks Smile
  • For quite some time I've been toying with the idea of selling some of my images as laptop/pc wallpapers. The only trouble is I'm not sure how you go about it and which is the best way to do it. I have my own website so presumably I could sell them via this route. If anyone out there has any ideas or in fact does this themselves and can give me all the necessary info and guidance as to sizes and resolution etc I would be extremely grateful.

    Many thanks guys.

  • Whilst most people say that Nikon cameras are the best for portraits I happen to favour landscape photography so I went for Canon however I'm now getting some requests from friends to do some portraits. Can anyone suggest how I should set up my 7D in the customised zones to get somewhere near the gorgeous skin tones that Nikon does so well?

    Thanks guys

  • Having been successful for the first time in selling one of my images to a company which provides wall art to several big high street chains - (see image here ) I'm interested to hear what you guys consider is a fair price to ask/accept for my work.
    This image has been sold on a 5 year licence (where they have sole rights to the copyright for this length of time) for £150. Now I know that this is my first sale (and I certainly don't want to outprice myself or appear greedy) and as yet I am fairly unproven in the world of commercial sales but do you think it's a fair price to accept ? They only need to sell this image ten times at £15 a throw and they've covered their outlay !! Having thought about this I wonder if the sale price should reflect the length of licence - after all I cannot sell this image to anyone else for 5 years and if I'd sold this as prints from my website it's fair to say I would've made £150 in 2 or 3 single sales. Would a fairer price for a licence of this length been more like £300 - £500 ? My head is spinning with uncertainty that I've made the right decision. What do I do if they come back for more of my stuff ? Do I ask a higher price or accept the lower offer and stick with what might turn out to be quite a regular earning opportunity ?

    Please guys help me out here...........

    Desperate but not that greedy........Jane
  • thinking of going semi/pro how do i go about it selling/getting commissions for my landscape photos ?
  • Im off to Snowdonia staying in Betwys y Coed Aug bank holiday. Can anyone suggest any easy to get to great landscape/seascape locations? Thanks. Jane

  • Quote:You mention that you have some L lenses, which ones do you have as they may be the answer to your problems and save you buying lighting?

    I was thinking mainly of my 24-70mm I do have a 70-200mm which is not the obvious choice for portraits I know. I also have an EF-S 18-135mm IS and a 50mm prime which is the one I used for the portraits linked in my query.
  • Hi guys,

    I'm hoping somebody out there can help me with this one. As anybody knows who's looked through my p.f I'm mainly a landscape girl ( with the odd floral thrown in for good measure Wink ) but I've been approached recently by friends to do some portrait work - mostly family shots, new baby pics with the parents and a christening in the offing. Now, without wanting to sound like a skinflint ( I don't really want to spend a fortune ) and an idiot to boot I feel a tad out of my depth. I have a cracking Canon 7D and some great "L" lenses,a 430 EX II flash gun with a Sto-fen diffuser and a couple of large pieces of bed sheeting that I often use as backdrops for my floral stuff and that,my friends,constitutes my "studio" gear. I have in the past done some fairly good portrait shots of a friend, mainly outside but you can see one here and here that I took using a torch and a reflector !! and I've also been a "guest photographer" at my daughters friends wedding last year producing some "excellent professional" shots ( brides mums' quote not mine Smile ) My dilemma is .........do I stump up for some lighting kit ? If so , what kind and more importantly - how the hell do you use it ? Grin

    I would appreciate any advice but please remember I'm not made of money and (as I don't consider portraits my main passion) I'm looking to do this with as little outlay as possible.

    Many thanks,
  • Having purchased a Lee 10 stopper a few weeks ago I'm itching to get out with it . Anybody know of any decent waterfalls around Burnley ? I've done the Healey Dell,Goit Stock & Scaleber thing & I could do with somewhere I can get to within 30 minutes or so !!!!

  • Have a look at Premier Ink website. I got one from there when I got my 7D,it works perfectly well,not damaged the charger and the levels show up in camera. I think it was around £26.

  • Any body out there who can give me some tips on bird photography ? I'm fortunate enough to have a bird feeding station next to my living room window which is visited regularly by a wide selection of bird life,I can set my camera up on the windowsill and use the curtains as a makeshift hide,trouble is they don't seem to perch for long before heading for the feeders and as I'd like to capture them with as natural a background as possible it's getting rather frustrating. Yesterday I impaled some peanuts on the rose thorns thinking that would do the trick but the clever ( and quick ) little blighters had the peanuts away before I managed to get even one shot !!! So....I'm calling on you birders out there to help......please !!!

    Many thanks,
  • I got my Canon 18-135mm IS from Warehouse Express for £384 ish - worth every penny Grin
  • Hi Pete
    I have the Canon 18-135mm IS lens and I have to say it's one of my favourites. It's got good range and sharpness is excellent throughout the focal range,the IS is great. I used this lens 90% of the time with my Canon 400D recently on a trip to Croatia and also at a friends wedding ( you can see these pics if you Google Jane Ball Photography, find me on Facebook,or take a look at my P.F on here ) and I've no complaints whatsoever. I can't speak for the 15-85mm lens as I've never used one but in my humble opinion the 18-135mm IS is hard to beat for value and performance. I suppose it all depends on your budget and what kind of photography you enjoy - I'm only an enthusiast with dreams of becoming professional (like most togsWink ) but I do like my pics to look good no matter what the subject is. Incidentally I'm upgrading to the 7D soon myself - can't wait Grin

    Hope this has helped

  • Quote:would it not be better to go 5D MKII rather than 7D?

    Thanks Strawman - with originally having the 400D all my present Canon lenses are EF-S fit and as far I've gathered these will not be compatable with a full fame camera such as the 50D Sad

  • I'm thinking of upgrading to the canon 7D from the 400D and am considering buying the 17-40mm L (I already have the sigma 10-20mm ( which I really like). I'm also considering the canon 70-200mm f4 L IS USM and I would appreciate any advice. My main photography is landscapes but I've recently been asked to do some wedding photography ( I intend to eventually go into freelance work ). Also would it be worth investing in some hard grads,I've got the usual cokin ND4 & ND8 - is it worth the cost for some Lee filters ?
  • Hi guys,

    I've been asked to do some portraits for a relative of a friend of mine and they're willing to pay for my time & efforts !! I'm wondering if any of you good people out there can advise me as to what is a reasonable fee to ask. I'm assuming that this person is wanting me to provide prints of the shots I take - do I charge an "all inclusive" fee or a charge for time and an add on for the final product,bearing in mind my printer will only print up to A4 size. Here's hoping someone out there in Epz land can help me on this.

    Jane Smile
  • I have a canon 400D - which lens would be the ideal for portrait work ?
  • I've just bought a Sigma circular polariser for my 18-55mm canon and am REALLY pleased with the results. I'm not sure if Sigma do polarisers for the 10-20mm - check out Warehouse Express - that's where I got mine from.
  • Can anyone tell me whether infrared lens filters can be used on DSLRs or are they just for traditional cameras using IR film ?
  • I've bought a sigma 10-20 from them - excellent service and quite a bit cheaper than some other retailers too !!
  • Perhaps I should've mentioned that I'm after that "milky" effect with waterfalls,seascapes etc. Does the above advice still apply ? Tech stuff does tend to throw me as I am BLONDE !!!
  • I've just aquired a ten stop filter and I'm dying to try it out but I've heard they take a bit of getting used to. Can anyone give any tips/advice on how to get the best out of them without too much hassle ?

  • Hey guys,
    I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands. Being an enthusiastic land/seascape photographer I obviously need a stable set of legs ( 3 as opposed to 2 !! ). I have a canon 400D and amongst my lens collection is a sigma 10-20mm and a canon 90-300mm both fairly weighty lenses. My current set of legs is a Hamer Star 75 ( rather lightweight) and an old Miranda video tripod that my husband kindly donated. The former is a bit unsteady in a stiff breeze and the latter doesn't hold my camera very securely SO do I try to find a head to fit the Miranda, wedge the Hamer firmly in the ground OR take the plunge and treat myself to a new one? I've been looking at the Manfrotto 190XPROB ( it has had some great reviews ) and is within my budget of under £150-£200 although I'm unsure about which head to get to go on it (I believe landscapers prefer ball heads). I would appreciate any advice you can give.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Quote: I'd kill for a Ladscape lens. Does it render said Lads in perfect focus, with strong forearms? If not, I'm not buying it.

    PMSL !!! Wink
  • I have a canon 400D & like to photograph a variety of subjects,mainly landscapes,but sometimes I venture into portraits and wildlife ! I have a small collection of lenses, namely a 90-300mm,18-55mm and a sigma 10-20mm. Being a bit naive about lenses I'm wondering if it's worth getting a prime, if so, what size would be best ( nothing too extortionate price wise - probably less than £400 - I'm not exactly in the big money ).ALSO I've been drawn to the canon 28-135mm IS ( as I read somewhere that they are good for landscapes ). I would appreciate some advice here please guys - nothing too technical though as I AM BLONDE !!!! & obviously NOT over endowed with the old grey matter LOL !!!!

  • Forgot to mention - my camera's a canon 400D !!!!

  • Quote:Thick tights should do the trick

    Hmmmmmmm ...........Anyone know what number Nora Batty lives at ? Wink

    Seriously though - thanks for the tip.