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Hello eveyone. A big thank you for taking a look at my portfolio. Happy snapping Smile
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  • I have just got one of these, and used it for the first time yesterday. I don't usually do landscapes so the only lens i had suitable was the canon 18-55. New lens needed and lots of practice. The picture is straight from camera, just resized.
  • Hi Dave, My husband and i spend alot of time at Rutland Water. Last year we used the Lyndon Reserve and the Tufted Duck hide was a favourite. Also at Lyndon is the Waderscrape hide and from this one you can see the pair of ospreys on their nest. So far this year we have been going to Egleton Reserve. We use Robin hide for the small birds and grasssnakes, Heron hide for the ospreys, Shoveler hide can be quite good for waders on a good day and Crake hide was good last year for kingfishers. Hope this helps a little.
    Jan.. Smile